World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1378
Regarding the practice person, is fleshly body destroys completely No problem generally, so long as the soul still, also has opportunity resurrect to come, the situation that but Shen Xiang encounters now, skeleton unexpectedly can Indestructible, does not know how to practice. This is I have seen the strongest human skeleton, perhaps in the past these Fifth of Nine Emperors did not have the skeleton of this fellow to be fierce, has not thought that makes his unexpectedly die here.” Long Xueyi exclaims. I now was Heavenly Saint Body, this also weak?” Shen Xiang thought that own fleshly body in humanity, is very formidable existed, but now some people are more formidable than him a lot of times. Heavenly Saint Body is very fierce, you thought that one and this jade bone does compare what kind of?” Long Xueyi asked. Compares, Divine Weapon cannot break off, this fellow cannot be a person.” Shen Xiang thought that now this piece of Saint Beast Ancient Domain is so terrifying, will have the person of this formidable body dead continually here, he? „The master of this skeleton may is Dan Emperor!” Bai Youyou suddenly said. Fifth of Nine Emperors inside, a Dan Emperor person has occupied two positions, pill Venerable with Dan Emperor is he, moreover at that time many people do not know that obviously his strength is terrorist. What has to act according to?” Shen Xiang asked. Must have this formidable fleshly body, itself also needs very formidable flame to quenching is good, you should be very clear, you frequently quenchinged your fleshly body with the flame before, in the past that time, had this type of formidable flame, only then several, Fire Emperor, Dan Emperor and Divine Craftsman were one of them, but Yue Baishan had said Dan Emperor came here not to exit.” „The strength of Yue Baishan this group of people, although is very strong, however insufficiently looks in front of Dan Emperor radically, Dan Emperor is existence of close god, only then his fleshly body close divine body Realm, he now is only the saint bone stage.” Bai Youyou said on and on. Died, without any strength, but is unable to cut off his skeleton including Divine Weapon, living time, the strength was truly strong! Shen Xiang has the skeleton of Vermilion Bird, but the skeleton of Vermilion Bird this Saint Beast is not fierce! But...... Dan Emperor he is so fierce, dead how possibly?” Shen Xiang some cannot believe that can live on last legs including Fire Emperor now, if Ice Emperor were not killed by him, now also barely alive. However this Dan Emperor only then white bone. He has not died, but he gave up fleshly body, Divine Soul has been separated from fleshly body, leaves this place with other means.” Su Meiyao said: Should be this, he is Dan Emperor, will be impossible to pass away, moreover he will have so fierce fleshly body, simply did not have anything to injure to result in him.” On that white bone truly a scar does not have.

Shen Xiang has dug a pit in the ground, buries this white bone, then continues to start off, he turns head now, cannot see the road that passed through a moment ago, can see, only then front. He thought space that one are is same as the time, cannot back up, what is better than a point the time is, he can control to walk, if just wants crab such. Is he can speed up running forward, or same place stay. If that is really Dan Emperor, does not know that what he obtained here, after he leaves here, where went?” Shen Xiang said. Does not know that possibly went to the more higher world, or continues to mix in Nine Heavens, if he cultivates formidable fleshly body to come again, he can dominate Heaven World. Dragon Emperor these fellows before him can only be small, others that is one generation of Great Emperor of genuine goods at reasonable prices.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang has put out the map, carefully looked, this forest is very big, moreover is surrounding a big piece of great mountain, walks in the forest, can bypass that piece of great mountain. Goes out of the forest words, can arrive at a desert, but has a very big river on the desert, Jiang Di of that great river has passage, that is the 5th Stage safe route. Shen Xiang does not know that can go out of this forest, because beforehand that Yue Baishan has said that penetrates this inside person, cannot be able to come out, Yue Baishan has also discovered danger(ous), immediately goes all out to run away, he had not penetrated this forest at that time. Now is at least safe, according to clue that currently obtains, I biggest crisis should be stranded in this!” Shen Xiang receives the map, dashing about wildly that forward feels relieved. If that white bone is really Dan Emperor, this fellow was also too fierce, he should arrive at that final end point, according to the special space of this place, he walks very much difficultly backward, but he appears there, does not know how he achieves, if he continues to try hard again, can perhaps walk.” Discovered that white bone place, outside the distance was very near. Was difficult saying that perhaps he every time walked one step, took one year or ten years, strength that needed also was very possibly formidable, he possibly could not insist, so long as sometimes persisted in being able to succeed again all of a sudden, but he should for instance desperate many times, therefore was mentally and physically exhausted.” Shen Xiang thought that the later opportunity meets Dan Emperor, must ask that what feeling he at that time was. Two days pass by, Shen Xiang still in the forest, he comes not to meet any danger(ous), when his some treating it lightly, his suddenly felt that does not suit. Woods that before he passed through, these old trees were full of vitality, but front the leaf of that big piece of old tree fell out or off entirely completely, these old trees were completely bare, has lost plant, the burning sunlight did not have the branches and leaves mask of cover, can the direct radiation the ground.

