World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1367
Shen Xiang also thought that Imperial Bird Clan brings strength weak Phoenix to come to here not to be very unwise, the Imperial Dragon Clan dragon is completely is the strength is quite strong. Possibly this Phoenix has the talent of Nirvana rebirth, therefore does not fear death.” Long Xueyi said. Your can Nine Heavens Mental Exploration enter deep place? I had used a moment ago, cannot get away far, the strength of Divine Soul diverged.” In this environment, patrols to explore the way very conveniently, but cannot patrol now far. I am not good, thick fog inside has an energy to corrode Divine Power, if our Divine Power are away from us to be too far, is very easy to be corroded, can only use in the nearby.” Long Xueyi is also the same situation, but she can put Shen Xiang is farther. Night Devil will not appear in the daytime, therefore in the daytime, the people hurries along with great speed, but does not mean that daytime is the absolute safety, this inside danger(ous) may not only be Night Devil. Shen Xiang thought that currently he has map, but must walk according to the map above route, perhaps is difficult, because he is unable to see here landform, cannot contrast the map to discover the correct route. Front is the large units of enormous and powerful several hundred thousand super influences, behind only then 130,000 join in the fun is not fears death, originally 200,000, but since last night Night Devil appeared, after dying several people, many people backed down, dawn walked. Walked more than half double-hour, Shen Xiang in a mountain top, he uses Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, looks at the distant place, although cannot see clearly these mountains, but can actually see the clear outline through Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, such one, he also facilitates the contrast map. Had not found, it seems like has not entered Night Demon Underworld.” Shen Xiang shook the head, then looks to below, at this time front that several hundred thousand people under arrived at the mountainside, but has a hill in front of this mountain. Shen Xiang cannot certainly see clearly, he sees the outline with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye by the thick fog, just wants to go forward in him, actually under the discovery that hill unexpectedly east, he knows that he has not misread, if that hill can move, that has a possibility, that is not a hill, but is a giant beast! Here is Saint Beast Ancient Domain, inside has the formidable giant beast, naturally will have to run, these giant beasts are one of the Night Demon Underworld surrounding danger(ous).

After Shen Xiang discovers, immediately stops footsteps, afterward he through Primal Chaos Spirit Eye sees one group of red shades, suddenly to fly, carefully looks, likely is the bird of flutter wing, but the whole body is red. Was Phoenix has gotten rid, does not know that was that Phoenix Princess or Phoenix King.” Shen Xiang cannot induce to the front aura, because these strange thick fog can the impediment aura proliferate, even if Divine Power is very difficult to flutter there Is that small Phoenix female, has not thought that the strength compared with returning stronger that I estimate.” Long Xueyi said. Compared with your how many?” Shen Xiang smiles to ask. Snort, you should ask that I compared with her many, this bird at is not my match, the words that I get rid , a tail can die her, she is only Phoenix Princess, but I am Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, simply does not have the commeasurability.” Long Xueyi was boasting very much spiritedly, resembled a appearance, that Phoenix Princess will worship on bended knees she to be the same immediately. Good, respect Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, you go to catch her, the flavor of Phoenix meat should be good!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. „The Phoenix meat is not delicious, hardly is very very sour, the heating words will be very bitter, moreover is not good to cut , compared with the flavor of Golden Peng meat, day place.” „Have you eaten?” Shen Xiang some do not believe that Phoenix originally few, moreover he and Long Xueyi together is so long, has not listened to her to say. I have not eaten, but in my memory inheritance has mentioned, will not be wrong.” Long Xueyi said. That Phoenix Princess strength is very good, has solved all of a sudden the giant beast of being in the way, in this period heard that giant beast angry roar, afterward anything did not have.

Real waste, rumbled all of a sudden to become Hui, on that giant beast had can sell Immortal Crystal much.” A Shen Xiang face said pitifully. Others, but will Phoenix Princess, lack this Immortal Crystal?” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang dashes from the summit, at this time he fell behind these people many, follows on the heels that group of people to feel very with ease, because of the front large unit opening, behind their these does not need to be worried about anything, but wanted more careful these Night Devil to the evening. Shen Xiang thought that this group of people can have one to survive are going back to be good, as for disciple who these big influences called, should be brought death, their these big influences did not lack these floor disciples in any case, every day had wants to join their influences the person greatly. The darkness, the people started to worry that but Night Devil that panic-stricken wail sound appeared gradually, was getting more and more black along with the weather, these cries were also getting bigger and bigger, not long, the people thought one were covered by that noisy calling out sound is being same, in all directions was, moreover sound big, probably some people neighed to cry in your ear. Shen Xiang is actually indifferent, he can seal up the sense of hearing directly, this will not be affected, only sees clearly all around situation with Divine Power. Here is Night Demon Underworld, words that Night Devil presents, no longer is such several!” Bai Youyou said: Judges according to the sound, here Night Devil group has night Devil Monarch commander, night Devil Monarch is full of wisdom, moreover is not worse than humanity.” Hears Bai Youyou's to urge, Shen Xiang is vigilant immediately that he does not want just to step into this Night Demon Underworld injured anything. Big Shot of these big influences also realize danger(ous) probably in the side, but these Big Shot have not needed too to be worried about itself now, their strengths are very strong, so long as is not the Night Devil King in groups attack they, they do not have what pressure, strength that uses their within the body to release forms a guard shield, these Night Devil do not dare to approach them. Shen Xiang's Divine Power can release the surrounding area ten about zhang (3.33 m), sky over he is vigilant now, because these Night Devil from sneak air attack.

Appearance, the Night Devil group, are more, although Tiny Night Demon, but quantity that many words, perhaps even if Immortal King cannot support!” Long Xueyi was startled to call out. Some many!” Shen Xiang swallows the saliva, then took a deep breath, including the quantity that Immortal King cannot support, that will be definitely terrorist. At least two hundred thousand!” Heard this digit, Shen Xiang trembled slightly, at this time, the ground has slight shaking. Space underground has!” Long Xueyi said. Underground has Night Devil!” Shen Xiang shouted, then fiercely jumps, simultaneously releases Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover, protects itself with formidable water attribute True Qi, does not make airborne these Night Devil bump into his body.