World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1371
Shen Xiang turned into the Little Fei insect, now also nobody enters in that crack, arrived here crowd of young expert, looks like probably was better, has not gone in immediately, but fights here. It seems like many influences join up to cope with this Phoenix Princess, perhaps this Phoenix Princess cannot enter that crack!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang looked at that crack two sides mountains, high does not see the top, if wants to mount that these mountains the summit, is not definitely relaxed, because above also has many that type of thick white fog, in these white fog is containing the toxin. Looks above!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang looked immediately to the Phoenix Princess sky, unexpectedly presented a cyclone, moreover Phoenix Princess probably was also locked at this time was the same, was hard to leave a region, although that He Feng was fierce, but actually very much feared in her hand that getting a light from another light link, does not dare too nearly to depend. Is Heavenly Dragon Seal, is Imperial Dragon Clan is using, unexpectedly two dozens one......” „It is not two dozens one, but prepares to gang up on this Phoenix Princess, you have a look at other influences these young expert, is ready to make trouble.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang looks to that more than ten men and several females in front of crack, has offered a sacrifice to Immortal Sword and magic treasure, they are the same places, naturally will collaborate to eradicate the powerful enemy. dragon roar transmits, the big dragon that Qi mist turns into drops from the clouds, Heavenly Dragon Seal lowers, long jab Phoenix Princess, locked Phoenix Princess was hit, but her response is also prompt, the arm turns into huge fire wings, burnt the Phoenix wing of raging fire to resist some injuries with that but she has put out a small blood. On!” Female shouted, looks at her True Qi characteristics, should be the kamikaze heaven, is Heavenspan Family Feng Family. As her drinks tenderly, one crowd of young expert are holding Immortal Sword in abundance, flies rush over toward Phoenix Princess. Helps her, she had also helped you before!” Long Xueyi said that she cannot get used to seeing this type to bully few inferior acts. I know that I am waiting till the opportunity!” Shen Xiang is very clear to own strength, if he were besieged by that crowd of young expert, he was also very difficult to deal with. Phoenix Princess at this moment is very angry, if independent combat, she wins absolutely steadily, but has not thought actually by Imperial Dragon Clan in plots with Heavenly Dragon Seal at the same time, but now also young expert of more than ten other influences rush ahead toward her, has blocked her escape route, wants to kill her evidently. Imperial Feather Clan and He Pei Qing this new king disagreed, now Phoenix Princess was besieged is also very normal matter, she is Phoenix, the whole body precious incomparable, even if Imperial Dragon Clan Holy Dragon is unable to compare, because her can the Phoenix blood of Nirvana rebirth be precious, so long as it is said integrates, can have fast rebirth strength. The Phoenix Princess strength is very strong, encircles facing the rushes of that many people, although severe wound, but actually can also support, the whole body braves the flaming raging fire, all around controls Shuanghuan in hand to attack these young expert.

Shen Xiang arrived around Phoenix Princess quietly, his present range that Phoenix Princess only then thousand feet (333 m) this, he top the air wave that the fierce fight is breaking out to approach little, moreover was not discovered. Your this crowd of shameless things, are gentle, has not thought that you will make this matter to come.” The Phoenix Princess anger shouted to clear the way, at this time she cut and bruised, the Phoenix blood support that if cannot resume by her perhaps, she already was taken. This road cannot let going outside our alliance, quickly you are Imperial Feather Clan, you prevented my Imperial Father to mount the throne, this is your Imperial Feather Clan brings upon oneself.” He Feng speech time, that Imperial Dragon Clan and has displayed Heavenly Dragon Seal, moreover suddenly attack Lightning Dragon Punishment. Severely wounded Phoenix Princess was struck by lightning suddenly, shouted one tenderly, whole body tingling pain, strength in within the body suddenly is unable to use, she also from airborne crashed. Your Feng pill I wanted!” He Feng is laughing wildly, from airborne dives, pursues to Phoenix Princess that drops, the Immortal Sword thorn in hand to Phoenix Princess. When Phoenix Princess despairs, she sees He Feng that is laughing wildly face suddenly to coagulate suddenly, presents together azure light, she sees only a beautiful azure circular arc to appear with resounding dragon roar, but that He Feng grasped the arm of sword also to cut off at this time. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! Although Shen Xiang very fast blade receives the blade, but everyone can catch to that formidable huge Azure Dragon knife, but that is full of the tyrant Dao Qi potential of might, makes the person recognize this blade immediately. Shen Xiang that suddenly presents, cuts off the arm of He Feng, while convenient and that takes away Immortal Sword his arm. He Feng was not the first time cuts off the arm to win Immortal Sword, was the second time, before that time was also Shen Xiang does, but he does not know that was Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang cuts off the arm of He Feng, the downward shuttle space, holds in the arms the Phoenix Princess tender body, treads Earth Shrinking Step, the coordinate space is shuttling back and forth, several sub- entered that crack, after entering that crack, he throws several destruction frozen pill, freezes this road. Afterward Long Xueyi also appears, a furnace bang hits by Shen Xiang behind crack, they must die of suffocation this road. Shen Xiang is quick in the speed in the crack running, but Long Xueyi can release formidable Divine Ability in Hidden Jade Ring, making two walls sway violently, shakes falls the massive giant stones. Phoenix Princess only sees Shen Xiang to appear suddenly, fainted, at this time Shen Xiang was also hugging him, was dashing about wildly in the crack. Three days three nights passed by, Shen Xiang is very safe in this crack, moreover Long Xueyi is responsible for a road all the way, how must exit as for later, that is the later matter, must guarantee one were not chased down is most important, because he exposed the status, then the surface also had Dragon Emperor this crowd of expert, he has more discrete.

