World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1381

Shen Xiang suspected that wrests away here that group of people, should be many years ago these enter here descendant who expert that but is unable to exit leaves behind, for example Yue Baishan that group of people.

If so, then here does not belong their, therefore Shen Xiang can also have a look at that to record the Beast Slaughtering Technique cliff. Elder, he ruined my middle-grade Immortal Sword......” Han Chen also to continue, but that old man looked at his one eyes, making him not dare to speak again. If can come here according to the map, the strength is worse does not have anything not to be impossible, for many years, they had run into many such people. Our since ancient times guards here, does not allow the outsider to enter here to destroy Sacred Land, your this time Ali arrived here, truly did not have the escape route , can only continue to proceed, we can through letting you actually across this piece of Sacred Land.” That old man said. Elder, do you want him to go from the Reincarnation Canyon valley to exit? Isn't that brings death?” The Mu Qianxiang complexion changes, the running together of two syllables in rapid speech said. In the Shen Xiang mind reappears immediately that map, truly canyon, but this canyon will pass through the place that he wants, is hiding the Beast Slaughtering Technique mountain valley cliff. Reincarnation Canyon will pass through the place that he wants to go, according to that map, he comes to here to go to that canyon.” Elder said with a sneer, in his eyes looks like, goes to that canyon is brings death. That place very danger(ous), Shen Xiang can look from that old man and Mu Qianxiang spoken language that he guessed these people for many years, died there. This group of people survived here were so long, definitely knew about that Reincarnation Canyon valley!

That Reincarnation Canyon valley leaves here only method, naturally, for many years, many people are unable to achieve.” The elder sees Shen Xiang to ponder, then said. Then I now also only then can that road walk?” Shen Xiang whispered, since also has group to exit, but outside that forest jade bone what's the matter? That person so fierce, does not choose the Reincarnation Canyon valley, obviously that Reincarnation Canyon valley is terrorist. „Can't elder, keep him? Also has such precedent.” Mu Qianxiang whispered, sympathizes very looks at Shen Xiang. Cannot, the resources in our clan be limited, was impossible to accept the bystander again, otherwise, our descendants what to do?” That Han Chen loud voice said immediately. Shen Xiang at present one bright, this group of people stay are stranded so are here long, will face the resources issue is very normal, but he suddenly definitely cannot go to that Samsara valley to bring death, does not dare to take that road Dan Emperor, if he attempts rashly, possibly did not have other opportunities. Shen Xiang stands, looks that old man said with a smile: Resources...... If makes me temporarily reside a period of time in your clan, I can provide resources actually, the resources in which aspect do you need? Immortal Crystal or pills?” The Shen Xiang's words made that old man excited, although this old man has been stranded here, but the plans had, if this person has the large amounts of resources at present, that had the leeway that discussed actually, with its brought these resources to bring death, might as well gave them. Ten thousand Immortal Crystal days, we will arrange the board and lodging to give you, if you to know that Samsara valley matter, we can also provide the details,...... This also needs some Immortal Crystal.” That old man said. Shen Xiang nodded with a smile, issue that Immortal Crystal can solve, is not the issue, luckily before him, gives him that Immortal Crystal jade token to go on that Long Huishan Immortal Crystal to exchange surely completely.

Sees Shen Xiang to comply with straightforward, that old man some regrets have not opened high price some. This is ten days of house rent.” Shen Xiang throws to that old man storage pouch, inside has hundred thousand Immortal Crystal, if in these Immortal Palace, ten thousand Immortal Crystal days, can live in very luxurious hotel, moreover there is a specialist to take care. Good, you can come in!” That old man nodded, one side this makes Han Chen look at the tooth to be itchy, he hates Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang has ruined his Immortal Sword, moreover that Mu Qianxiang very cares about Shen Xiang, making in his heart not be feeling well very much. Although Han Chen had many women, but Mu Qianxiang and his these women were different, Mu Qianxiang had the talent, therefore the strength was very strong, has not gotten married, has fearful strength, be fiercer than him, moreover had the individuality, likely was not other women, gave instead of taking must marry him, a conquering feeling did not have, delivered. Shen Xiang walks into that barrier with a laugh: Does not know that Senior did call? I will occupy a period of time here, moreover I will not consume your resources, I stay here, mainly must investigate that Reincarnation Canyon valley once for a while.” I called Chu Jiang, was the Chu Family elder, this year is one's turn me is responsible for doing an inspection barrier peripheral, in order to avoid some people mixed, so long as some people approached our barrier, will produce the repercussion, before you should have to induce.” Chu Jiang said. Shen Xiang nodded the nod, before he truly induced to one shivers. Chu elder, some of your here altogether how many people?” Shen Xiang asked curiously. Altogether 30 million, are governed by nine families governs each region separately, my Chu Family, Han Family and Mu Family are responsible for this region, every day will send out some juniors to guard.” Chu Jiang said.

Here the unexpectedly 30 million people, Shen Xiang cannot help but was frightened by this quantity, he thinks, only then tens of thousands people, he understands that now why can not allow the outsider to enter, if some coming of harboring evil intentions, goes in does the destruction carelessly, definitely will have very tremendous influence. The population are many, the resources lack are also very normal, but Shen Xiang ten thousand Immortal Crystal can buy over this elder, obviously these Immortal Crystal will certainly have sole possession of by these respected families. Elder, can you make him come our Mu Family, I am responsible for arranging him.” Mu Qianxiang looks at Shen Xiang that enters, smiled to Shen Xiang. Although can however Shen Xiang temporarily reside in this, but did not mean that he can a person wander about aimlessly in this inside, must therefore send a strength strong person to visit him, lets some elder levels comes to see Shen Xiang that compares the security, but the elders are very busy, does not have that time. But young people, strength strong and Shen Xiang together will definitely have the contradiction, for example that Han Chen. But Mu Qianxiang in the young people, strength is the quite strong that batch, moreover is a female, can definitely be together very harmoniously with Shen Xiang. Now Chu Jiang does not think that Shen Xiang already left, because he wants many Immortal Crystal, if lets Mu Qianxiang with Shen Xiang, can perhaps make Shen Xiang stop over a longer time, after all the beautiful woman where is very likable. Mu Qianxiang looks at Chu Jiang with a juicy eye, she hopes that Chu Jiang can comply, such one, she all day can contact Shen Xiang that came from outside, can know that outside many matters, she yearned to outside world.