World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1369

Ice cold strength that Suppressing Deity Tablet releases, however all around froze completely, can see in many ice sludge to have the Tiny Night Demon stump residual limb. A person, blows that many Tiny Night Demon, this strength makes the person admire, some Big Shot know that before Shen Xiang burnt with the flame counts hundred thousand Tiny Night Demon, but instant that Suppressing Deity Tablet presented a moment ago, knew how things stand hundred thousand Tiny Night Demon dead. Now these expert look at that Suppressing Deity Tablet that Shen Xiang sits, above does not have the inscribed text, this stele except for is quite big, does not have any special place, is unable to see the origin, but this Suppressing Deity Tablet might, a moment ago people clear seeing. Careful night Devil Monarch!” In that energy shield inside Phoenix Princess shouted. Shen Xiang continuously on the alert, appears along with Suppressing Deity Tablet, all around fog city diverged, the visibility is very high . Moreover the range that Divine Power proliferates is broader. Shen Xiang killed that many Tiny Night Demon, if night Devil Monarch comes, definitely will attack his. Goes bad my important matter!” When cynical angry loudly shout appears, red light shoots together from a direction, hits to the Shen Xiang's head. Dragon Emperor in the, Suppressing Devil Temple and Fire God Palace these reaches the personal enemy also, Shen Xiang does not dare too exposed, he to confirm now now that Dragon Emperor they have not seen through his status. You were very long!” Shen Xiang waves rapidly, flings a dagger, is that side Devil Emperor dagger, can the strength of devour ten thousand demon. The Devil Emperor dagger first flight-test shoots, after attaining to be bringing red light devour of intense charm, is bringing strong incomparable Devil Qi, the thorn to night Devil Monarch that grazes. strength that Ancient Devil Army......” that night of Devil Monarch panic-stricken [say / way], in the Devil Emperor dagger contains, making him feel that he is facing formidable Devil God.

Night Devil Monarch avoids that Devil Emperor dagger hastily, looked that he knows this dagger cannot bump, but he just shunted, Shen Xiang has been controlling that Suppressing Deity Tablet, the fierce pressure falls. You are weak!” A that night of Devil Monarch palm hits to the Suppressing Deity Tablet base, shakes that Suppressing Deity Tablet strength with formidable strength, he and Shen Xiang fights, knows that Shen Xiang is not too strong that otherwise the attack of Suppressing Deity Tablet, can let his severe wound a moment ago. An arm of that night of Devil Monarch was stiff, his hastily ample capacity drives out that cold strength. Now Shen Xiang can see clearly this night of Devil Monarch finally , compared with these Tiny Night Demon, appeared white, compared with looking like humanity, but the both arms were so long . Moreover the skin was also bringing black Qi, but seemed like not scary. If Shen Xiang displays at this time fully, in addition Long Xueyi's strength, uses Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal these things, he can cope with this night of Devil Monarch, but the condition does not permit now, moreover he does not plan and opposite party dies to fight, because side also troop expert, casual comes out, can rumble to kill this night of Devil Monarch. It seems like he is not too strong!” That Phoenix Princess looked at Phoenix King one, Phoenix King nodded to her. Phoenix Princess has been permitted, in the hand presented two to burn flame Ring, weapon that she used was compares the unpopular the link. She flings a hot link in the distant place, the hot link is similar to a ray of light arrow, is dragging the long hot tail, strikes to that night of Devil Monarch. Sees some people to join the fight, Shen Xiang hastily receives good Suppressing Deity Tablet, is far away from the battlefield, enters in thick fog. Sees him to slide that quickly, that Phoenix Princess was not a little happy, low coldly snorted. Shen Xiang enters in the thick fog, quick vanished, that Dragon Emperor frowned with Phoenix King, because the Shen Xiang's concealment ability makes him surprised, then in the short time probably evaporated was the same, an induction less than point his aura, moreover he had not been attacked by these Tiny Night Demon.

This Phoenix Princess also is really meddlesome, but I actually must thank her, if not she gets rid, I sooner or later must reveal fall.” Shen Xiang turns into a leaf of ground, nobody can discover him. I looked that is she is interesting to you, before was also she reminds your.” Long Xueyi ambiguous said with a smile. I, although has the self-confidence to own charm very much, but actually not self-confident excessive, how does this possibly all of a sudden charm this Phoenix Princess?” Shen Xiang thinks that Phoenix Princess comparison good intention. Do not despise yourself, is a little few to the war horse of your meaning? At least my this Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor to your a little meaning, you thinks that I am inferior to that Phoenix Princess?” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Has the meaning, Shen Xiang also turns Yun Guo with her spiritually duplicate rain, from some significance, this dragon brat is his person. Really fierce, several sub- have killed this night of Devil Monarch!” Shen Xiang exclaims. Talked nonsense several with Long Xueyi, that night of Devil Monarch is pounded dozens by the hot link that pair flew randomly, every was similar to Phoenix Princess fully strikes such, finally Shuanghuan gathered the force to strike, the direct bang has killed that night of Devil Monarch. Just killed Demon and Devil World, troop Tiny Night Demon underground welled up from the space, that Phoenix Princess wrinkled the delicate eyebrows, the back emitted one group of flame suddenly, presented a huge Phoenix wing, flew to that energy shield, the direct firing to leave a road. Does not have Tiny Night Demon to induce Shen Xiang, therefore Shen Xiang is very safe at this time, he will not go to the doom to attack these Tiny Night Demon like before, does not have any advantage to him. Has Night Devil King here, therefore these Immortal King do not get rid, they must cope with these Night Devil King, several Night Devil King are staring evidently.” Bai Youyou said.

This inside are Night Devil King many?” Shen Xiang asked. Many, here Night Devil does not know how to produce, even if killed also had, moreover they did not eat the person also to survive, a time long time, can evolve Night Devil King, for these years, little had expert to enter here to cut to kill Night Devil, gradually, this inside Night Devil King were also getting more and more.” These Night Devil King majority are first brings death with troop Tiny Night Demon, consumes opposite party strength, then looks for the opportunity sneak attack, very influence.” That energy shield sends out the light multi-colored sunlight, hides, in Shen Xiang can see in energy shield is these influence faint people who lashes out, but these Immortal King expert in while is directing, or several Immortal Monarch ranks occasionally attacks several. „The words that like this consumes, will consume the dawn.” So long as dawn, these Tiny Night Demon will have hidden, does not know that is why. Yes, the opportunity of if not having gotten rid, these Night Devil King will not get rid, because Tiny Night Demon are here more, they do not care about these Tiny Night Demon life and death.” Su Meiyao said. These Tiny Night Demon whole bodies are the venom, the energy storage in within the body are not Heaven Dan and so on, the corpse is useless, this makes Shen Xiang think to be a pity, the words that otherwise that many corpses, a little use slightly, will gather to have very big use.