World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1383
But in Heaven World, the quantity of Immortal King rank, although is least, but this quantity also contrasts Nine Heavens all lives to calculate that but Immortal King is not considered as that Heaven World strongest existence. „The Hundred Flowers Immortal Country female king, initially some people said after her, possibly becomes Flower Empress, in the female, she is strength top existence.” Su Meiyao said. Hundred Flowers Immortal Country should be smallest Immortal Country, only then five very slightly very small Immortal Palace, moreover Palace Master is a female, governs entire Immortal Country is also the female, moreover this Immortal Country is also most peaceful Immortal Country, so long as you have not handled any heartless matter, goes to there to seek asylum, is the best choice.” Bai Youyou said: In the past we went to there to seek asylum.” This Hundred Flowers Immortal Country, Shen Xiang early has hearing, initially he had the idea to go to there to hide the period of time, but he worried that Suppressing Devil Temple, Imperial Dragon Clan and Fire God Palace these influences are too strong, could not guarantee him Hundred Flowers Immortal Country. Shen Xiang according to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou said that answered the Mu Qianxiang issue. That Hundred Flowers Immortal Country big? Her female, unexpectedly is called future Flower Empress, is really fierce!” Mu Qianxiang incomparably yearned that she also wants to become a very strong female. I replied again you this issue, we averaged!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he saw that this Mu Qianxiang yearned for outside world. Hundred Flowers Immortal Country has five Immortal Palace to compose, main palace at least 300 million, moreover each main palace at least Immortal King and ten Immortal Monarch govern, but these Immortal King Immortal Monarch will take orders in that future Flower Empress, naturally, this will be least quantities!” Shen Xiang said. Good fierce female, wants to go to that Hundred Flowers Immortal Country to have a look, does not know that she can accept me!” Mu Qianxiang looks at the distant place, as if looks remotely is very very remote. Naturally can, depending on your talent, so long as you are willing to try hard, later becomes Flower Empress such female is not impossible.” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

Goes to ask to Mu Family again, when one must enter a city, was not heard by others well!” Mu Qianxiang said vigilantly, the matter that obviously she must ask about needs to keep secret. Front has been able to see the cities, can see some quite simple stone building log cabin, although the construction is very succinct that but actually arranges very neatly, avenue above is spreading smooth stone brick, the two sides are planting the tree, moreover in the city also the limpid rivers, once for a while some ships roll by. In this, ordinary person is most, although this world isolates with outside, but very orderly operation, regarding the mortal, the resources is not deficient, because they can through planting to rear in a pen the poultry to maintain the livelihood. Although this is Heaven World, but this ordinary picture in these Immortal Palace is also very common. Has a carriage outside the cities, Mu Qianxiang brings Shen Xiang to enter the compartment, then that two spirit horse on own initiative is dragging the compartment, walks toward the cities. Big Brother Shen, your here dull a period of time, when I walk grown again, Ok?” Mu Qianxiang sits in the Shen Xiang opposite, looks at Shen Xiang with the look piteous, before was a very powerful appearance, but actually turns into acting like a spoiled brat little girl now. „Do I keep one day on ten thousand Immortal Crystal, how long present range that tenth end of the year gift also?” Shen Xiang said. 40 days!” Mu Qianxiang lowers the head, sighed gently, this was four hundred thousand Immortal Crystal, although she did not care about Immortal Crystal, but she also knows that this was a very big number, especially regarding this Immortal Crystal deficient place. Four hundred thousand Immortal Crystal regarding Shen Xiang are not anything, he just wants to comply, but Mu Qianxiang actually suddenly gains ground, said low and deep: Big Brother Shen, I can your some good things, you be able to give the elder these things them, then you can definitely stay here for a long time, you definitely sharply are not going to that Reincarnation Canyon valley now!”

In the Shen Xiang heart jumps, asks: What thing is that?” Mu Qianxiang had not replied, but gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Immortal Fruit!” Before Shen Xiang knows that this Mu Qianxiang definitely had any fortuitous encounter, otherwise she cannot become Immortal Monarch young, always her aptitude is very good, but if did not have rich background to support, is unable to display her talent. Do not tell other people...... In this place, does not attach great importance to woman, our females practice resources very little and very few, I show the astonishing talent, I later am also same as other female, serves one together likely is the Han Chen such repugnant fellow.” Mu Qianxiang gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Xiao Xiang, if I found means to exit, you are willing to go out with me?” Shen Xiang sound transmission asked. Naturally wants, so long as you can lead me to exit, my anything can promise you.” Mu Qianxiang said that face one red, adds: That matter is not good.” What matter isn't good?” Shen Xiang disguises not to know that teased to ask. Snort, do not install with me, you definitely know.” Mu Qianxiang was charmingly angry stamping the feet , the face is being redder. Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle, then sound transmission asks: What Immortal Fruit is that? It can be said that is much longer?”

fiery red, moreover looks like a bird.” Mu Qianxiang thinks that replied. Shen Xiang told Su Meiyao this immediately, Su Meiyao surprisedly said: That is Phoenix Fruit, that is not Immortal Level, but is Sacred Level! With Sacred Level dragon medicine same rank, my goodness, worthily is Saint Beast Ancient Domain Sacred Land, will otherwise not have this type of thing!” Even if makes Shen Xiang a bit faster walk him not to walk now, here unexpectedly has Phoenix Fruit, perhaps then also has other Sacred Fruit, not only and these, because he discovered that on Mu Qianxiang does not have the aura of flame, it seems like she does not eat Phoenix Fruit to obtain strength, she definitely has eaten other things. I lead first you, making my Mu Family Patriarch know that you temporarily reside here matter, then I lead you to look to take that Sacred Fruit again! Waits for one to arrive at my family, your manner will certainly be better, as far as possible lets roar these old fellow is happier, like this you will not create obstacles by some meddlesome fellows in my Mu Family.” Mu Qianxiang sound transmission said. Shen Xiang nodded, must roar happily these old fellow, nothing but with selecting Immortal Crystal and pills, this truly helps him moving here. He had planned now that first makes Mu Qianxiang lead him to seek for some Sacred Fruit Immortal Fruit, then investigates that Reincarnation Canyon valley. Xiao Xiang, what status are your parents in Mu Family?” Shen Xiang asked. My father is the Patriarch grandson, my mother is my father's 17 th woman, because does not offend carefully has the status woman compared with her, moreover she very attractively, was envied, finally was killed in secret, but my father was concerned with that also does not go, simply has buried, at that time I was only nine years old.” Mu Qianxiang has seen through probably, is only very helpless, could see that she experiences since childhood disciplines.