World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1374

That is a silver-white mountain!” Bai Youyou low mumble said: Small Master had said with us, he said that if sees this mountain in Night Demon Underworld, do not think that can enter Punishing Demon Summit, if does, to is not far.”

Shen Xiang carefully looks at that great mountain, although is away from him to be very far, but still gives people a pure and holy grave feeling, these silver-white multi-colored sunlight that sends out, making the person be inspired, that is mysterious Punishing Demon Summit, the character who inside comes out, can stir the reign of terror person Nine Heavens. However had does not have Punishing Demon Summit expert to appear for a long time. „To pass to have a look really!” Shen Xiang said. Do not go, now was equal to that courts death.” Su Meiyao seriously said. Walks according to the route of map, do not deviate that route, now you can such safe arrived here, and can see Punishing Demon Summit, this is the reason of that map, do not think Night Demon Underworld not anything great.” The Bai Youyou's sound is very ice-cold. Shen Xiang has cancelled that thought immediately, now he truly cannot take risk, but makes him feel what is strange, is maintaining with him in Punishing Demon Summit of distant place the distance, even if he flew the 1st Stage distance, always thought one and distance not any change of that Punishing Demon Summit. Now he soars on a death Qi heavy forest, although the trees of this forest are growing the luxuriant branches and leaves, but does not have the vitality, seems dusky, fills death Qi, Shen Xiang suspected that this is because deeply the following Night Devil lair creates. Shen Xiang according to map above the route advance of assigning, he goes to the entrance of 3rd Stage route now, therefore here is not the absolute safety, he must be discrete. This time is daytime, evidently is at noon, but after Shen Xiang flew half double-hour, the day got dark on suddenly, the earth covers during a piece is dim, that Punishing Demon Summit of distant place actually still sends out the silver-white multi-colored sunlight, at this time looks like pure and holy is more dignified. What's the matter?” Shen Xiang felt that does not suit, said the darkness on the darkness, moreover this was not covered by the dark cloud, but makes people think that suddenly descended the mountain on Sun.

Time, has any strength in the control time, making here suddenly accelerate, is in a very marvelous condition.” Long Xueyi said with amazement. Day one black, making the Shen Xiang annoyed matter really occur, was calling out of Night Devil, he has to seal up his sense of hearing, otherwise he will go crazy. Had the thing to approach!” Hears Long Xueyi's to remind, Shen Xiang sees green light to shoot together, front presents Night Devil suddenly, has projected a very long tongue, wants turning into him of bird evidently eats. Shen Xiang fends immediately, afterward picks up speed to the forward flight, wants to cast off this Night Devil. Is night Devil Monarch, he stared at you!” That night of Devil Monarch original manuscript thinks one can eat this very much with ease in the bird that in the dark night presents, who knows that this bird suddenly fends, moreover picks up the speed to escape, making him feel inconceivable, although he had very high wisdom, but definitely does not think that this bird is the person turns. This night of Devil Monarch pursues immediately, he does not let off to prey of mouth, although ate this bird not to have any advantage to him. Did not say night Devil Monarch is the having mystical powers wisdom? This fellow is so stupid the pig to be the same, pursues my this broken bird not to put, sees not like the full of wisdom fellow.” Shen Xiang scolded, picked up the speed to fly, he does not want to cause complications, but here the Night Devil domain, he possibly slightly made a move to come, here will present tens of thousands of Night Devil, then turned into the Night Devil sea. After pursuing half double-hour, that night of Devil Monarch also feels annoyed, isn't a small broken bird? However he pursued such for a long time did not have swallowing to the belly.

This night of Devil Monarch is spitting that long tongue in behind, wants to tie down Shen Xiang with the tongue, then curls in the entrance, who knows that Shen Xiang can always shunt. This damn Night Devil, father could not bear!” On Shen Xiang a golden light dodges suddenly, has appeared the main body. He turns into this shape time, releases very intense Suppressing Devil Holy Light, according to that night of Devil Monarch whole body ache, eyes is punctures incomparably thoroughly. After Shen Xiang turns into this shape, immediately puts out Suppressing Devil Mirror, pours into very strong Suppressing Devil Holy Power, to that night of Devil Monarch is being a fierce photo. On this Night Devil has evil strength, Suppressing Devil Holy Power to their lethality very big, Shen Xiang with light glow that Suppressing Devil Mirror releases, penetrates several big hole the wing of that night of Devil Monarch, his skin must emit the black smoke by the Suppressing Devil Holy Power ignition. Suppressing Devil Holy Power hits on these evil thing, can purify it melts, therefore before these big influences come to here, must look at Suppressing Devil Temple. That night of Devil Monarch wants to break the head unable to think the bird that he chases down meets suddenly to turn into a person, moreover releases that he most repugnant light to come, hits his one to be caught off guard. This night of Devil Monarch good and bad has the Immortal Monarch strength, when he wants to counter-attack, actually suddenly sees a golden great seal to press toward him, suddenly hits on the bang on him. Shen Xiang has emitted Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, he wants a bit faster to solve this night Devil Monarch, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal town character hits maliciously on the body of that night of Devil Monarch, making that night of Devil Monarch was similar to oneself by a heat the great mountain suppress. You do not court death will not die!” Shen Xiang receives Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal suddenly, puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, pours into Suppressing Devil Holy Power, the detachment, a blade hews two halves this night of Devil Monarch like lightning.

From the beginning, that night of Devil Monarch has not responded, when he wants to revolt, actually encounters the attack of Suppressing Devil sacred tool, ruins his within the body condense strength, afterward was divided by sharp Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this series of attack is fast, moreover connects very proper. Shen Xiang played this already brought to the point of perfection, added on unexpectedly quickly ruthless, even if compared with he many night Devil Monarch, must cherish hatred. After killing this night of Devil Monarch, Shen Xiang immediately turns into the bird, flies away fast, but at this time also several night Devil Monarch catch up, Night Devil is a troop. After he flew away the moment, he induces to a very terrifying evil aura, he guessed that is Night Devil King appears, that aura made him feel this Night Devil King compared with these Immortal King anything's great strength. This place really danger(ous), then presents Night Devil King quickly, does not know that this inside has many this type of thing.” Shen Xiang exclaims, he does not want to meet these Night Devil King. After many double-hour, he arrived at the 3rd Stage safe route, this is a creek, this creek is very deep, the river water is very icy cold, he sneaks in the river, has not hovered, but is led him to remember to flutter by the current of water.