Phoenix Princess injures very much heavily, but Shen Xiang is not worried about her, her resilience be much fiercer than Ji Meixian, these three days, he perceived that her within the body wound restored. Has not been able to stop, at least has resulted for ten days, although Dragon Emperor that group of fellows with that crowd of ancient beast great war, but the He Feng their these little rascal strengths cannot belittle, perhaps they can lead the way!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang ran for two days in this crack, in this is very dark, the two sides are ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) high rock wall, the ray are hard, moreover above also has the thick white fog. Has the branch road, leftmost that!” Su Meiyao said that she has recorded map ripe, according to the above route. Then my not Feng Road!” Long Xueyi also stops sealing off the following road, but here has four crossings. Also passed for five days, Shen Xiang dashed about wildly in this crack continuously for ten days, that Phoenix Princess also woke up, but somewhat is weak, at this time Shen Xiang carries her to run, although Shen Xiang runs quickly, but is very steady, has not made her feel ill, instead somewhat is comfortable. Thanks!” Phoenix Princess in a soft voice said in the Shen Xiang's ear that weak she, the sound is supple, moreover is spitting Youlan, feels by the ear some people to flush air, in the Shen Xiang heart trembled slightly. Is impolite, you had also helped my before, now we do not owe mutually!” Shen Xiang said. Before hit Night Devil person actually with that big stele is you!” Phoenix Princess understands suddenly that the Shen Xiang's strength is truly weak, but the method are many, otherwise cannot save her. Let alone words, well recuperation body!” Shen Xiang whispered. Um!” Phoenix Princess has complied with one gently, then pastes the cheeks at the same time on the Shen Xiang's shoulder, quick fell asleep. If not she now is so weak, Shen Xiang wants to ask that very much she has the matter about this crack, because of her and Imperial Dragon Clan, as well as the people of these big influences knows here. Shen Xiang has marched on several days of road, discovered that here every other 1st Stage distance, will present the road fork, has four each time, if no that map, he does not know that which chooses. At this time that Phoenix Princess facial expression was better, became very energetic, but Shen Xiang actually still carries her, because her internal injury is very serious, although walks to run already not any issue, but actually cannot use massively, the speed will not be fast. Now Shen Xiang does not dare to be slow, he worried that following Dragon Emperor will pursue.

Now many?” Shen Xiang asked. Was good to be many, put me to get down!” Phoenix Princess said gently, on the face is also having a smile. „It is not good, you also run now not quickly, what to do was overtaken by Dragon Emperor? The fellow hates me to hate, will know me here, reckless will certainly chase down.” Shen Xiang said. Phoenix Princess lies in Shen Xiang's carries on the back is truly comfortable, Shen Xiang treads Earth Shrinking Step is running, resembles the whole person to tread on the great river, along with the fluent steady and fast forward motion, simply has not run that to jolt. According to the urogenous of that group of bastards, it is estimated that they sees your father, but also fabricates a rumor, said that I turned you, perhaps then your father can open a road with Dragon Emperor with joint forces!” Shen Xiang said. Phoenix Princess sighed gently, her very clear Shen Xiang present situation, her Phoenix father also had the thought of dozen of Shen Xiang ideas before, robbed his Divine Blade anything. Who makes you kill that Holy Dragon Crown Prince, that Holy Dragon clan few Dan Immortal, Dragon Emperor has not had a mortal hatred of you to be strange.” Phoenix Princess said: Your courage is really big!” Holy Dragon Crown Prince that idiot has been thinking must kill me, moreover was met an exceedingly good opportunity to kill me by him, but he underestimated me, 2-3 was done by me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: If you also like that Holy Dragon Crown Prince to me, I when the time comes start to be light to you!” „Do you look at me likely are that bastard?” Phoenix Princess said with resentment. Who knows that in brief I everyone wants now against, so as to avoid how the deathtrap does not know!” Shen Xiang truly against that Phoenix Princess, this completely is giving Long Xueyi to be responsible for now. „Do you come here? Moreover you also know this road probably!” In the Phoenix Princess heart also has such question. I am just about to ask you, your phoenix...... Imperial Feather Clan has a map, is above indicating the safe route?” Shen Xiang asked. Um, but that map is incomplete, only then a small part, is Imperial Dragon Clan, Fire God Palace and Suppressing Devil Temple also has these anything direct access to the highest authorities to combine with the Sacred Realm influence, obtains the half complete map, but this complete map by seal the full avenue is, but does not have the route.” Phoenix Princess said. This, do you remember that route? The picture comes out to give me to have a look!” Shen Xiang said that he wants to have a look at route to be the same, each big influence preserves a remnant block of small sectional map, the directional place definitely has any fierce thing.