World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1368
Whish! Shen Xiang just jumped, the ground suddenly rouses, troop Night Devil braves, originally many fires of high-piled firewood, the Night Devil lane that but was braved from the ground extinguishes, but airborne Night Devil is also similar to the raindrop generally attacks. Shen Xiang felt that he has hit, moreover there are innumerable only Night Devil or is tearing him in the mouth worry with the hand, but is unable to break by him pours into the vigorous water cover of strength of Suppressing Devil. Without the flame, at this time a darkness, the ground pitiful yell again and again, the strong bloodiness fills the air to add on Night Devil baleful aura, makes one sick and panic-stricken. Jet black, occasionally some rays send out, Shen Xiang induces to the direction that these big influences are at transmits very intense aura, these Big Shot have also joined during the fight. Quantity that many!” Shen Xiang only thought own present is similar to the sea that Night Devil forms such, even if he does not use strength of oneself within the body, he can float, he high and low about is dense and numerous Night Devil crazily is attacking him. Words that continues, how long I could not support, this crowd of things were too terrorist!” Shen Xiang only thought that own Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover weakens little, because these Night Devil are in Immortal the late stage strength, at this time attacks him crazily, strength is very strong, although he can have a thick Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover protection, when resists these attacks, is consuming unceasingly. With the person who joins in the fun, now remaining you, other these person of including bone do not only remain, has three Immortal Monarch.” Long Xueyi said. What?” In Shen Xiang heart panic-stricken, this just stepped into Night Demon Underworld, encountered the so terrifying attack, this worthily Danger Zone that Immortal King does not dare to enter casually. Three Immortal Monarch, how long could not resist facing this crowd of hungry Night Devil groups.

His mother!” In the Shen Xiang heart a anger, both hands suddenly finds out Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover, releases several groups of Universe Heavenly Fire. Universe Heavenly Fire is uses Suppressing Devil Holy Power to release, has very huge lethality to these Tiny Night Demon, but these Tiny Night Demon push at this time one group, is only the short instance, Universe Heavenly Fire spreads, is burning down big piece Tiny Night Demon. Tiny Night Demon was swept by Universe Heavenly Fire, sends out incisive yelling, they want to flee in all directions, but four sides is very Night Devil. These Tiny Night Demon are very stupid, being used altogether, they do not need to fly now, completely piles up one on top of another here. After Shen Xiang emits Universe Heavenly Fire, felt that at least will not have been pushed with ease by innumerable Tiny Night Demon together. Tiny Night Demon of this quantity, should be a Night Devil King direct command Tiny Night Demon that general Night Devil King hundred night Devil Monarch, these hundred night Devil Monarch lead to come at least has surely!” Bai Youyou said. At least surely Tiny Night Demon, Shen Xiang thinks to be afraid, but this is only the outside region! If you, will likely not cause the ideas of these Tiny Night Demon.” Su Meiyao said: You with this troop person, will therefore be discovered very much easily, when you found the map above route, don't with them.” Shen Xiang in that side with fire burning down, spreads everywhere is, Heavenly Fire that Shen Xiang releases is very difficult to extinguish, once were burnt, quick results in the whole body on the spread is.

In that batch of humanity unexpectedly has a such fierce character, this flame unexpectedly and my equally matched!” Phoenix Princess is serious, looks outside energy shield is burning raging fire. The place that this large unit is, was being protected by huge energy shield, these Tiny Night Demon cover outside energy shield, Heavenly Fire that Shen Xiang releases spread here, but this inside person is away from the energy shield bang to kill these Tiny Night Demon. Father, what flame is this? My unexpectedly cannot see!” That Phoenix Princess knits the brows saying that she wields the palm to make two fiery red light glow, after penetrating that energy shield, strikes on these Tiny Night Demon, however the speed of combustion does not have Shen Xiang that rapidness. Has Suppressing Devil strength Heavenly Fire, this Heavenly Fire must above Five Elements Heavenly Fire.” That Phoenix King said. This person is not my Suppressing Devil Temple's, my Suppressing Devil Temple can use this degree Heavenly Fire person not to be many, possibly has studied our cultivation technique loose cultivator.” Suppressing Devil Temple's old man said. Everybody must pay attention, this is the surprise attack of Night Devil King, now they wear down our strength in the plan, regarding this type of little thing, we do not need to get rid, keeps strength to cope with these Night Devil King and night Devil Monarch.” What speech is Dragon Emperor, he quite knew about here probably. Damn, that group of fellows here, I use Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal or Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, several sub- can tidy up these fellows.” Shen Xiang said that although he has burnt many Tiny Night Demon, but these Tiny Night Demon resemble the locust to be the same, was hard to kill off, kills also had. With Suppressing Deity Tablet, will not have too many people to know this thing, even if knows that does not have any relationship.” Su Meiyao said. Suppressing Deity Tablet, was initially Shen Xiang obtained from a huge Profound Ice that Profound Ice Fire God Palace discovered that transported to push to melt to a crater on, Suppressing Deity Tablet appeared.

Shen Xiang had destroyed sacred tool as well as super formation plate with this Suppressing Devil Divine Tablet, the might is infinite. A Suppressing Deity Tablet appearance, the cold air overflows immediately, before Shen Xiang used the flame, but uses so intense ice cold strength in an instant, lets the person is very the accident. Shen Xiang is controlling Suppressing Deity Tablet float, these Tiny Night Demon do not dare to approach Suppressing Deity Tablet, this once blew Ice Heaven Divine Tablet, inside has very terrifying cold air, because many Tiny Night Demon were been centralized by the cold air, was frozen becomes incorruptible, then breaks to pieces. Suppressing Deity Tablet float arrives airborne, Shen loudly shouted, the Suppressing Deity Tablet fierce pressure falls, simultaneously extracts massive thick fog inside Immortal Qi, Shen Xiang's Divine Power and True Qi is also extracted massively. Time that hū! Suppressing Deity Tablet presses, has a greatly strengthened ice cold oppression, blows cold ice astral wind, sweeps Shen Xiang all around Tiny Night Demon completely, these Tiny Night Demon swept was also frozen, hits together mutually, turns into ice sludge. Suppressing Deity Tablet pounds to fall on the ground at this time, all around all were covered incorruptible, Shen Xiang sits on this huge Suppressing Deity Tablet, these Tiny Night Demon have not approached again, that cold air that because their very repugnant Suppressing Deity Tablet releases. Shen Xiang present range that several hundred thousand people are very near, because of the Suppressing Deity Tablet reason, surrounding Tiny Night Demon vanished, these Tiny Night Demon releases fear the cold air, approaches will fall. Several hundred thousand people can penetrate energy shield at this time, during sees to be jet black to send out the pure and holy white light on Suppressing Deity Tablet to sit a youth.