World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1385
After Shen Xiang hears, in the heart is criticizing Long Xueyi, if not for were awakened by her, his sleep awakes, how not to know. She is scrubbing the body in the bedside, opens the eye to have a look quickly, do not waste!” Long Xueyi urged. This Mu Qianxiang thinks that Shen Xiang has slept, therefore has not cared, she is scratching that dripping wet luster of the skin at this time slowly. Stature is really pretty good, the highest words, can give her nine points.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang has sealed up five feelings, has not listened to the Long Xueyi's words, quick to sleep soundly again. This was little rascal? This not like him!” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly: His unexpectedly has not peeped, this wild girl is truly good, feels to be a pity for this little rascal really that misses that good opportunity!” Mu Qianxiang has worn the clothes, wears the loose night clothes, lies on Shen Xiang that bed. Big Brother Shen, you awake quickly!” The Mu Qianxiang side is lying down, to Shen Xiang tenderly shouted. Shen Xiang cannot hear, he has sealed up the sense of hearing. Mu Qianxiang called several, seeing a Shen Xiang sound not to have, then crawls to the Shen Xiang's bed on, has pushed the Shen Xiang's body. Shen Xiang fierce awakening, only sees Mu Qianxiang to visit him grinningly. A Mu Qianxiang long hair hangs in front, puts on extends the clothes of chest, reveals that beautiful collar bone, the luster of the skin sends out the body of captivated person to be fragrant. Such a spirit on own bed, lets in the Shen Xiang heart: I did not mean that do not quarrel I to sleep?”

At this time the darkness, outside has broadcast the sound that the genuine insect called, in the room was also very cool, Mu Qianxiang saw Shen Xiang to be awakened by oneself, guilty did not have, instead the whole face was happy that then such lay down side Shen Xiang, she discovered that made to be unnecessary now that bed. I cannot fall asleep, I now am very excited, is unable to calm the mind to practice.” After Mu Qianxiang lies down, pulls down Shen Xiang that sitting sets out, making him lie down in own side. This Mu Qianxiang is so warm, making Shen Xiang somewhat unable to bear, especially when own arm was grasped, is away from a thin clothing to move the Mu Qianxiang weak fragrant peak...... Xiao Xiang, you are not young, you should know the men and women give and receive not own, you and I on a bed, you did not fear what I do make to come to you?” Shen Xiang even homocentric that moves restlessly. Did not fear, because I am fiercer than you, you must play a dirty trick to me do not have are so easy, your present strength may unable to bully me, only then I bully you!” Mu Qianxiang giggle said with a smile. Mu Qianxiang is holding the Shen Xiang's arm, sweet and delicate voice song tunnel: Can say with me outside world is what kind of? I have asked the elder they, they said also such.” Good, actually I was also transcend Heaven World's just, about Heaven World's knew that are not many.” Shen Xiang afterward something that he knows, was narrating in the way of story, making Mu Qianxiang hear with great interest. He mainly talks about some mysterious matter, for example Great Emperor of Ten Heavens these, then told the stories of some outside these big influences. Although a night has not rested, but Shen Xiang is very energetic, Mu Qianxiang say nothing, had known that outside world is so splendid, she looked forward to that wishes one could to fly immediately. Sees my great grandfather, he is here Patriarch, he goes out to hunt and kill some strong giant beast frequently, apportions the clansman to eat, everybody promotes the strength in this way.” Mu Qianxiang enters in the bathroom, has changed one set of purple long skirt behind that screen, enabling her to have one solemn noble makings.

In the Mu Family great hall, has stood many people, on the one hand is welcome Patriarch to return, and has a look at that outsider who Mu Qianxiang brings. Mu Qianxiang brings Shen Xiang to walk into that station several hundred people of great hall, making Shen Xiang feel some pressures immediately, because many people visit him. His seeing stands the person here, is crowds, but the female is in the majority, before Mu Qianxiang had said that here man can marry many women, but the present is Patriarch returns, must all come out. But the teenage boys and girls are also many, with these young people of Mu Qianxiang same age, relative strength Mu Qianxiang, will truly differ far, no wonder Mu Qianxiang will have the so big privilege very much, moreover she will walk, looked that will not look to stand the person by great hall, the whole body sends out a threatening arrogance, will walk into on head of great hall, will stand in that several elders. After the people came neat, black and white issued was mixed the grandiose middle age, suddenly appeared in the great hall entrance, Shen Xiang just saw him, this middle age vanished, afterward appeared in the great hall on that big chair of head. Is very strong!” In the Shen Xiang heart with amazement, he has not thought this Mu Family Patriarch, unexpectedly has to surmount the Immortal King strength. At this time Mu Family all people, gave this Patriarch to salute. Our Mu Family has not had any important matter!” A Mu Family Patriarch swift and fierce eye has swept the people, making in everyone cannot help but heart be scared. Patriarch, the wild girl has brought back to an outsider, this matter you should hear!” That short old man said. Mu Family Patriarch looks immediately to Mu Qianxiang, he nodded to Mu Qianxiang, could see that he regards as important Mu Qianxiang, afterward he vision transfers to Shen Xiang. I heard, he temporarily resides here, then investigates the Reincarnation Canyon valley, he later will enter the Reincarnation Canyon valley.” Mu Family Patriarch said. unexpectedly must go to the Reincarnation Canyon valley, Mu Qianxiang brought a moment ago Shen Xiang comes , the people thought that the Shen Xiang's strength is not much, in the young people with many clans is similar, was the Human Immortal middle stage strength, Mu Qianxiang compared with him.

However the people also heard, he like rubbing the mud rubs Han Chen middle-grade Immortal Sword, should be the fellow who a deep conceal does not reveal. Great grandfather, you are in Nine Clans the Reincarnation Canyon valley to the person who most understands, Big Brother Shen continue to know inside something, moreover he also brought a heavy ritual......” Mu Qianxiang to push Shen Xiang, pushed out Shen Xiang, before she had greeted with Shen Xiang, making Shen Xiang prepare to be better the gift. That Mu Family Patriarch shook the head: I have gone to twice the Reincarnation Canyon valley, but has achieved nothing each time, but also almost dies in inside, I to inside cannot say that understood, I know inside danger(ous), I can make him consult some of our ancient book actually, above has mentioned.” Shen Xiang has put out a jade box, said: brat Shen Xiang, because obtains a map, therefore arrived here, I know that Reincarnation Canyon valley very danger(ous), therefore I plan to make a long stay a period of time here, this is a meager gift that I offer, but also please solemn Patriarch accept!” Shen Xiang gives Mu Qianxiang the jade box, making Mu Qianxiang take to give that Mu Family Patriarch. You were too polite, you have given a Chu Family day ten thousand Immortal Crystal, moreover our Mu Family can also obtain two, the quicker future is a guest, if not many years ago custom that subscribes, you will not be stopped on the same day outside barrier.” That Mu Family Patriarch lightly smiled said. During the speeches, he opened that jade box, sees only inside to have a Immortal Qi rich fruit, he stares immediately, although he grows up in this close place since childhood, but that fruit he recognizes! Mu Family Patriarch took a deep breath, said: Longevity Fruit!”