World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1373

Shen Xiang stands in this crack end, this is an opening of mountain, at this time he is in the halfway up the mountainside, he looks to outside, only sees a blue verdant boundless forest, but in initially has a mountain fuzzy green shade very much. Cool wind blows, making him not feel that here is in Legend that terror Night Demon Underworld, instead is in fine scenery mountain forest. He gains ground to look, does not have that type of loathful thick fog, can see the Lan Tian white clouds, the bird is soaring, sees not likely in very danger(ous) Hell. Does not know that road that they take where will arrive at?” Shen Xiang has looked at Phoenix Princess to his map, the place that the end point of that road and he must go to differs very far. If treats as the hidden treasure place here, is truly good, but will also kill many people.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang looked at following that piece of ancient forest , the trees are big, are quick he to seek for a giant stone in this forest, this giant stone is the hill generally is likely giant, on this giant stone has only small hole that suffices a person to crawl. He can see that giant stone, but he must pass also requires some time, because that giant stone in the front very far place, he stands also can only see a dot here there. dragon brat, can see that what danger(ous) this forest does have?” Shen Xiang used the patrolling technique, quick strolled in the following forest, except for was quite cool, does not have other any strange place. Has not discovered any danger(ous), but was very difficult saying that but here that Night Demon Underworld deep place.” Long Xueyi said. Here looks like, although tranquil, but Shen Xiang does not think that here is safe, he turns into a bird, is flying in forest sky cautious and solemn. When he just flew into the forest, all around suddenly one black, afterward transmits an extremely evil aura, he looks downward, sees only piece of dense and numerous Tiny Night Demon!

These Tiny Night Demon are very small is very small, only then the child is so big, the whole body sends out the azure black weak dim light. What's the matter!” In the Shen Xiang heart, below these Tiny Night Demon probably are with amazement same in the honey-comb, a check is standing erect Tiny Night Demon, Tiny Night Demon is yelling in a low voice, is similar to late at night the cat calls to be the same. That blue verdant forest vanished a moment ago, this vast Night Devil made Shen Xiang look in the heart to be scared, this unexpectedly was a Night Devil lair, and was huge. Make him feel what is inconceivable, the speed that these Night Devil grow is quick. He knows now, Lan Tian and these beautiful sceneries that before he saw were false, but at this time this darkness, everywhere was the young Tiny Night Demon lair real. However, front that hill generally big giant stone actually real, this lets a point that Shen Xiang compares to feel relieved, he worried that in that cave has Tiny Night Demon. Good fierce Illusion Formation, deceived including me, this fierce Illusion Formation was not Night Devil can arrange, definitely some people intentionally such did, for protecting this Night Devil lair, who was? Also for what?” During Long Xueyi is lost in thought. Shen Xiang also wants to know the answer, but nobody told him, but he knows that possibly knew in this inside Punishing Demon Summit. He continues to the forward flight goes, afterward he can see many Tiny Night Demon to hold one is being similar to the ellipsoid of watermelon size, these ellipsoids send out the pale-green dim light, was laid aside by these Tiny Night Demon in the spatial hexagonal check. Night Devil has with bat same wing, the flying speed is quick, at this time they look like the industrious honeybees, is transporting the massive Night Devil eggs.

But many young Tiny Night Demon after absorbing here massive Immortal Qi, grows up gradually, Shen Xiang can see many young Tiny Night Demon to fly, is smaller than these Tiny Night Demon, but they do not need Takuya to be long are the same with these Tiny Night Demon. Human Immortal late stage Tiny Night Demon, such is born, how Shen Xiang is very curious so many Night Devil eggs born, he discovered the place that he is deeply, here quite in the lair of ant, every time is born massive Tiny Night Demon, no wonder beforehand Tiny Night Demon quantity such. If before you, thinks really here is safe, then flies directly, definitely will alarm these Night Devil, perhaps in this is also hiding Night Devil King, when the time comes you troubled.” Long Xueyi said that also in the heart is scared, but here the Night Devil lair, that map above route unexpectedly can lead to come to here the person. Possibly Night Devil not only then such a lair!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang has not lent any aura, moreover he hides very well, discovered after here is the Night Devil lair, he immediately becomes smaller. Flight time, he discovered that above has many, should to the ground, currently he have the important matter on the body, he has not gone to inquire about the sources of these Night Devil eggs. Flew slowly the half of the day, he arrived at that hill finally, and enters in the cave, at this time he relaxed, because this inside does not have Night Devil to enter, probably is because this inside has that Night Devil repugnant thing. He enters that cave, this cave to, inside darkness. According to map above, this is the entrance of 2nd Stage safe route, but this long journey first article is not long, in this underground passage, making him feel that is very uncomfortable, this is because above these dense and numerous Night Devil make in his heart very uncomfortable It seems like picture map time, had Night Devil to exist, these safe routes can very ingenious avoids these Night Devil, although here is the Night Devil nest, so long as is more careful, will not meet fierce Night Devil, even if you were discovered above a moment ago, you can also enter this passage fast.” Long Xueyi said.

Saint Beast Ancient Domain still existed in the past, these did Night Devil appear?” If these Night Devil have such a long time, depends on their this quantities, can evolve very strong Night Devil to come absolutely, perhaps surmounts existence of Night Devil King. At this time, Shen Xiang to this Night Demon Underworld some deeper understanding, this is Saint Beast Ancient Domain right, but Saint Beast Ancient Domain has not existed now, is complete Night Demon Underworld, here is the world that night Devil Lord butchers. Let his innermost feelings feel what fear is, the births of these Night Devil, are think that because strong Illusion Formation protection of that Night Devil lair under by fierce person cloth, Long Xueyi cannot see through, this for what? Has used for five days, he departed this passage, this passage to above, therefore after he flies, confirmed the world that one see is really, is not that lifelike illusion that before saw. This inside thick fog did not have, but is still covering death Qi!” Shen Xiang turns into the bird, is flying in the low altitude, at this time he saw the distant place to have a silver-white great mountain suddenly, on this great side hill also many green mountain, these green mountain were also very huge, but did not have that silver white great mountain 50% high! That is Punishing Demon Summit!” Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao simultaneously are startled shouted.