World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1376
Was discovered?” In Shen Xiang heart panic-stricken, immediately turns into the small bird, the fast shoreward flies, simultaneously has the patrolling technique to fix the eyes on behind and meets The surface of the river mighty waves are turbulent, the great wolf is billowing. Crash-bang...... Sees only one group of giant shadows to flee from the river, leaps all of a sudden airborne, because this thing is extremely giant, is similar to palatial great mountain float in the air, Shen Xiang under this thing, he is unable to see clearly this is anything, can only see one piece pitch-black and has the thing of scales. What thing is this? So to be how big!” Shen Xiang inquired Long Xueyi panic-strickenly. Probably is...... The Black Tortoise beast......” Long Xueyi was also frightened, she is the first time personally sees this type of giant incomparable thing. This colossus in the air, is similar to a Fang Tianqiang space like that. White Tiger Shen Xiang has seen, Black Tortoise appears in him at present, that is also very normal, but he has not thought that in Night Demon Underworld will meet here, moreover two, how also does not know the strength. Shen Xiang has not seen clearly this Black Tortoise overall appearance, he by formidable strong winds blowing ashore, when he turns head to look to the surface of the river, that Black Tortoise huge build actually already vanish from sight. He has not discovered you, but has discovered another fellow!” Long Xueyi hurriedly said: You look at that side, that Black Tortoise beast the turn into a human shape, has fought with that fellow!” „Is this Black Tortoise beast Saint Beast? What thing is fighting with him?” The Shen Xiang pupil shrinks, looks at distant place horizon glittering the intermittent glare. Does not know that in brief on that fellow has strong evil strength, possibly is very fierce Night Devil, can in Night Devil that the daytime presents.” This is only Long Xueyi's guessed, but after Shen Xiang feels that transmits to here aura, he also has such idea, such evil aura, truly and Night Devil looks like very much. Night Devil can only appear in the night, but in Night Devil that the daytime presents, definitely is very strong that can not fear the sunlight illumination, that surmounts existence of Night Devil King. Shen Xiang does not dare to remain here, in this Night Demon Underworld also has the Black Tortoise beast to exist, moreover surmounts the Immortal King strength that he only wants a bit faster to go to the place that on the map indicates at this time, then attains the thing that can take, a bit faster is far away from here. It seems like daytime also very danger(ous)!” If that Black Tortoise beast were coped a moment ago his, the fate worried. Snort, Dragon Emperor that group of fellows are rampant, if they come to here, perhaps is hard to cope with that two Black Tortoise beasts, moreover that Night Devil also is very strong, does not know that here has many this type of thing.” Long Xueyi said that sees that Black Tortoise beast and that only formidable Night Devil, she also had a deeper understanding to this Night Demon Underworld.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou very small time hears has all sorts of matters about this Night Demon Underworld, said that in this how to be how fierce, at that time they have not believed very much, but they no longer had suspected now that this Night Demon Underworld is very terrifying. Night Devil and Black Tortoise beast and Punishing Demon Summit...... in this are how many formidable existences we have not known? It seems like in this also has the influence to struggle, but we do not know.” Long Xueyi sighed: A bit faster leaves well, perhaps after exiting, Dragon Emperor their group of fellows completely not.” With that three strong fellow who Shen Xiang ran into a moment ago, even if were Dragon Emperor they came, share that perhaps also only then escaped. „If a Fifth of Nine Emperors this strength comes, to be full of the promise to defeat that Black Tortoise beast?” Shen Xiang asked. „A Fifth of Nine Emperors concrete strength I do not know, but their Dan Emperor can enter in this, moreover causes a road, thinks that the strength is very strong, should be able these formidable fellows to fight to a draw a moment ago.” Long Xueyi thinks that replied. Shen Xiang crossed two mountains quickly, front was that forest, was the old trees towering to the skies, the luxuriant branches and leaves emerald green and vital, not having these forests that before met like that to fill death Qi, this made him feel itself in a quite normal place. When he must step into the forest, at present suddenly the spoken parts shade flashes through, in broad daylight here sees this, making him hit one to tremble, was quick because of that white shade speed, moreover not realized by him and Long Xueyi that explained that white shade has strong concealment ability. Hello!” Being in a daze Shen Xiang, suddenly had been patted the shoulder, moreover hears some people to send regards to him, this made his whole body tremble fiercely, suddenly emitted. In this place, meets this person human not human and ghost not ghost that he most fears, moreover is very formidable, fellow but who also understands the speech! Shen Xiang planned does not return flushed forward, breaks in that forest to say again, that was the safe route. Just took in him two steps, felt that own wrist|skill was given to hold by a powerful big hand, he turns head to look that sees only behind is standing a height ten feet tall and strong middle age guy, square features are long very aggressive valiant, is not any expression to be able the person to daunt. This middle age wears a white clothing, is long and on the chaotic white hair holds to some withered leaves, looked that his appearance just had swayed back and forth to be the same in the ground probably. What do you run? I very scary? Also, you had not seen me to run anything to run!” This middle-aged guy spoke, reorganized oneself that disorderly white hair with the hand slightly. He scary not because of ugly, but is his face seems very ominous, must mince the eye not to wink likely that to kill the pig the person to be old. „Are you person or the cleverness?” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, was calmed down slightly by oneself, he has not induced to this person has slight life Qi/angry, let alone was the strength aura.

