World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1365
Shen Xiang awaits calmly in this town Devil Immortal palace, waited for news that Suppressing Devil Temple embarks, but more than ten days passed by, this Suppressing Devil Temple sound does not have. Outside the Suppressing Devil Temple's entrance, basically some people stay at a selected place to wait, once there is a large-scale motion, the news can leave to travel.” Shen Xiang looks at a front door, he thought that Suppressing Devil Temple they should quick fight be right. Shen Xiang inquired the news on the street, to evening time, some Long Xueyi doubts said: I induce in inside to face to spread very pale space fluctuation strength.” „It is not good, perhaps in them has Teleportation Formation, possibly they transmit in turn, where will they transmit?” Shen Xiang has thought of this immediately. Should be able to inquire in Night Demon Underworld nearby Immortal Palace obtains, first went to say to that side again.” Su Meiyao said. Now many people here wait, but before Shen Xiang transmits, spreads the news, said that the Suppressing Devil Temple's person already passed that huge Temple internal Teleportation Formation to go to Night Demon Underworld nearby Immortal Palace. That Night Demon Underworld existed was very long, Suppressing Devil Temple knew about this Night Demon Underworld, it is said that they went to the informed and experienced time, frequently tempted Night Devil to come out to hunt and kill outside Night Demon Underworld, therefore for many years, Suppressing Devil Temple also had constructed careful Immortal Palace near this Night Demon Underworld. This Immortal Palace is also called the town Devil Immortal palace, but is very small, moreover inside does not have that huge Suppressing Devil Temple, however the ordinary palace is still also giant. Before Shen Xiang , when spreads the news, many people can guess correctly Suppressing Devil Temple, if, first will certainly arrive at this Immortal Palace, although this Immortal Palace inside Suppressing Devil Temple does not have the sound, but that several front doors were being squatted equally. Here Suppressing Devil Temple was smaller, the palace architectural complex that but encircles with the fence, Long Xueyi and Shen Xiang displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration float in the upper air, can see in the palace. Some many people!” Shen Xiang sees in Suppressing Devil Temple to gather a large quantities of person, the clothes that the body wears are different, are divided into several batch to stand on inside plaza. Had Fire God Palace's, the Imperial Dragon Clan dragon also came more than 30 dragons, it seems like they must enter that Night Demon Underworld.” Long Xueyi said. These many people, are bring death? Strength strong did not say that but there are much is the strength is very low, Immortal is not, they dare to rush toward Night Demon Underworld.” Shen Xiang said. „Before entering Night Demon Underworld, very danger(ous), outside Night Demon Underworld is unsafe, takes the massive strengths faint leads the way, can be more economical strength, moreover their these formidable, once in surrounding fight, is very easy to alarm to hide these formidable beasts.” Su Meiyao knew about Night Demon Underworld very that obviously went to that place. Does not know that crowd of Shapeshift Immortal Beast can go?” Shen Xiang plans to follow actually first behind these influence teams, waits to enter the interior safely, contrasts the landform on map, looks for safe route another person to move.

Thinks that Suppressing Devil Temple this group of people quietly, who knows a few days, they on a grand scale from a front door enormous and powerful goes to that Night Demon Underworld. The population are many, altogether has hundred thousand to be many, Fire God Palace and Suppressing Devil Temple's are quite many, next is Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, the Imperial Dragon Clan quantity are least, but the whole is very strong. That ten Datong Celestial Immortal countries and ten Great Saint Realm haven't Immortal Country come?” Before Shen Xiang, heard that these influences must join. Should come, possibly in other Immortal Palace, these fellows is impossible to absent, they possibly have many Saint Beast Ancient Domain clues, Old Ancestor of these influences once followed Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, knows many Saint Beast Ancient Domain secrets.” Long Xueyi said. Some many people follow all the way behind these big teams, Shen Xiang is, he has not discovered Dragon Emperor as well as He Pei Qing these influence Big Shot in the team, but Immortal King has several. After going out of Immortal Palace, the people can see the distant place to have a piece of partly visible mountain, was being covered by the light white fog, can say from Immortal Palace is near, possibly walks for 1-2 days to go again. That crowd extends unceasing mountain, can blur seeing that in the distant place, obviously is huge, before had known on that map that this Saint Beast Ancient Domain inside mountains and rivers are very giant So long as enters the fog-region, that was the danger(ous) place, although there has not been considered as that enters Saint Beast Ancient Domain.” Bai Youyou said: „If Immortal Monarch, strolls outside is very safe, so long as does not meet Night Devil King.” Night Devil King little runs outside, generally is hiding in inside, only then that very stupid Tiny Night Demon outward will run, that generally is the object who Suppressing Devil Temple hunts and kills.” Su Meiyao said. Tiny Night Demon strong?” Shen Xiang asked. In Human Immortal late stage strength, night Devil Monarch quite in Immortal Monarch.” Bai Youyou replied. Walked for two days, front distance that Night Demon Underworld was getting more and more near, has been able to see to fill light Qi mist, many great mountains below could the fog cover partially, only then the above high some dew came out, moreover these fog were not year to year loose. After approaching, Shen Xiang discovered that these fog unexpectedly are rich Immortal Qi turns into! Can turn into Qi mist Immortal Qi, inside has Dragon Vein!” Shen Xiang has seen two Dragon Vein, knows how to form Dragon Vein. But at this time entire huge Saint Beast Ancient Domain was winding around by this rich Qi mist, definitely has formidable strength every time in cluster Immortal Qi, perhaps in somewhere deeply, has Dragon Vein.

