World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1387

Long Xueyi and Mu Qianxiang appetite is very big, has eaten all of a sudden several hundred jin (0.5 kg) beast meat, Shen Xiang hides luckily well, by Mu Qianxiang had not been discovered he makes some beast meat to eat to Long Xueyi secretly. Ate to the full, should go to academy to have a look, has many ancient book there, but records about the Reincarnation Canyon valley probably are not many, should quick be able to look.” Mu Qianxiang is licking the lip, has drunk sweet ratafia. Shen Xiang sharply is not going to that Reincarnation Canyon valley now, before has not understood, he went also to go in vain. This Mu Family academy is a small dwelling, inside has 67 big rooms, on inside bookshelf has chocked up the book. Mu Qianxiang arrived here, inquired that old man, that old man knows probably some people will glance through ancient book about Reincarnation Canyon valley, he is bringing Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang immediately arrives in a study room, put out a book is the books that was made by light beast skin. Although beast skin turned yellow, seems very ancient, however the above handwriting is clear, but is some ancient character, Shen Xiang can understand these ancient character luckily, before he in ten Heavenly Saint mountains, fused these stele, made him learn these ancient character. Your unexpectedly can understand, in some ancient character are I do not know.” That is responsible for safeguarding old man of academy to say. Um!” Shen Xiang nodded, is glancing through this ancient book fast, seeks for the useful thing. This ancient book is not too thick, only then dozens pages of this, Shen Xiang turned quickly, inside recorded the useful thing not to be many, majority have been the record for many years, who and everyone have gone to that Reincarnation Canyon valley, finally has not come back anything, then after is some enters the person who Reincarnation Canyon valley lives is coming back, something that narrates. However, these so-called enter the Reincarnation Canyon valley also to be able living the person, has not entered the deep place, their has the Beast Slaughtering Technique mountain valley not to go, is only outside of that mountain valley, by strength stopping. But these person of common points are, after a mouth mysterious strength stop, they draw back immediately, after they must leave that canyon immediately, was attracted by strength, later then encounters various wild strength attacks, the flash they leaning the body scale wound, they used complete strength to run away.

Majority are unable to run away, should die in inside, before this is also , records reason that these go in later not to have. Anything else? Shen Xiang asked. Did not have, this book, that Reincarnation Canyon valley existed here many year, for many years, has gone in the person recorded above, above did not have occupied majority, was some expert.” That old man said. Shen Xiang is disappointed, helpless sighed one. This does not have the matter of means that told the sentence truth, let alone is you, even if our Patriarch goes to that place also to court death.” That old man shakes the head to say. There leaves the only way out of this place.” Mu Qianxiang whispered, she knows , to enter the Reincarnation Canyon valley then to leave here from the Reincarnation Canyon valley safely, is the impossible matter. I also know that the Reincarnation Canyon valley middle place has a mountain valley, enters in that mountain valley to see Beast Slaughtering Technique, but we cannot go.” That old man said: Young fellow, here dull for a lifetime!” Certainly will have the means that but is you are too stupid, has not thought that sometimes cannot solve the problem by the brute force, but must depend on the brain.” Mu Qianxiang sees the Shen Xiang disappointed facial expression, immediately said to that old man that then draws Shen Xiang to go out of the academy. Big Brother Shen, the time are many are.” The Mu Qianxiang comfort said: Your Immortal Crystal insufficient time, said with me that I will help you as far as possible, making you remain here is longer , to promote strength at the same time, finding the way to leave here.” Shen Xiang shows smiles: Others are matters that cannot achieve, I more want to challenge, this situation I often meet.”

Mu Qianxiang has not known that what fellow Shen Xiang now is, if some day she can leave here, goes to the Heaven World's words, she understands that Shen Xiang these words, Shen Xiang truly is many others to think matter that cannot achieve. Sees Shen Xiang to show the smiling face, Mu Qianxiang is also very happy: I lead you to play, first is familiar with here.” Has a beautiful woman to accompany to eat to accompany to play to accompany to rest...... Let Shen Xiang's think the release to be satisfied, but he in enjoying will lose leaves here intense idea, he instead hopes that will carry over the wild girl of this expectation outside splendid world, he will think that splendid Great World, if not have this wild girl, may change colors. Shen Xiang gives Mu Family Patriarch Longevity Fruit, this matter produces the repercussion in Nine Clans, that Chu Jiang regretted at this time that he has not thought Shen Xiang unexpectedly is big nouveau riche, otherwise he initially definitely will ask a price to be higher. Now everyone knows Shen Xiang in Mu Family, moreover is being accompanied by Mu Family that famous wild girl, but the people of other families believe that Shen Xiang that Longevity Fruit is equal to the gift from bridegroom's family to bride's family is the same. Marries a female to obtain Longevity Fruit, this business is cost-effective in many person eyes, moreover they have not thought the woman will be valuable, although Mu Qianxiang is young Immortal Monarch, but defers to their ideas, the status is quite low. Mu Qianxiang brought Shen Xiang to exit to stroll for quite a while, after hearing some rumors and slander, gave a calm smile. In the cities, Shen Xiang discovered that here does not have the pills shop, herbs were miserable, let alone pill. Mu Qianxiang is very natural, sees buys a big pile that anything can eat, making Shen Xiang eat all the way, naturally, majority are she and Long Xueyi eats. In the evening, Mu Qianxiang and Shen Xiang returned to that lonesome and quiet bamboo grove, sits in outside the house oven by, prepares to eat beast meat banquet. My only value Longevity Fruit...... Snort, others very laborious practice, value a little!” Mu Qianxiang self-ridicules to say.

Hehe, if you do not want to marry, 1000 Longevity Fruit also take you not to have the means that wild girl!” Shen Xiang laughed: If I must marry you, the gift from bridegroom's family to bride's family affirmed, not only such Longevity Fruit, that was really unfair to you!” Some how many?” Mu Qianxiang is interested very asks. Shen Xiang felt the chin, the congealing eyebrow has thought that then earnestly said: Said also two Longevity Fruit!” Owes to hit!” Mu Qianxiang was filled with the anticipation to have a good reply, has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly is cracking a joke. Shen Xiang holds the jade fist that her thrashes, happily said with a smile: If I must marry you, my Longevity Fruit does not want, because when the time comes I have made you.” You lead me to exit, I do not marry you.” Mu Qianxiang tenderly snorted and said. In the evening the dim sky, suddenly has delimited seven colors light, huge seven color light ball have delimited from the Mu Family mansion, but also sends out one steaming burnt the heat breath, all people in ground felt that at this time raided burning hot. What thing is this?” Shen Xiang looks up airborne that has delimited slowly seven color light ball: Frequently presents this your here?” After Mu Qianxiang sees that seven color light ball, the complexion is serious: This thing is greatly troublesome, this thing is the unlucky star in Legend!”