Has the strangeness, the front trees almost lose plant completely, moreover recently occurred.” Long Xueyi said. If before is very long, matter that has, these old trees were already decayed in the long moon reflection in the water. Shen Xiang has stepped into the dry woods, immediately complexion big change. How?” Long Xueyi hastily asked. Eats to me with Longevity Fruit quickly, drains life essence to be quick in this inside!” Shen Xiang said. The Shen Xiang preparation has some Longevity Fruit luckily in Hidden Jade Ring, moreover to his present cultivation base, Longevity Fruit can help him prolong life very long time. After he eats up that Longevity Fruit, complexion was more moderate: Here stays for day, at least will go to one year of life essence, if no Longevity Fruit, but I was stranded here for a long time, I will pass not long away.” Is the time passes quickly? Other what reasons?” Long Xueyi asked. strength in devour my life essence, is not the time passes, in brief this place cannot stay is too long, does not know that the front road can be this.” The Shen Xiang complexion is dignified, because this safe route became is unsafe, although did not have the road back to walk before, but also is at least safe, has not come across matter awfully, but actually had in the strange matter now. It seems like builds the person of this safe route to have very formidable strength, perhaps is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens!” Long Xueyi said: Beast Slaughtering Technique regarding the entire beast clan important, in the past beast clan because of Beast Slaughtering Technique, therefore Saint Beast are many.” „But why can Great Emperor of Ten Heavens such protect that Beast Slaughtering Technique? Ruined that to carve Beast Slaughtering Technique cliff not that's alright directly?” Long Xueyi felt that very has doubts. This must wait for Old Duan to find more materials to know, in the past definitely what happened, therefore this Saint Beast Ancient Domain will turn into Night Demon Underworld.” Shen Xiang sighed, this was also the matter that he has wanted to know very much. Shen Xiang hurries along at the same night, altogether has used 20 days of time, finally left this forest, stepped into the map above desert, the preparation entered the 5th Stage safe route. Arrives at the desert, he is still not able to walk backward. The 5th Stage safe route under a river bottom of great river, he had found that great river according to the map in the desert, but that great river has actually been dried up! Before had a great river outside that forest, that great river be much smaller than this, but actually not withered, moreover there are two huge Black Tortoise beasts.

This makes Shen Xiang unreadable, this desert is very burning hot, without any Immortal Qi, he thought that has any thing in the energy of devour this big region. Although has been dried up, but walks according to that safe route, in order to avoid has the accident!” Shen Xiang arrives at that very deep Jiang Di, if overlook in the upper air, this great river certainly likely is giant earth crack such. Under withered river bottom, can see a trench clearly, this trench is that safe route, three people are so deep, now Shen Xiang is running in inside, if there is a water, this trench also will possibly compare the security, was the same with former that creek. This was the 5th Stage safe route, after this desert, will go to piece of rocky mountain, had long tunnel under rocky mountain, can lead to a giant mountain valley. Since entering that does not have the region of road back, he has not seen these Tiny Night Demon, the sound has not heard, but he feels same agitated, because this inside looks like a stretch of deathtrap, moreover does not have the road back to walk. Anything does not have, this river should be here biggest, some marine animals skeletons are also good.” Shen Xiang is dashing about wildly under that trench, this withered great river air-to-air, he has not discovered and that Black Tortoise beast equally giant marine animals. You think that all beasts practice jade bone, skeleton corpse anything already unravelled in several thousand years.” Long Xueyi said. In the Shen Xiang heart sighed, hope that now he can exit only, was arrives at the end point, found Beast Slaughtering Technique to say again. „The Yue Baishan friend and his wife, do not know that can also live, can perhaps run into them!” Shen Xiang said. Was very difficult saying that even if were living the estimate also in finally there, not having the road back to walk, you were very here difficult to run into them.” Long Xueyi asked. In this desert, your life essence also by devour?” Bai Youyou asked. devour fiercer, perhaps day of time can devour my two years, I have Longevity Fruit luckily!” Shen Xiang said.