World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1384
Mu Qianxiang here was also different races, because of her female, under the scarce resources, can young have good strength by oneself, therefore she also had certain privilege in Mu Family, young, moreover had expert of talent, is which influence welcome. Sees the Mu Qianxiang carriage to drive, the gate of front that Mu Family mansion promptly opens, Mu Qianxiang can under the carriage, not drive into her residence directly. Xiao Xiang, it seems like you mix well!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. That naturally, to gain attaching great importance to of family, must become an unreplaceable person, but I now the Mu Family young generation of range pole, have struggled many light for these old fellow repeatedly, currently speaking, in this Mu Family, but also nobody can substitute me.” Mu Qianxiang vast proudly said. You do not want to marry, your Mu Family elder will not say anything.” That naturally, moreover whom I want to marry to marry anyone, does not want to marry does not marry, no one could interfere.” Mu Qianxiang since has the Immortal Monarch strength, she has not been worried about this matter. Gets out, sees these old fellow with me, I helped them make a person of great wealth, they will be very definitely happy.” Mu Qianxiang is drawing Shen Xiang, has gone down the carriage, she wants a bit faster to handle this matter, like this she can bring Shen Xiang to go to a quite secret place, then continues from Shen Xiang there understanding the matter of that splendid world. This Mu Family mansion also calculates that big, Shen Xiang followed the moment the Mu Qianxiang half step, arrives in front of a small stone building. Third Elder, had the good deed to visit, looked for quickly other elders.” Mu Qianxiang outside tenderly shouted. The wooden door of stone building opened slowly, presented a short old man, but Shen Xiang actually does not dare to despise him, because this short old man was Immortal King.

Wild girl, you have straightened out finally, knows that can get married?” The short old man looks at Shen Xiang, said with a laugh: This brat called Han Chen...... In my impression he is not long such, two years do not see, the change was so big!” Shen Xiang is very speechless, he is long with that Han Chen not like! Third Elder, your anything look, he is not Han Chen that pest, he called Shen Xiang, ran from outside!” Mu Qianxiang said ill-humoredly. That short old man opened his ajar old eyes: Outside? Did not say that didn't give? Your this wild girl, your this also acted unreasonably, I remember that you should be Chu Jiang are responsible for that region together, did you make secretly him? You must hide well him, do not let Chu Jiang know!” Mu Qianxiang sighed, looks at Shen Xiang reluctantly, told Shen Xiang with the look, this old fellow was this. Chu Jiang knew, moreover Chu Jiang agreed that he enters barrier, Chu Jiang charges his temporarily residing fee, a day ten thousand Immortal Crystal, then I make Chu Jiang give me to safeguard this brat, he apportions our Mu Family two, here is two ten thousand Immortal Crystal!” Mu Qianxiang gives this short old man that storage pouch: His food and lodging is under the charge to me, I am responsible for looking after him, he has paid ten days of temporarily residing fees temporarily.” Two ten thousand Immortal Crystal, have not seen that many Immortal Crystal for a long time, the wild girl is really the good skill, can ask for from Chu Jiang this fellow hand to a good work.” The short old man looks at these Immortal Crystal, he he smiles. Was good, you lead him to play everywhere, I and other can say with other elders.” The short old man went out of the stone building, changes to a spoken parts shade, quick disappears. Mu Qianxiang also hastily draws Shen Xiang to run to approach own house. Xiao Xiang, your unexpectedly called me...... you to be possible me to be smaller than for brat.” Shen Xiang said.

The Mu Qianxiang house in a bamboo grove, is very lonesome and quiet, two room small halls, Mu Qianxiang is cleaning up the room that for a long time nobody is living in very much at this time, inside is somewhat chaotic, moreover puts some junks. Or I and you rest a room, like this you did not need to tidy up.” Shen Xiang sits is saying with a smile at the same time. „It is not good, I must exercise martial arts in the evening, you will disturb me.” Mu Qianxiang is wanted to reject, but she spoke these words, thinks, said: Good, I and rest a room, but does not rest the same bed.” Shen Xiang joked casually, has not thought that this Mu Qianxiang unexpectedly complied, she now in tidying up this room, but in this spatial bed to her room, then spreads out the clean soft fragrant intermittent bedding. Two beds are pasting abreast in row, making Shen Xiang think that rests together anything not to distinguish with her, in his eyes, this Mu Qianxiang has not worked as itself the woman probably, although she has a tender sweet charming cheek. Wild girl, will take away to see Patriarch that guest tomorrow morning, Patriarch the evening comes back now.” Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang heard the sound, but this sound conveys from the distant place, was a moment ago that short old man's voice. Mu Qianxiang implored the one breath, looks to sit in Shen Xiang of bedside: „Are you hungry, does if wanted eat a thing?” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: Does not use, I only want to take a bath now, then sleeps well!” Bathroom in that side, outside has the water well, oneself fetch water oneself to boil water, inside has the bathing pool, washed does not need me to teach you!” Mu Qianxiang has referred to the corner of this big room, that side was separated by the screen together, but also has the gauze curtain. I have given ten thousand Immortal Crystal you, if outside world, I at least can enjoy at least two maidservants to help me rub the back, now boils water including the pumping must I do!”

Shen Xiang shows the disappointed facial expression intentionally, Mu Qianxiang tenderly snorted, snatches in front of him. Not long, Shen Xiang on bubble in steaming hot bathing pool, but Mu Qianxiang has not come to help him scrub, making him somewhat regrettable. After Shen Xiang washes, wears the simple night clothes, then plunges that soft bed, lies closes one's eyes above, long shouted the one breath, a face enjoys. I have slept, do not quarrel I!” Shen Xiang said that closes the eye, does not know that he fell asleep. Shen Xiang truly is sleeping, but he rests shortly, Long Xueyi woke up by shouting him: little rascal wakes up quickly, that wild girl has taken a bath, and has not used the bathing pool, but is flushing, but also scrubs the body with some flowers of getting wet, is much more attractive!” little pervy dragon, did you peep she to take a bath?” Shen Xiang woke, although he also closes one's eyes, but can actually hear humming a little tune of Mu Qianxiang in the bathroom, as well as sound of fluent flushing. Those who most make Shen Xiang excited is, flower fragrance that is enchanted by intermittently, on this Mu Qianxiang that body also is very fragrant special, actually is she takes a bath will scrub with some strange flowers. That bathroom only then together gauze curtain and together screen windshield, person but who Shen Xiang is one has the moral integrity very much, therefore he like Long Xueyi, has not displayed Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to visit others to take a bath. Shen Xiang puts aside the distracting thoughts, wants to continue to sleep, actually suddenly hears Long Xueyi shouted: She walked, has not worn the clothes!”