World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1388
That attractive seven color light ball, saw that likely cannot bring the misfortune to the person, but in the Mu Qianxiang mouth, is actually the unlucky star! Frequently appearance?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally is not, if frequently appears, we do not go on living.” Mu Qianxiang hastily finished eating the barbecue. Suddenly, rapid bell sound transmits, Mu Qianxiang stands up, said: This is bell sound of entire clan set.” What disaster will that unlucky star bring to person?” Shen Xiang asked very much curiously. This thing every several other thousand or over ten thousand annual meetings appear one time, sometimes is well, but sometimes actually will bring all kinds of disasters, in that unlucky star has world such probably, once falls into the ground, will explode, will release all kinds of terror strength, according to the record of ancient book, most terrorist one time is release massive terror Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, sometimes also will release the massive water, submerges here, or is the intense cold air, making here turn into Land of Ice and Snow.” Mu Qianxiang walks quickly, Shen Xiang follows behind her, asked: East this accidentally does not appear, for these years, definitely some people desirably make.” Does not know that no one knows how this thing comes.” Mu Qianxiang has heard the stories of many these seven color unlucky stars since childhood, therefore her the complexion is dignified at this time. Said appears each time, metropolis casualty many people?” Shen Xiang thought that what secret this matter definitely has, he suspected that some people must destroy guarding Nine Clans here intentionally, is the person does? If is really artificial, then this person is very definitely formidable, otherwise is unable a condense such thing, to deliver to here from very far place, but this person should also in this Night Demon Underworld. So long as presents time presented disaster, the population of dying can more than half, other Nine Clans common people must be brought disaster, that strength was terrorist, now seven color unlucky stars just appeared, after Legend appeared, in following seven days within seven nights will present the disaster, if did not appear, mean that we will be all right.”

Shen Xiang arrived in big plaza of Mu Family yard with Mu Qianxiang, the complexion of here everyone and Mu Qianxiang is equally dignified, disaster that because seven color unlucky stars bring, even if Immortal King may died. Xueyi, knows where that thing does fall? What clue has?” Shen Xiang asked that after seven color unlucky stars appeared, Long Xueyi displayed Nine Heavens Mental Exploration. Has not descended, this thing is very strange, unexpectedly turns circle around barrier, probably in condense strength!” Long Xueyi said: These seven color unlucky stars outside barrier, should from the distant place, I unable to see inside condense anything strength very much, however outside absolutely is Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, now surrounds this huge Sacred Land to turn circle, absorbs massive Immortal Qi to strengthen own strength!” At this time the day was black, but airborne has delimited that seven color multi-colored sunlight once for a while, seven color unlucky stars very mischievous flies in sky over randomly. Mu Family Patriarch Mu Tianhua stands on a plaza stage, loud voice said: This matter everybody should know since childhood, I was not many said that moreover our every other a period of time has made the related drilling, now according to drilling did, the person under Immortal Monarch entered first deeply seeks asylum.” Quick, on plaza walked one in large numbers, several hundred people that now leaves behind are the Immortal Monarch strengths. Mu Qianxiang is Immortal Monarch, therefore she also here, now Shen Xiang discovered that the female of Immortal Monarch rank, has Mu Qianxiang one, obviously female expert is here unusual. Qianxiang, you bring Shen Xiang to go to another place to seek asylum, more than ten outstanding juniors in clan in that place, where you should know!” Mu Tianhua said. Um, but doesn't here need me to help really? My strength should be able to block strength of some disasters.” Mu Qianxiang asked in a low voice, she also wanted to contribute strength. Does not use, you lead him to go to that place to seek asylum as soon as possible!” The Mu Tianhua sound becomes ten severity.

Mu Qianxiang does not dare to say anything again, is drawing Shen Xiang walk as if flying, rushes to the Mu Family back door, enters in piece of huge rocky mountain. That seven color unlucky stars descended, is very very big, the city is so big, distance here is very near, if wanted has a look!” Long Xueyi asked. If that thing exploded, to court death?” Shen Xiang said that he has not thought just arrived here, was met this ten thousand years the bad luck matter that by him is difficult to meet. Your this fellow easily does not die, your Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor should be able to protect you!” Long Xueyi said: „If not good, I put out strength also to help your anti-.” If no confidence, Long Xueyi will not make Shen Xiang bring death, but Long Xueyi wants to make him go, obviously is her very curious that seven color unlucky stars. Was being drawn dashing Shen Xiang by Mu Qianxiang, suddenly steady halting, then entrains Mu Qianxiang, draws to own side. „Do you do!” Mu Qianxiang knits the brows to say. That seven color unlucky stars descended to the ground, now has not exploded, obviously in condense strength, I wants to pass to have a look!” Shen Xiang said. You know that seven color unlucky stars did descend?” Mu Qianxiang whole face doubts, but she firmly said: Cannot go, approaches that thing to die, on ancient book has the record, once some people want to approach seven color unlucky stars, ruining, but by far approaches, on bewildered dying, even if lived also to discard.” That seven color unlucky stars have strong devour strength, so long as approaches, no matter the strength is much strong, immediately by strength of devour whole body, but you did not fear that your strength in your mysterious dantian, very difficult devour to result.” Long Xueyi said.

I did not fear that I must have a look, you go to that place to seek asylum first!” Shen Xiang was saying, loosened the hand of Mu Qianxiang, is treading Earth Shrinking Step, the shuttle space, several sub- ran does not have the shade, this speed makes Mu Qianxiang, now she want to pursue surprisedly does not know where Shen Xiang ran up. This smelly brat, do not die!” Mu Qianxiang scolded one tenderly, in the heart is life Qi/angry, Shen Xiang unexpectedly does not listen very much her, runs to do this foolish matter. Mu Qianxiang is very helpless, can only run that seeking asylum place. More is approaches that place, Shen Xiang more thought that strength is very familiar. „When this is not Nirvana Tribulation, do several times think the Will kill me strong Tribulation Force aura?” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: But this Tribulation Force is terrorist, the Nirvana Tribulation person is unable to initiate absolutely!” Xueyi, do you know?” Shen Xiang inquired. This probably is the loose immortal tribulation, if is really this, this fellow does not know that has killed many people!” Long Xueyi to thinking of anything, shouted: And other bit faster enters in that seven color Tribulation Cloud, takes inside Tribulation Force Saint nucleus!”