I naturally am a person! Can you enter this forest?” That white hair guy suddenly enforces, he watched one that piece fully is ancient forest of great tree, in eyes suddenly reveals a fear, as well as a sadness. He has let loose Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang does not run, he knows that he is very difficult to be inescapable, the strength of this middle-aged person is very definitely strong, a moment ago he held, he looked. Um, has the issue?” Shen Xiang on the alert replying. White hair middle age knitting the brows head , the sound is serious: Do not go, so long as you step into this forest, was very difficult to come.” Is...... Why?” Shen Xiang is unreadable, because that is the safe route that on the map instructs, he thinks that will not have the mistake, because before , he comes time, the 3rd Stage safe route, can make him very safe, otherwise he will not come here. This white hair middle age knows a lot probably, he has put out a map immediately, then spreads out in the ground, said: Your map should be the same with this, front is fourth long journey.” Shen Xiang looked, in the heart jumps fiercely, that map truly with his exactly the same, if behind the mark of Dan Emperor, that looked like again. This fourth is long journey unsafe?” Shen Xiang looked at the map, looked at front that piece of ancient forest . Is unsafe, all the person, can come out without one, because my wife at that time was too impatient, after going, has not come back, but I was the luck am good, entered half discovery not to be right, can draw back immediately.” That white hair middle age said low-spirited. You are not she go in together? Haven't you held on her?” Shen Xiang does not believe this middle-aged the words. We are one group of people come, goes in turn, I that batch behind her, our altogether 15 people, finally only then I also here, but now passed three hundred thousand years, they have not come out!” That white hair middle age sighed. Three hundred thousand years!” The Shen Xiang corner of the eye jumps, can that big age, the strength definitely be exactly intrepid. Senior, do you know the Punishing Demon Summit matter? Is that silver-white mountain...... Here these Night Devil, what's the matter?” Shen Xiang sees this white hair middle age to be good to speak, immediately suppressing said in very long question at heart. This is very complex, is not can talk clearly in a few words, the words that in brief you also want to maintain a livelihood, do not enter that forest, since ancient times, many expert have gone, has not come out again.” That white hair middle age serious urging Shen Xiang. But I come here goal, to go to that place, this has been I for many years goal diligently, I cannot give up halfway.” Shen Xiang said that he arrived here laboriously, to go to that point that on the map expressed.

Takes your map, who I have a look am draw, although is almost same, whose hand but can look comes out to stem from.” The white hair middle age puts out a hand to say. Shen Xiang has put out a paper system map of reprinting, because on the first edition has the mark of Dan Emperor, can look, he also wants to test this middle age. Senior, you should be very famous in the past, doesn't know the honored name?” Shen Xiang inquired low voice that perhaps Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou will have heard. The white hair middle age knits the brows to look at that map, said: I called Yue Baishan.” Has heard?” Shen Xiang asked Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao. Naturally has heard, should be he right, the moral behavior is very good, had fought with my Master several times, is righteousness Bo Yuntian, feels emotion the person of righteousness, but many years ago he has been missing, has not thought that came to here.” Bai Youyou surprisedly said. Shen Xiang told itself at this time, must hide own strength as far as possible, if this Yue Baishan discovered that he understands devil art, definitely will extinguish him, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao's Master is an old devil, was chased down by this Yue Baishan is also very normal. With heartless old demon equally matched person, the strength is very definitely strong, moreover crossed that many years! No wonder he can so be exactly long in this place, has very strong strength. Is the Dan Emperor picture, Ha Ha...... This fellow has not thought that also has left behind a map, he also went to that damned place, has not appeared then.” This Yue Baishan said while loudly laughing. Shen Xiang secret shock, this Yue Baishan, but looks at the map that reprints, can see that is map that who draws! End point that mountain Senior, the map aims, what does there have? Why will have that many expert reckless seeks?” Shen Xiang asked that he came here also goal, seeks for Beast Slaughtering Technique. Seeks for Beast Slaughtering Technique, here past years was Saint Beast Ancient Domain, reason that birth massive Saint Beast, were because Spirit Slaughtering Technique carving on a giant cliff, Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, Divine Art of Four Symbols, Tai Chi Divine Art...... wait / etc., these majority compiled according to Beast Slaughtering Technique, therefore many people not awfully ran toward there.” Yue Baishan said Shen Xiang hears, the heart is cool immediately, because he knows that must obtain that Beast Slaughtering Technique to be very difficult!