World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1380
Shen Xiang stands there motionless is right, because his suddenly induces to front presents barrier, is hard to see with the naked eye, but can actually induce obtains, he does not know one will step into that barrier to have any consequence. He can do now, goes round this barrier , to continue to go to the destination. Although cannot proceed, but can actually control to move, this can make him go round that barrier, but just trod to appear and disappear several steps in him, the ground suddenly, afterward he sees the distant place to have person's shadow together to graze to come, finally stays on small rocky mountain. This inside unexpectedly has the person, this makes Shen Xiang very accidental, if that person is quite formidable, he so will not be actually accidental, because that may is the Yue Baishan friend, but now stands in that small rocky mountain above person, is a pretty white clothing youth, the strength probably in Human Immortal late stage this, he did not understand that restrains itself. „After enters that barrier inside, can retreat?” In the Shen Xiang heart is thinking, because that man can fly toward him, obviously has not come under the influence of that unusual Law of Space. That youth stands on that small rocky mountain, the opening eye looks at Shen Xiang, did not speak. Since some people in this barrier, think that is safe, moreover can retreat, the plan detour to avoid barrier Shen Xiang, immediately changed the idea, but when he wants to enter that barrier, stands drinks one in the white clothing youth who small rocky mountain top suddenly lightly, waves to make arrives at the ray, carefully looks, that is quality good Immortal Sword, should be middle-grade Immortal Sword This poured into very strong strength Immortal Sword, bringing swift and fierce murderous aura, flying to shoot at Shen Xiang In Shen Xiang heart angry, because his anything has not done, that person under the killer to his pain, he immediately coldly drinks one, does not move aside, puts out a hand to grasp, holds the part of sword tip, making that stop Immortal Sword „Do you do? I have not provoked you!” Shen Xiang angrily said, his both hands above White Tiger glove killing intent wells up, making his both arms fill strength, in addition is careful the anger, making him put forth enormous strength, broke off middle-grade Immortal Sword that stiffly. The White Tiger glove was also Divine Weapon, middle-grade Immortal Sword in his hands and ordinary weapon anything has not distinguished, casual several, were broken up by rubbing by him. That white clothing youth sees own beloved Immortal Sword to be ruined, is the similar anger, he has not thought that this person so will be fierce. Because you must step into this barrier, therefore I must kill you, here is Sacred Land, we stayed here many years, to protect here, does not allow the bystander to enter, if who dares to step into one step, must die.” That white clothing youth knows one are not the Shen Xiang's match, does not dare to forward rashly, because Shen Xiang has not entered that barrier „Are you beast clans?” Shen Xiang asked that if this were really others' domain, he truly cannot go.

„It is not, we are humanity! Before here, is Sacred Land of beast clan, but they walked, belongs to our domains, the bystander cannot step into!” That white clothing youth loudly said, although looks at his face calm appearance, but Shen Xiang saw panic-stricken from his look, this white clothing youth of dew was frightened obviously a moment ago by him. Shen Xiang looked at a that white clothing youth, then walks around barrier, so long as does not step into, will not have the conflict, now that Sacred Land had been wrested away, had many years, inside that group of people are very definitely strong, he cannot touch hardly. Shen Xiang uses Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, wants to enter in that barrier to have a look, in nosing the strength of that group of people, but was stopped by that barrier, he also knows, if steps into, could not come out, because does not have the road back to walk outside barrier. Han Chen, what happened?” Transmits from the distant place one to the tender shout, afterward floats one to wear the simple blue skirt female, on her face is having the gentle faint smile, floating falls on that youth, graces, seductive appearance comes up in great numbers and from all sides. That Han Chen sees this female, a serious face, had shown a smiling face immediately, but the sound still is very serious: Qianxiang, there has an external fellow, had ruined a moment ago my Immortal Sword, he is very fierce, you go back in Bing Baozu the elder, makes them send Immortal Monarch to come quickly.” Mu Qianxiang looks at Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang also visits her at this time, on the face is having a smile, now Shen Xiang with own appearance , he although is not that very handsome man, but will at least make the female look will not be repugnant. Although they are separated by very far, but can see clearly the opposite party, Mu Qianxiang can see Shen Xiang in the distant place is only about Human Immortal middle stage True Qi, but when she sees Shen Xiang that pair profoundly such as the eye of sea, unexpectedly almost loses the mind. Mu Qianxiang wrinkles the delicate eyebrows immediately, closes one's eyes. This woman unexpectedly understood read plan and so on Divine Ability, she wants to see through your innermost feelings the idea, has not thought that will make a false counter-accusation by you.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: You almost make her lose the mind, if serious, she will turn into a fool.” I have practiced Grasping Soul Devil Curse luckily, this woman copes with this move, courts death radically.” Shen Xiang he he smiles. „Should this person be well-meant, cannot make him come in? To night, outside very danger(ous), does not know how he goes to this place.” Mu Qianxiang whispered, then glanced Shen Xiang one, now she does not dare to look at Shen Xiang. Cannot make him come, this is the custom!” Han Chen is serious, his angry tunnel: I hope actually this fellow comes, quite makes me massacre him, unexpectedly ruins my Immortal Sword.” After Shen Xiang of barrier advance hears, shouted: Is you attacks with Immortal Sword first my, I also hoped you to come at that time, such I can butcher you!”

