World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1389

Shen Xiang saw that seven color light ball, is similar to a great mountain is so high, moreover is huge, looks in the distant place that probably is one forms like that sends out intermittent radiant seven colors light, Tribulation Force of that intermittent terror, making people feel that is hard to breathe. After Shen Xiang sees these seven color light ball, cannot help but has the thought of flinching, he felt that these seven color light ball want casual, can rumble to become dregs him. loose immortal tribulation what's the matter?” Shen Xiang braces oneself, is enduring that intense sense of fear , to continue to rush to this seven color light ball. This thing is not unlucky star, but is one group of Tribulation Cloud, mainly aims at loose immortal this fellow!” Long Xueyi said: loose immortal while crossing the Nirvana Ninth Tribulation failure congeals Heaven Dan, the soul and strength completely in Heaven Dan, then to rely on Heaven Dan absorption world Spirit Qi remoulds fleshly body!” „Isn't Yan Zilan this situation?” Shen Xiang has remembered that graceful noble Zilan Immortal Woman. She not be considered as, because of her transcends tribulation failure remaining souls, did not only have including Heaven Dan, her soul is very unusual, can the cluster energy, she soul shape cultivates for ten thousand years later remould fleshly body, repairs Heaven Dan, then bewilderedly becomes Immortal, therefore she cannot be loose immortal, her situation also little appears.” „The loose immortal situation is also few, but compared with Yan Zilan that type multi-!” Long Xueyi said: „After Nirvana Ninth Tribulation failure, simultaneously condense leaves the Heaven Dan words, that means had not died, so long as remoulds fleshly body to succeed, is loose immortal!” loose immortal is fearful, the loose immortal tribulation that especially their every other a period of time can present, this tribulation it is said 7749 times, every time crossed one time to strengthen many strength, if will be defeated that dead, but Tribulation Force also met enhancements.” However now this fellow, at least 30 tribulation evidently, he hid cultivates here, harms miserably Nine Clans!”

After Shen Xiang has digested these things, said panic-strickenly: Then this fellow strong?” „It is very strong, Yue Baishan estimated that is not his match! The loose immortal three tribulations quite in Human Immortal late stage, six tribulations are equal to Immortal Monarch late stage, nine tribulations are equal to Immortal King late stage...... you think to look.” Long Xueyi said: No wonder each time appears, will make here die a big ticket person, this fellow behaves badly really!” In Shen Xiang heart surprised in the extreme, loose immortal nine tribulations quite in Immortal King late stage, but these 30 tribulations? Has gone far beyond Immortal King late stage! If loose immortal did cross 7749 tribulations?” Shen Xiang also asked. That can to become Sheng, very be directly fierce!” Long Xueyi said. Before Shen Xiang listened to White Tiger to say any Saint Devil, that is far in excess of formidable existence of Immortal King, after Immortal King, is any Realm, even if some Immortal King does not know that only knows after Immortal King , had long long journey to walk, can enter the Saint. Said that this fellow was a person?” Shen Xiang approaches that seven color Tribulation Cloud slowly, he must go to take inside Tribulation Force Saint nucleus. Naturally is the person, Demon and Devil of loose immortal shape are less than humanity, moreover is not seven color tribulations.” Long Xueyi somewhat sad sighing: I later will face also this repugnant tribulation.”

„Do you also want?” Shen Xiang also thinks that Imperial Dragon Clan Imperial Dragon can adolescence arrive at the peak, does not need any disaster. Naturally, after our Imperial Dragon Clan adolescence to certain stage, will face the Heavenly Dragon tribulation, crossed later can become Heavenly Dragon, like present Imperial Dragon Clan that Dragon Emperor, simply had not crossed the Heavenly Dragon tribulation, otherwise he will be fiercer.” Long Xueyi disdains tunnel: Looked that the instigation type of that fellow does not have the balls to attempt, he is plans to cook down Heavenly Dragon, in any case now he in Heaven World is also quite formidable.” Do not look that in front of me is very relaxed, I must be very laborious to the following stage, especially transformation becomes Heavenly Dragon time, and loose immortal tribulation is equally laborious, the Heavenly Dragon tribulation has many times.” Long Xueyi mumbled, evidently her very repugnant that Heavenly Dragon tribulation. Shen Xiang releases Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, entered in that seven color Tribulation Cloud, usually seems like a ball, however approaches discovered that is really the fog. „Is that Tribulation Force Saint nucleus useful?” The Shen Xiang use space shuttled back and forth, went to the middle place, he saw a grain of fist size seven color round beads. Seven color Holy Power in inside, although only then, but enough can promote many strength, moreover when can enter the Saint to you in the future excellent foundation, moreover this is so big, should be condense very long Immortal Qi, after you take away, but can also again a condense grain!” