World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1377
Now Shen Xiang faced with the difficult choice, walks into that forest to turn around to leave. Enters the forest, may unable to come out, because Yue Baishan this old antique several formidable teammates went in had not come out, moreover he also painstakingly waited for several hundred thousand years here. It is not able to deal with inside that danger(ous) including Yue Baishan such expert, let alone he. But if not go, he is unable to obtain Beast Slaughtering Technique, this also came in vain, moreover he thought that not only has Beast Slaughtering Technique in, perhaps also has that Divine Cauldron cover. Goes in including Dan Emperor has not come out, but this Yue Baishan be weaker than Dan Emperor were too many, what crisis is inside hiding?” The Shen Xiang congealing eyebrow is pondering. Perhaps can you come out? Although you are weaker than these fellows, but you and they are different, moreover you grasped some Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, perhaps your thing can let going that you open access to that place.” Long Xueyi said that her not willingly Shen Xiang gives up here, very Rong Cai arrived here, this place came one time not to come the second time again. Young fellow, can you go in?” Yue Baishan sees Shen Xiang to consider that he has not thought Shen Xiang unexpectedly also has inside idea. Naturally, I come to here for this, although I know that now inside has Beast Slaughtering Technique.” Shen Xiang takes that map to say. Shen Xiang has made the decision, he must go, sometimes always needs to take certain risk to have the harvest. The distant place raids a wild air wave suddenly, Yue Baishan waves gently, opening, knit the brows will look to the upper air of distant place: Hit!” This is that Black Tortoise beast and a formidable Night Devil fight, before Shen Xiang had seen that Black Tortoise beast.

Shen Xiang discovered that front that wild qi wave has not made that piece of ancient forest encounter anything to damage, obviously that piece of ancient forest was being protected by mysterious strength. You, if must go, I did not block you, hopes that you can come out, you took care!” This Yue Baishan has been used to such matter probably, this makes Shen Xiang cannot help but think that this Yue Baishan for many years, possibly here stopped many people to enter that forest, but many person majority do not listen his. Um, in I will look for as far as possible also living person.” Shen Xiang has held holding the fist in the other hand to Yue Baishan, then turns around to rush to into that piece of ancient forest . Just entered that piece of ancient forest in Shen Xiang, the day gets dark on suddenly, airborne is flying everywhere Night Devil, but they do not dare to approach that piece of ancient forest , does not dare to approach Yue Baishan. Shen Xiang just entered ancient forest shortly, transmits yelling of Night Devil on hearing outside, these many days, he has been used to it, moreover calculates that he comes in shortly, to be able the darkness. Just heard these Night Devil cries in him shortly , the astonished matter occurred, Night Devil sound suddenly is getting more and more low, as he continued formerly, the Night Devil sound vanished gradually, this made him suspect that he misunderstood. What situation is this?” Shen Xiang uses the patrolling technique immediately, he wants to have a look airborne to have Night Devil to fly, who knows that his Divine Soul actually cannot fly. This piece of ancient forest is very strange, my Divine Power is unable to fly this forest, moreover I felt that this forest is revolving probably.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang has turned around immediately, wants to go out of this piece of ancient forest , who knows how, no matter he turns around, the direction has not changed. In order to distinguish oneself is the admitting mistakes direction, he has still put grain of Immortal Crystal on the ground, then turns around, how but regardless of he transfers, that grain of Immortal Crystal throughout in the ground before his body.

What is stranger, he is pouring, unexpectedly moves forward, making people think that the trim earth is rolling such, he does not have the escape route now, can only walk forward. I in formation? If formation, then can break!” Shen Xiang is very calm at this time, he continues to walk forward, but is vigilant, because that Yue Baishan said is not false, that safe route is here unsafe, now he started to admire that Yue Baishan, in this case, that Yue Baishan can also run, now he cannot achieve. The forest was jet black, but since he cannot hear these Night Devil cries, here gradually had luminously, he thought that this forest inside day and night time should return to normal. I in illusion? These things are very real!” Shen Xiang passed by a tree, traces with the hand, moreover pinches the nail, making the bough emit some sap. This forest inside thing real.” Long Xueyi very affirmative saying, because Shen Xiang folds some branches to put in Hidden Jade Ring, if the illusion, these branches will not exist, once enters Hidden Jade Ring, will vanish. However Hidden Jade Ring inside Long Xueyi their three females, can actually touch to very real branches and leaves, Su Meiyao also analyze the age of that big tree, unexpectedly existed for 1 million years, the strength of students because in these sap contains, precipitated was very long, was very easy to look. In this should not have any danger(ous), otherwise these big trees are impossible to have such a long time.” Su Meiyao said. If erupts a fight, this piece of ancient forest was already ruined, but now actually perfect survival 1 million years, even is remote, henceforth can look in the forest little to present the fight. However Shen Xiang still vigilantly, once because meets anything, he can only proceed.

He walked slowly, roughly passed a double-hour very much, he saw under a front ratio surroundings also big tree suddenly, white bone. The snow white skeleton in the daytime, still sends out the light white multi-colored sunlight, enters looked that only thought this white bone is similar to White Jade forms such naturally. This fellow is fleshly body is very certainly strong, has not thought that unexpectedly dies here!” Long Xueyi said: Turns into the skeleton of White Jade, this is toward Jade Dragon that shape evolution.” „Is Oh? my present skeleton is also this?” Although Shen Xiang can in regard, but actually cannot see own skeleton concrete appearance. „, Your present skeleton at most is being quite strong, but meets the words of Divine Weapon sharp weapon, can cut off, but you this jade bone, you are very at present difficult to pulverize, does not believe you to give a try.” Long Xueyi said. Dies the person here to be very strong, perhaps is the Yue Baishan friend, but Shen Xiang can determine that this is a man, because the skeleton is quite thick, can look. Although this somewhat disrespects to the dead, but Shen Xiang also plans to try the part of finger. He has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Divine Craftsman's Hammer, then places on the hammer the phalanx that falls off, slashes with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he thought that is the Sacred Level refiner material, was such chopped must be cut off. After a deafening sound spreads, in Shen Xiang heart surprised, because that tiny phalanx unexpectedly had not cut off, does not have including a trace!