World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1366

Shen Xiang is rubbing the eye, with behind of one group of people, has stepped into the front fog-region. Some people must fly, but was shouted, words danger(ous) that because flies, especially will enter mountain forest time. Although is the Night Demon Underworld surrounding, however outside trees are giant, heard that these Night Devil hide on the big tree, if flies too high, how death does not know, will also attract that crowd of Night Devil. In addition, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi also discovered that in the thick fog of upper air has poisonous Qi, this poisonous Qi not anything acute poison, even if will attract to will not have the multi- important matters, but will accumulate certain time, that will become very troublesome, will produce strange strength, will stop up the meridians, causing True Qi is unable to release. „Are these fog natural large formation that this Dragon Vein knows me to form?” Shen Xiang thinks the production of these poisonous Qi possibly with this related. Cannot fly, moreover with large unit, cannot run, but must go over hill and dale, therefore the traveling schedule is slow, after entering the fog-region, can only see the things within nearby dozens zhang (3.33 m), a piece white, if not induce with Divine Sense, very easily with losing. Before Imperial Dragon Clan and Imperial Feather Clan to control the Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country throne, attacked brutally, but saw that now ruler together of these two clans have not had the conflict, this made Shen Xiang somewhat accidental but actually. Shen Xiang walks front the comparison, can see Dragon Emperor and that Phoenix walks side-by-side, in the middle of large unit, but the complexion of that Golden Peng king is not quite natural. This did Imperial Bird Clan come two?” Everyone can see the Imperial Dragon Clan dragon to have many, but the Imperial Bird Clan bird came two. Was very fierce that has planted, but Imperial Bird Clan , to compete for inside treasure, they could not snatch anything.” Long Xueyi said. Quick to the night, they today has let off several mountains, at this time rests at the foot of the hill, but everyone entered the defense readiness condition now.

The dark night, in the thick fog, the appalling crying bugle call transmits, these time is clearer, moreover probably from all directions transmits, making people think in own that thick fog is hiding tens of thousands of Demon and Devil ghosts. This is a piece of plain, the people same place raising fire of high-piled firewood, the distance that but can illuminate is very limited, because the fog is very thick, several hundred thousand people here, can see, only then little, making people think more panic-stricken. Then fears with awareness that joined in the fun, but we approached Suppressing Devil Temple to be quite good, if there is Night Devil to appear, these fellows can solve!” Not only Shen Xiang has this idea, many people have, all there had already been filled with the person. Had Night Devil to appear!” Long Xueyi shouted. Her words fall, changes transmits a pitiful yell, the people look immediately, but anything cannot see, only sees one piece to map the thick fog of flame. Afterward the pitiful yell sound are getting more and more, by the person of Night Devil attack, is these with joins in the fun, but does not have the person of very strong strength. In that side, had a look in the past!” Shen Xiang stands up, he also wants to experience these Night Devil. The people in push toward him, but he toward Night Devil that making people think that he was insane, unexpectedly not awfully brings death. Shen Xiang can smell the smell of blood, but actually cannot see the blood, he carefully looks at the ground, discovered that has the trace of blood drop, has been dried up, moreover there is a disorderly footprint, could see that had been struggled by the person of Night Devil attack. Was eaten, these Night Devil eat the person time eats very cleanly, or held in the mouth.” Bai Youyou said. Be careful!” Long Xueyi shouted.

Shen Xiang also realized that above has sound, these Night Devil unexpectedly dive from the upper air the attack, so will be no wonder easy to go well. These Night Devil are also not much!” Shen Xiang moves the step, has avoided that Night Devil impact, this is Tiny Night Demon, is really stupid, dug in the ground. Shen Xiang has not used True Qi, is only with physical strength, induces to the energy storage of Tiny Night Demon within the body, fights with the fists, breaking. At this time he saw this Tiny Night Demon to be much longer, the build was the same with the person, but the skin was the azure black, the arm was very long, is vertical to arrive at the knee, the body was slender and vigorous and healthy, looks like has strength very much, but these towering muscles added on the azure black color, to person a very disgusting feeling. This Tiny Night Demon has a face, but the tooth is the black, moreover is very sharp, in this Tiny Night Demon mouth is the blood, but also has some meat dregs, understood at a glance that he had eaten the person a moment ago! Had one crowd to come!” Long Xueyi said. From the sky, by the extremely high speed nose dive, Shen Xiang is making to the sky strikes Shocking Heaven Palm, held the strength to separate the spatial shake in the past, the ground was shaken split open. Of bang, the Shen Xiang's palm strength passes through that several airborne attack Tiny Night Demon, the Tiny Night Demon within the body similar Heaven Dan thing was broken, has had the fierce explosion. Many people feel unexpectedly, they know the person who now and Tiny Night Demon battles against is not Suppressing Devil Temple that group of people, but with them same as fellow. On this group of fellows is the venom, these poisonous mist of these toxins in upper air is the same, it seems like that this Tiny Night Demon can also depend upon to absorb these poisonous mist to come formidable.” Shen Xiang discovered that these Tiny Night Demon are not very simple. Here is only a surrounding, therefore the Tiny Night Demon quantity is not many, only several is killed by the Shen Xiang bang, at this time Shen Xiang raises that first to come back by Tiny Night Demon that he rumbles to kill.

He throwing in the open area, all around person will have a scare, unexpectedly brought a Tiny Night Demon corpse. These Tiny Night Demon are not simple, in Human Immortal the late stage strength, excels at the high-flying attack, the hand is very long is very powerful, the nail can penetrate some protective armor, and has acute poison, the words that you do not want dead, will hurry tomorrow, if enters the deep place, so long as at nightfall, this type of thing and locust are equally many, you think that you can cope, that stays behind.” Shen Xiang leaves behind these words, vanishes in the thick fog, he arrives by that large unit, he must let this large unit in his line of sight. In night, hears many sounds to call out pitifully, but afterward again had not had the cry, dawn time, many people in abundance leave, only then some small number of competent people continue with that large unit. Imperial Bird Clan came, there are more than 20!” Long Xueyi excitedly shouted. That small Golden Peng sufficed us to eat very long a period of time, be not keeping always thinking about other.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Imperial Bird Clan one line have more than 20, takes the lead is one is actually gripping the long ponytail red clothed female, this female facial features are simple and beautiful, although on the face is having a cold and proud facial expression, but her look makes people think her to be amiable, to person one type noble, but actually very gentle feeling. „Is this face different from that Phoenix? Is this Imperial Bird Clan Phoenix Princess? It is long looks like her Phoenix father, but the strength does not have her father to be so fierce, was inferior including He Feng that she also does dare to come to here to bring death? Died small Golden Peng, regarding Imperial Bird Clan is a massive loss, the words that this Phoenix Princess died again, Imperial Bird Clan cries not to have the place to cry.” Long Xueyi said.