World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1370
Soon dawn time, that troop Tiny Night Demon diverged on suddenly, does not know that they before the daytime approaches all will fly why away, but these Night Devil do not fear up. If dawn, they not fierce, once were shone by the sunlight, completely will turn into Qi mist.” Bai Youyou said: My Master had tried in the past, even if Night Devil King does not dare to appear in the daytime.” Then can know where they do hide?” Shen Xiang asked. Deeply under!” This made Shen Xiang think in Dragon Vein that crowd of Earth's Core Clan, they cannot appear in the daytime, by words that the sunlight shone, will die. These Night Devil are the same with Earth's Core Clan, was cursed?” In the Shen Xiang heart has doubts, because the births of these Night Devil is a fan. Dawn, the people relaxed, because did not have what loss yesterday evening, the person of dying was only these with. Shen Xiang turns into a winged insect, follows behind these hundred thousand people, at this time he is safe, even if there is any a fierce thing to appear suddenly, that also goes to front that troop person. He with this group of people, but for can safer enters this Night Demon Underworld, seeks route that the map indicates, if that route is safe, he does not use again with this group of people. Yesterday evening they arrived at the Night Demon Underworld, but today will definitely penetrate Night Demon Underworld. Now entered in Night Demon Underworld, before not looks like, was so safe, in this filled danger(ous) everywhere.” Bai Youyou said that now she feels in this very danger(ous), because this fills the thick fog in the forest to be peaceful, this does not suit.

Crossed two mountains, is noon, on the summit of that mountain, Shen Xiang examined a moment ago the front topography, what making him feel strange, he used Primal Chaos Spirit Eye by that thick white fog, has not seen the mountain the outline, this explained that front had a big piece of plain. Probably approached!” Shen Xiang suddenly is excited, because near that map above, on picture big piece of plains, but here very close safe route, he finally knows which position now one on the map, such one, he must go to that safe route becomes very simple, he can not use front that group of people now. Has the sound!” Long Xueyi said. „The front person stopped, the ground was shivering, probably the troop build very big thing was flushing!” Shen Xiang looks at the tread, discovered that the ground has the trace of slight vibration. Around here is the thick fog, cannot see front to have anything, but here is the plain, this plain in all directions is the mountain, if there is a thing to clash, might is the beasts, because Night Devil, only then night will appear. Is the beast tide, this group of people have troubled, it is estimated that must die most.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang uses Primal Chaos Spirit Eye immediately, passes fog, can see densely and numerously runs, is similar to the tide is ordinary, is turbulent, is crazy, dashing time treads the earth to shake. This innumerable giant beasts roared suddenly, the roar was rock the earth, frightens many people to look deathly pale, because they know the thing that at this time came, was different from yesterday evening that Tiny Night Demon, although these Tiny Night Demon were the Human Immortal middle stage strengths, but actually feared Suppressing Devil Temple's strength, that huge energy shield can make these Tiny Night Demon be at a loss. However at this time dashes is a leader giant beast, moreover several very powerful aura, it seems like are not only the ordinary giant beasts, formidable Beast King and beast Mr. Goes to that safe route quickly!” Su Meiyao said.

The quantity of that giant beast, at least several hundred thousand, they obviously here waited very for a long time such, some people step into here, enormously and powerful clashes. Shen Xiang float arrives airborne, changes the human form, then displays peak Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, examines the front mountain. After that piece of vast plain, bottle gourd shape mountain there, big piece of mountains by this Hulushan, but in this piece of mountain, will have a very small crack, only suffices them to pass shoulder to shoulder, does not know that is the natural formation, some people open cutting intentionally, in brief in that deep crack is very safe, giant beast what is hard attacks, moreover was not discovered easily. Shen Xiang flies immediately to the entrance of that safe route, he just flew away shortly , the rear area broadcasts an intermittent great war sound, the intense beast roar, intermittent qi wave has blown the thick fog to surge. Shen Xiang in flight also came under not the small influence, causing his speed to become slow. „, Joined to fight including Dragon Emperor and Phoenix King, no wonder in the past Sister Youyou their Master wanted the severe wound to go back, this Night Demon Underworld was very fierce.” Long Xueyi surprisedly said. Shen Xiang also induces to Dragon Emperor and that Phoenix King aura, can make them get rid, thinks that came very strong Beast King, not only. Shen Xiang has used half double-hour, is far away from that battlefield, at this time he will not have been affected, the speed of advance was faster. Drew near!” Shen Xiang accelerates to go through, has carried on the space to shuttle back and forth with the strength of Law of Space. Shortly, he saw front that two ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) mountain in the tiny crack that sees only, if not his eyesight is good, perhaps also sees.

Now he also discovered that a strange phenomenon, is the region that he is, unexpectedly did not have these thick fog in vain, enables front to have big sceneries to look very clearly. Has the person!” Shen Xiang one startled, thinks that he looked clearly, can therefore see front to have the person, moreover was not only one, but was h more than ten. Is that Phoenix Princess, no wonder a moment ago cannot induce her aura, has not thought that she arrived here!” Long Xueyi said. He Feng...... other that light people should be these big influences send, has not thought that they also know this security entrance where, that map does have many? Their unexpectedly comes quickly compared with me!” Shen Xiang feels uneasy, because of this person here, already will know obviously. You carefully look at that map, above has many branch roads, the branch road that perhaps on their maps, takes is different, possibly only then your is most correct.” Long Xueyi said. Phoenix Princess He Feng these people have not fought with that flock of beasts, but comes to here, the goal was obvious. They hit, He Feng unexpectedly and Phoenix Princess hit......” Long Xueyi to feel shocking, Phoenix Princess with Holy Dragon Crown Prince same existence, but is actually provoked by Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country Prince now, if made Phoenix King know, Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country will definitely not have the good fruit to eat.