World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1375
The river water of creek is very clean, but has been short of some life Qi/angry, Shen Xiang suddenly thought that these Night Devil are possibly afraid of water, otherwise this river is also unsafe. To the night, Shen Xiang in the river bottom, has been able to hear these Night Devil cries, but the sound is not grating. This river is very narrow is very deep, likely is not the normal rivers, do some people dig intentionally? Like the rivers, cannot grow the large-scale beasts, therefore does not need to be worried that in this will have giant beast anything.” Long Xueyi said. Can build the person of this type of safe route, definitely knew about this Saint Beast Ancient Domain . Moreover the strength is also very strong, map above has the mark of Dan Emperor, but Dan Emperor is a legendary character, the strength these be much more formidable than Fire Emperor Ice Emperor, if is really these safe routes that he causes, that is also very reasonable. Shen Xiang follows the current of water, thought that the speed of current of water was too slow, therefore he picks up the speed to swim away forward, because he must solve the riddle of that map anxiously, what conceal does Dan Emperor there, have that Divine Cauldron cover there? Is the map that Imperial Dragon Clan, Fire God Palace and Suppressing Devil Temple they piece together, where finally can? What also has there? This waterway is very long, looks like according to the map on, wants longer than the beforehand that ravine crack, this means that Shen Xiang must exhaust many time here, he speed in water can also maintain with the land luckily is the same. Also can see that Punishing Demon Summit!” Shen Xiang swam for several days in the river bottom, pokes head to look that silver-white great mountain placed that direction, probably will move such with him, making him be puzzling. Does not know that what's the matter, in this inside daytime, be only two double-hour, the dark night has ten double-hour!” Long Xueyi said: „If no formidable strength operation time, formidable formation in counter chaotic Yin-Yang, this to let these Night Devil can have more time coming out.” In this is Night Devil? Not other beasts what?”

This is Saint Beast Ancient Domain, even if not past Saint Beast Ancient Domain, but should the beasts be a little right, before he entered that crack time, but has met very terrifying beast tide, why he will not ravel that beast tide to appear to the present. Shen Xiang suspected that perhaps is manned controllable troop giant beast prevents others to enter the Saint Beast Ancient Domain deep place. Several hundred thousand people who these big influences bring, does not know also remaining many, in brief tragic death certainly will have, after all quantity that many . Moreover the strength is not very strong. No, some words, did not discover easily that this inside beasts estimate also faces the threat of Night Devil, therefore usually little appears and disappears, if any, should be Beast King this kind, even if Beast King, if facing several Night Devil King, is unlikely hard to escape by luck.” Before Ten Thousand Beast Immortal Palace, some old Beast King had said that they ran away from this inside, moreover they do not want to go back, it seems like they experienced suffering brutal suffering in this Night Demon Underworld. Suddenly, Shen Xiang went forward under this long creek continuously for more than ten days, what making him feel strange, such a creek, unexpectedly has had the water, moreover had not been blocked, completely maintained several thousand years, probably some people in protect this creek specially carefully. Comes, the 3rd Stage safe route, is opens access, Shen Xiang recalls at this time that only thinks somewhat strangely. Does not manage, comes to settle it!” The Shen Xiang heart said. To the night, is Night Devil rampant time is, night Devil Monarch that since previous Shen Xiang was minded others'business by that ties down, he now as far as possible will avoid these Night Devil, although he under river bottom, but he and Long Xueyi can use the patrolling technique examination river surface surrounding situation, although has not seen Night Devil King, but actually can induce to having the Night Devil King aura in the, therefore Shen Xiang little surfaces in the night.

Shen Xiang went forward for 15 days under this river bottom, observes all around topography to judge according to him, he can enter the 4th Stage safe route quickly, but the safe route altogether has 6th Stage, his end point of present range that map also has 50% distances. After taking the 1st Stage safe route each time, the entrance of 1st Stage safe route before entry, always most danger(ous), for example previous time he has almost alarmed that Night Devil lair, and has the conflict with night Devil Monarch, but this time, he does not know that will meet anything, in brief he must do momentarily faces the preparation of danger(ous). Quick, he saw a stone in the river bottom, on this stone has a circular mark, means that he must leave this river, ended the 3rd Stage safe route, he must change over to the 4th Stage safe route from here. When Shen Xiang daytime exits, this will not meet Night Devil, he had determined, even if very fierce Night Devil King does not dare to come in the daytime. Although daytime does not have Night Devil, but here is not the absolute safety, Shen Xiang to avoid into the goal, he turns into very small winged insect, flies to the entrance of that 4th Stage safe route. The 4th Stage safe route looks like in Shen Xiang, is not very safe, because that is not the crack is not a waterway, but in a forest inside muddy road, but that forest is big, can bypass a big mountain scene Sichuan from this forest. He must go to that forest, but must pass through a great river, across two mountains, if in usually, this for him at is not, but makes him appear very difficult here. A bit faster hurries along, although does not know that forest is whether safe, but there good and bad is the safe route, should not have any issue.” Long Xueyi urged, her meaning was to let Shen Xiang change the human form, that can be quicker. In this, daytime time, only then two double-hour, Shen Xiang's must make the best use of the time to hurry along, steps that safe route, otherwise meets these Night Devil, suffices his headache.

He changed the human form, was treading Earth Shrinking Step in the ground, by extremely quick speed shuttle in mountain forest, quick saw front that great river. The surface of the river is very tranquil, river water slowly is flowing, looks like does not have no danger(ous), but that limpid river water is really much more peaceful. In the Shen Xiang jump upper air, in the air is treading Earth Shrinking Step, was quick he to arrive in the great rivers, lowered the head looked that immediately has inhaled cold air, because he saw the surface of the river to have two huge under water shadows, from that build, should be in the water the giant beast. „The build is not only big, strength is also very strong, does not know that they lived here multi- youngster, a bit faster is far away from this river.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang swallows the saliva, speeds up speed in the air to run swiftly, avoids having the too big sound as far as possible, he worried that can alarm colossus of this ambush in river. It seems like in this Night Demon Underworld has the formidable beasts to exist, just in the water, can avoid being attacked by Night Devil, these Night Devil are afraid of water and fears the fire, next time will cope with their times, the water used gives a try, has the big lethality to them.” Shen Xiang at this time also in the sky of this great river, but he could not see in that two giant water the demon shade, when he just relaxed, surface of the river suddenly starts mighty waves!