Who makes you probably step into barrier!” The Han Chen anger exclaimed. „Can't you warn my one in the distant place? Can be good with that barbaric way? I have not entered barrier now, depends on my strength, once now goes, can two butcher immediately completely you, but I so am not persistently unreasonable like you.” Shen Xiang responded lightly. In the Shen Xiang eye, Han Chen is smell of mother's milk not yet dried brat, moreover is easy to get angry, he disagrees such person to lower oneself to the same level. Shen Xiang this good self-control, to let that Mu Qianxiang secret appreciation, Han Chen and he contrasts, was truly worse. „Do you want to walk around barrier? Is impossible to pass through, the place that barrier covers is very big, almost stretches across the trim region.” Mu Qianxiang shouted. Qianxiang...... you go they to call quickly the elder, this person ruins my Immortal Sword, cannot so be bountiful he!” Han Chen somewhat angry, was also bigger to the sound that Mu Qianxiang spoke. „Did elder come to be also useful? Who dares to go out of barrier? He does not come, you want to cope with him, at least allows him to enter in barrier!” Mu Qianxiang lightly snorted, somewhat discontented this Han Chen bellows to yell to him. Shen Xiang has not walked forward, but sits same place, he said with a smile: It seems like you make me go, I do not go, so as to avoid being massacred, I wait for your elders to come actually here, looked how they cope my.” Shen Xiang thought that at present these two young men and women, definitely is in this Sacred Land grows up, moreover above the person to outside cognition affirmation and Heaven World is different, perhaps they have not known one in what place, even does not know existence of Nine Heavens. However they definitely know the own manager big place is very small is very small, therefore that Mu Qianxiang arrived a moment ago, that pair of beautiful pupil reveals one type to be excited and curious, at this time her glances the pupil that flashes, is full of the endless intellectual curiosity, could see that she yearns for outside world, therefore she will use to read the plan, even is searches others soul memory Divine Ability to cope with Shen Xiang, but was seen through. Goes quickly!” Han Chen drinks: I cannot leave here, so as to avoid ran quietly by him.” Some Shen Xiang truly this plans, he plans to wait till the evening, sneaks again quietly. „Don't you go? I look at his that's alright here, my strength may compared with you, moreover my Immortal Sword had not been ruined.” Mu Qianxiang somewhat angry said that before that pretty sweet and pretty face did not have, that gentle smiling face.

Qianxiang, you are not young, moreover quick must hold the turn into a human ritual, when the time comes must get married, bears children, how also all day to keep fighting?” A old man void ta step, quick arrives at Mu Qianxiang and Han Chen behind. Do not marry him, is he first enrages each time my, moreover he does not respect me!” Mu Qianxiang lightly snorted and said. Snort, wants to marry my woman to be many are, you do not marry are better, so as to avoid you are rivals for sexual favor with my other women all day, your woman, knows the practice all day, this matter does not need you to worry, you must do at home takes care of the children, serves the husband, does the housework.” Han Chen said with a sneer. Shen Xiang sees that old man, immediately stands up, your old man has given him very tremendous pressure. This old man looks like very energetic, white-haired, but obviously is not old, his skin is equally delicate on and Mu Qianxiang, understood at a glance that is old antique. Han Chen, your more than ten women, but they gather not to hit me, is useful? Even if your family on, I did not fear together!” Mu Qianxiang was enraged by the Han Chen words, did not have the virtuous appearance, face murderous aura. Shut up!” That old man drinks one lightly, is actually similar to the startling thunderclap in the ear bank crack, Han Chen and Mu Qianxiang do not dare to speak again. That old man arrived here, is staring at Shen Xiang, he knows that can come here person, is not a very simple roles, True Qi aura that but this man, the body lends at present actually so weak, although looks like shrewd is very deep, a face experienced hardship to the full, maturity steady appearance. „Do you come to here to do?” That old man asked that although he has guessed correctly the answer, but he must confirm. I come here according to a map, I did not have the escape route now, you should know.” Shen Xiang sighed.