World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1379

Night time, Shen Xiang dashes about wildly in that ditch, while looks up the stars in nighttime sky, here has normal Sun, Moon and Stars, but the space so is strange. Doesn't have Night Devil to come here? These Night Devil are the pig brains, here should be Night Devil is everywhere right.” Shen Xiang suddenly has doubts, he walks not to see the Night Devil corpse. Very is truly strange, these Night Devil should also hide to be right, because Yue Baishan for many years did defend there reason?” Su Meiyao also thinks strange. The present is night, is Night Devil presents the time, but here is also in Night Demon Underworld, moreover compared with approaching the middle, but these noisy Night Devil cries are actually not able to pass to here, if the normal place, definitely will be quarrelled very bothersomely. However that peace here, makes people feel that somewhat fears at heart, and does not have the life Qi/angry place in this deathly stillness, always thought one are in one to be full of the ghost the place. „Does here have what thing is I cannot see?” Shen Xiang thinks of this, immediately thinks at heart the infant. Is impossible, my Divine Soul is so formidable, even if there is a thing of not being able to see in all around, I can induce obtain.” Although Long Xueyi said that but Shen Xiang opened on the forehead eye of Primal Chaos. He just opened the eye of Primal Chaos, has inhaled cold air on the depth, this makes Long Xueyi accidental, hastily inquired: What saw? Does here have many things of not being able to see really?” Some...... I do not know how should say, is some fuzzy people, is floating in all around . Moreover the whole body is bloody, Immortal Qi that the trim earth braves, by this thing absorption, does not know that these are any things!” Shen Xiang said.

Some how many?” The Bai Youyou sound asked low and deep, she knew anything probably. Are more, dense and numerous, completely is, these things can penetrate my body with ease, I thought that my life essence should be absorbed by these person of human not human and ghost not ghost things, Sister Youyou, you know that what these are?” Shen Xiang receives the eye of Primal Chaos, because these things really make people feel panic-stricken. Should complains about the soul, these fellows who you see, majority are the appearance fierce, before is at the point of death, finally that instantaneous appearance!” Bai Youyou said. Um, truly very likely is the fellow who must die immediately, but on them does not have the resentment, moreover Xueyi cannot induce them.” Shen Xiang feels has doubts very much, after person died , the surplus remnant souls he can induce obtains, if with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, he cannot see these things. This resentful soul soul is also different, the soul strength of these resentment souls screened out, only the remaining skulls, some weak resentment constitutes one, only then these have the resentful looks like that the person of special capability can see.” This type of thing can exist for a long time is very very long, is the dependence absorbs between Heaven and Earth strength to carry on the long-time preservation, why will have this unusual phenomenon, I am not clear, in brief probably is this, here strength by crazy devour, is these resentful souls creates, were too many because of here resentful soul.” Sister Youyou, are these resentful souls useful? I think here massive resentful soul by the seal here.” Shen Xiang asked: „When perhaps was past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens die made, heard that at that time died many people.” Is useful I unclear, but this truly people intentionally massive resentful soul seals here, otherwise so will not be crowded.” Bai Youyou said. Why now Shen Xiang clarifies own life essence finally by devour , because own side has too the resentful soul of this not being able to see.

Can have relationship with these Night Devil? Perhaps these things are used to make these Night Devil, if must make a life, must first have the massive souls! herbs anything's having mystical powers, but is weak, if the spirit of flowers and plants trees is formidable, can make them melt the turn into a human shape.” Long Xueyi said. May some people very much the spirit extraction, keeps in these useless and hardata-titleo-control resentful souls this. Now these do Night Devil still in the continuous appearance, where the so massive souls from make? Here very fierce does large formation, gather the soul that these flutter?” Bai Youyou knits the brows saying that she also thought this affirmations and these Night Devil have the relation. Shen Xiang does not want to open the eye of Primal Chaos to look again, looked that type of thing will only make his mood not better. Dawn, Shen Xiang urged by Long Xueyi's, has opened the eye of Primal Chaos once more, this time he has not seen these resentful souls! Disappears!” Shen Xiang surprisedly said. Really, the resentful soul is the negative thing, fears the hot sun, although these resentment soul not self-awareness, but they can the instinct avoidance hot sun.” Bai Youyou said. Words that spoke, was different from these Night Devil?” In the Shen Xiang mind dodges: These Night Devil call out to the night, perhaps divulges the anger in heart, after as well as that type dies the unwillingness!” Bai Youyou dignified tunnel: Obviously some people make massive Night Devil intentionally, does not know how to make, in brief this is not a good matter, that makes the massive Night Devil fellows also to harbor evil intentions, because of many years, in this large quantities of Night Devil, has evolved very formidable Night Devil.” Very formidable Night Devil, does not fear the sunlight, but can also with Black Tortoise ** the war, Shen Xiang knows that this type of thing exists, but has not seen, he thought that type does not fear the sunlight Night Devil, definitely more than one.

It seems like this batch of Night Devil are also in this Heaven World very formidable existence, if some day were controlled, that did want the day to change?” Shen Xiang cannot help but associates, the dark night arrives, tens of thousands of Night Devil suddenly cover the horizon, is similar to the sudden downpour dives generally from the sky, is attacking nine pieces of day above life. Under great river ditch suddenly did not have the road of advance, Shen Xiang at this time also float, arrives at the ground, here is a desert, but he can see the direction of sunrise to have big piece of rocky mountain, so long as across that piece of rocky mountain, can reach the destination, that possibly is Saint Beast Ancient Domain Sacred Land. Has wanted this piece of rocky mountain, almost arrived!” Shen Xiang rushes to that piece of rocky mountain, what now makes him compare the worry is, how he must leave this place, because he does not have the retreat road now, is unable to turn head. Just stepped into the rocky mountain group, he felt that the earth trembled suddenly, probably was he enters here, alarmed any thing to be the same. What has to discover?” Shen Xiang stands in same place has not moved, because he felt that shivers is because his appearance occurred.