World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1382
Good, does not have the issue, the Immortal Crystal aspect, I can divide 20% to give you Mu Family!” The Chu Jiang nod said. This year is one's turn Chu Jiang is responsible for the barrier edge in this region, benefit that he strives, naturally is his Chu Family, but Mu Qianxiang can strive to 20%, is good. In the Shen Xiang heart laughs in one's heart, he saw here expert, very deficient Immortal Crystal, is not difficult to understand that they can only stay in such region, is smaller than continent, moreover stayed such a long time, already dig out that can dig. Shen Xiang thought that so long as he bids high, can perhaps buy including Mu Qianxiang. Thanks the elder, I can certainly hold this matter.” On the Mu Qianxiang face shows happy smiling face. Snort!” That Han Chen a lot of fires, coldly said: You have ruined my Immortal Sword, you must compensate to me!” Shen Xiang can certainly repay, in his hand has many middle-grade Immortal Sword, High-Grade Immortal Sword immortal soldier also several, moreover is very good that He Feng has two on numbers top grade Immortal Sword to fall into his hand. But Shen Xiang will not compensate to him, because initially was that Han Chen first fight, he has not called to account this Han Chen now is polite. Why to make me compensate to you? Is you first under killer to me, at that time I had not stepped into barrier, my just self- defense.” Shen Xiang said. Qianxiang, here is two ten thousand Immortal Crystal, with gives your Patriarch, entertains others well.” Chu Jiang has given Mu Qianxiang two ten thousand Immortal Crystal. After Mu Qianxiang receives, asked grinningly: „Do you name? I am Mu Family Mu Qianxiang.” Shen Xiang!” In this place, Shen Xiang did not fear that exposed own name, he smiles replies. Han Chen sees Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang flirts with the eyes, almost a fire spurts, he gets angry snort|hum one, turned head to fly away.

Mu Qianxiang looks at the Han Chen back, tenderly snorted: Do not manage him, he must die to dare to you to get rid, I will help you cope his.” This is not good...... You later must marry his.” Mu Qianxiang is very straightforward, not having female some to be shy, a pulling Shen Xiang, was saying: I will not marry that fellow, now you must turn back Mu Family with me, the elder he have other matters!” Miss Mu, you this year how many years? You are why young, so is fierce, some do not conform to the common sense.” Shen Xiang has broken free from the hand of Mu Qianxiang, his grown man, by female carrying off, looks like does not make sense very much. Before that Chu Jiang elder had said Mu Qianxiang must carry on the end of the year gift quickly, when the time comes must get married, but this age, had very strong strength, was fiercer than that Han Chen, is Immortal Monarch, Shen Xiang thought that she had certainly any fortuitous encounter. That is I am inborn, how do I know?” Mu Qianxiang has turned head, spits the tongue to Shen Xiang, happily said with a smile: In brief I am fiercer than you, do not despise me, although your age is older than me.” How many years are your grown standards?” Shen Xiang also asked that this Mu Qianxiang looks like is also ten ** year this. 20, I this year already 20, but must wait for a period of time, nine families jointly sponsor become the ends of the year gift.” Mu Qianxiang said. Said that you are little girl!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. That is also what kind, some aren't old fellow my match, if wanted has a look at my fierce?” Mu Qianxiang lu has the sleeve, reveals that such as the jade lotus root arm, face happily said with a smile, understood at a glance that she is a very mischievous female. Has exempted, if you injure my this person of great wealth, the Chu elders definitely will blame your.” Shen Xiang reveals the appearance that is afraid very much immediately. Do not install, can rub the scrap Han Chen Immortal Sword, you are very definitely fierce!” Mu Qianxiang pursed the lips, tenderly snorted and said.

Here is piece of rocky mountain, but after was transformed, this inside plants many trees, many rocky mountain were shovelled evenly, the construction cities, in this barrier, Immortal Qi are also very rich, words that cultivates diligently, can be very exactly long. Xiao Xiang, for these years, have some people entered that Reincarnation Canyon valley?” Shen Xiang asked: You should know that inside has any thing!” Naturally knows that inside has divine art that the beast god leaves behind, humanity can also study, moreover can comprehend, founds some fierce divine art again, but that place danger(ous), for many years our Nine Clans expert died much.” Mu Qianxiang replied immediately. Or I give you in secret some Immortal Crystal, you replied again I some issues, this can also make you gain.” Shen Xiang said: You open a price!” Mu Qianxiang coldly snorted: I not rare these thing, but I replied that you an issue, you must answer me an issue.” Does not have the issue!” Shen Xiang complies immediately, in this place, can save some Immortal Crystal to be also good, perhaps that Chu Jiang has not thought that to Mu Qianxiang of outside expectation, does not care about Immortal Crystal, what she needs is outside these novel stories, she knows outside that splendid riotous world urgently. „The present arrived at me to ask you!” Mu Qianxiang said: „Did you have the wife?” How did Oh? ask this?” Shen Xiang is somewhat accidental. Your this is also an issue, I replied you first, then you owed me a reply.” Mu Qianxiang smiles mischievously: I am curious, having a look at you in this aspect to be able compared with resulting in that Han Chen.” So far, I have a wife.” Shen Xiang replied very much honestly. „......” Mu Qianxiang has shown a facial expression of taunt.

Wants many?” Shen Xiang just said that regretted, because this is also an issue. You owe me an issue!” Mu Qianxiang giggle smiles tenderly: You are really stupid!” Here the woman of man are more, represents his skill to be bigger, the status is higher, for example that Han Chen, the daughter young ladies of many small families, must give instead of taking some herbs anything, can join Han Family.” Shen Xiang smiled: But he cannot marry you, can that be what kind of? If must marry does not have any strength is the vase female, I want many to have many. Even if strength very good younger sister, is not the difficult matter!” „, Boasted, although you were much longer, but your strength not Taihang.” A Mu Qianxiang face despises said: Fierce female are not definitely many, how to depend toward your arms completely?” You have made a mistake, outside world, female expert, but are many!” Shen Xiang said. Now this you replied that my issue, told me outside present is quite famous, moreover who strong is very woman?” Mu Qianxiang two shine immediately, hastily asked. Shen Xiang suddenly really could not have answered, he has contacted feminine expert has several, for example Long Peirong and Bixia Dan Immortal, Long Huishan, as well as Liu Meng'er's mother Song Ying......