World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1372
Phoenix Princess has taken a paper from own storage pouch, hands Shen Xiang's at present, Shen Xiang looked at one, can take down completely. „Different with the safe route that on your map marks, does not know where they will arrive, is different the end point, does the place that the map that their ancestors leave behind indicates have treasure?” Su Meiyao looked. In first road fork there, what Shen Xiang walks is leftmost that road, but on Phoenix Princess that map is most right that. With your is the same?” Phoenix Princess asked that but at this time Shen Xiang also stopped, if were different, they will not pursue, the road that because in that crowd of person eyes, he took possibly was that they walked. „Different!” Shen Xiang shakes the head to say. Phoenix Princess frowned: Then you can road be danger(ous)?” What danger(ous) do you see us to have all the way?” This is also only in this crack, finally must leave this crack, was very difficult to say to outside.” That Phoenix Princess is worried, this Night Demon Underworld deep place is terrorist, Immortal King very much easily bewilderedly died, let alone their this strengths. Shen Xiang gives back to Phoenix Princess that map, said: I must rest now, ran continuously that many days, I was also tired!” Um, needs pills? Here has, can make you restore to be quicker.” Phoenix Princess has put out a small jade box. Do not want in vain, let alone others have handed over, Shen Xiang kindly accepts directly.

What pill is this?” Shen Xiang received one grain red such as pill pellet of blood, he could not feel Spirit Qi that in this grain of pill contains, is unable to distinguish any rank. Phoenix blood pill, comes out with massive phoenix blood condense, preserves after processing again!” Phoenix Princess said: Also has very big help to humanity, you eat up quickly.” This truly is a good thing, wants to taste including Long Xueyi, after Shen Xiang clothing/taking next, phoenix blood pill melts in his within the body, immediately fuses together with his Jade Dragon Bloodline, the fast-flow to his whole body, felt is weak, but only thought now own whole body fills strength, this has used half double-hour. Phoenix Princess, this thing is very precious! Not can only to restore quickly, probably after can also let the blood and skeleton inside of person, has the characteristics of Phoenix blood!” Shen Xiang beforehand has fused Jade Dragon Bloodline, knows that this needs the massive Phoenix blood to be able to achieve. This nothing!” Phoenix Princess beautiful smile: Called me Xue Ying, this was my name!” Shen Xiang is musing immediately, this Phoenix Princess name and Xueyi look like very much. The Phoenix Princess raising fire of high-piled firewood, phoenix looks at that beat the flame, does not know that is thinking anything, probably concern heavily. Xue Ying, what did your wound have to plan? I cannot lead you to go to that place, there is very for me important, danger(ous) definitely has, although my strength is inferior to you, but the maintaining life ability you may compared with not on me!” Shen Xiang said. I know, otherwise you cannot save me, in that case, I run away am very difficult to run away.” The Phoenix Princess naturally clear Shen Xiang's maintaining life ability, were besieged by Dragon Emperor and other expert on the same day, not only can run away safely, but can also Dragon Emperor they suffer a loss. I can the old route return, my father also will certainly enter this crack, I should be able to meet with him.” Phoenix Princess had the decision.

She also had eaten a moment ago up a grain of that phoenix blood pill, her present facial expression is very good, it seems like almost restored. The present is night, because possibly this crack is too deep, the two sides are the reasons of mountain, therefore these Night Devil sounds cannot pass to here. Xue Ying, can you later become Imperial Feather Clan Phoenix Great Emperor?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I do not want to become an enemy with you.” That, my father now is also also daring to call the king, did not have Dragon Emperor to be so rampant, the strength has not arrived at that stage to seal the emperor on oneself.” Phoenix Princess said with a smile lightly: I do not want to become an enemy with you, said that I must again thank you, helping me remove Holy Dragon Crown Prince this pest, if his present undying, the strength and I quite, according to his disposition, definitely all day will look for my duel.” Shen Xiang and Phoenix Princess talked at random to chat daytime, now she also restores to the best condition. Later we certainly will again meet, takes care!” Phoenix Princess looks the smiling face and Shen Xiang says goodbye. Um, has another chance to meet!” After Phoenix Princess leaves, Shen Xiang also continues to hurry along, now can be said as is safe temporarily, to behind does not know that after all that map above route is many years ago , did not know now also like before. Next time will see her again, is thick the facial skin to ask that she takes a Phoenix blood, in addition your Jade Dragon Bloodline, that fiercely lets.” Long Xueyi said: Later your bloodlines maturity, greatly had the use to me.” Does not know that Punishing Demon Summit in any position.” Shen Xiang thought that now entered the Night Demon Underworld deep place, he wants to seek for that Punishing Demon Summit while convenient.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou think, if can seek for that to understand that in that Punishing Demon Summit alchemy small Master, they can restore to former that peak strength quickly, but that easier said than done, their Master that strength bursts in this inside will be seriously injured, even if Shen Xiang has fierce escape skill, does not have what use in this. This does not know on my Master, if he initially knew , the severe wound will not come back, to find Punishing Demon Summit, must have the person who in Punishing Demon Summit came out to lead to be good, otherwise do not think.” Su Meiyao said: Said that expert from Punishing Demon Summit, majority have not gone to Punishing Demon Summit, but they truly obtained the inheritance of Punishing Demon Summit, for example your Master that old lunatic, our apprentice sisters.” Route that draws from that map, the road that needs to take is very long, almost must cross that Night Demon Underworld center. Here actually is not Saint Beast Ancient Domain, why will turn into Night Demon Underworld? Does not know that Saint Beast Ancient Domain was not , does inside have Saint Beast.” Shen Xiang looks at that map, that route final end point in a very big mountain valley. Possibly did not have, in the past does not know that what happened, has been missing a number of Saint Beast, it is estimated that went to the more higher world, that Ancient Fire Beast and Ice Dragon not?” Long Xueyi said: This Saint Beast Ancient Domain resources have consumed the light, therefore is unable again birth fierce Saint Beast.” Shen Xiang dashed in this inside for more than ten days, finally sees front has a bright, he must leave this crack finally, but this is also only on a that map small long journey line, this long journey line can allow him to enter this Night Demon Underworld deep place safely.