„Before at all was not Immortal Qi, was very ordinary fog, has not thought that now turned into Immortal Qi, perhaps in this really had Dragon Vein, no wonder these big influences will collaborate to enter inside.” Su Meiyao surprisedly said. Does not know how long this condition formed, if inside had Dragon Vein, then in really very danger(ous), Dragon Vein natural large formation that to protect oneself, formed was very formidable, Evil Dragon Burial Ground was very difficult to break, Dragon Vein that let alone this Immortal Crystal condense became!” The Shen Xiang complexion enforces. If appeared very long, perhaps in that will have many Immortal Fruit Immortal Medicine anything.” Long Xueyi said: This environment can very good training Immortal Level herbs.” The weather was late, big team suddenly stops, the night is Night Devil presents the time, enters the fog-region to be very easy to meet Night Devil, everybody this time is resting outside forest, will enter mountain forest across this forest, needs to go over hill and dale to go forward, so long as stepping into front mountain forest, that is the Night Demon Underworld surrounding, is a danger(ous) region. These Night Devil full of wisdom?” Shen Xiang by sits down in a tree, looks at the front that group of Suppressing Devil Temple's disciples. Full of wisdom is night Devil Monarch, or Night Devil King, Tiny Night Demon majority very stupid that except for similar, so long as sees the thing that anything can move, can go all out attacks, if the living creature is killed, will be gobbled up by Night Devil.” Su Meiyao said. Day gradually was dark, woods inside many people lived the fire of high-piled firewood. Shortly , the people hear an intermittent low call, the cat that likely is the midnight calling, a little looks like baby to cry aloud, but the cry that at this time passes on, has probably tens of thousands of cats simultaneously to call, to hear absolutely terrifiedly. This is Tiny Night Demon is calling, Tiny Night Demon came out to practice.” Bai Youyou said. Innumerable Tiny Night Demon are exuding sharp cries, the sound are getting more and more, can know that the Tiny Night Demon quantity is increasing gradually. Similar to in Human Immortal Tiny Night Demon of late stage strength, the quantity is actually such, now Shen Xiang understands why these big influences will send out hundreds of thousands people to come. Then, Shen Xiang induces to compel to several formidable aura, is that Dragon Emperor and He Pei Qing, He Feng also comes with whom, they speed along in the forest. This is Shen Xiang is quite familiar, however the following that aura, lets Long Xueyi and Shen Xiang feels shocking. This aura so is how familiar , is very strange......” Shen Xiang to say. Dragon Emperor they are come and this big team round, but also has one group of very strong people also here.

Is Imperial Bird Clan, in the genuine bird the emperor came, looks at this aura, should be Phoenix!” Long Xueyi said. Phoenix! Wasn't this exterminated?” Shen Xiang surprisedly said. He just said that looked met to allow the chilly youth to walk slowly, he wears the mourning clothes, his facial expression to person a very indifferent feeling, but on him has a very blazing aura to erupt outward. He probably is suddenly appears here, slowly is then stepping the step, walks toward front Dragon Emperor. Just appeared in him shortly , a cry eats delicacies to transmit, golden light exploded in the forest suddenly dodges, presented a middle-aged guy, this middle-aged guy that Golden Peng king, he followed in that white clothing youth behind. „Is this Phoenix? It looks like male!” Shen Xiang said that truly gives people a very formidable feeling. Phoenix also divides female and male, Xiong is the phoenix, female is the phoenix, but afterward was called Phoenix, does not know that is delicious......” Long Xueyi to lick the lip: He should have small Phoenix of son female, Hehe.” Shen Xiang does not have the interest to know that Phoenix and Dragon Emperor will be what kind, he only cares about that Night Demon Underworld now. If lives in this nearby Immortal Palace, now is frightened by the sound that in Night Demon Underworld these will shriek and howl wildly, if will be first hearing, even if did not fear that will be very annoyed. Shen Xiang sees several people to decide, dawn returns. Then is that ten Datong Celestial Immortal country and Sacred Realm Immortal Country arrives, is the country King Level characters, inside has any thing, unexpectedly can this group to send out! Does not calculate these influences, with joins in the fun, hits the person who is picking the convenient idea also 100,000, but these influences reach five six hundred thousand much, Shen Xiang thought the person who can go back can have half to be good. Dawn, a Shen Xiang night has not rested, is only simple rest, at this time in the forest makes noise, because the several hundred thousand people of these big influences already.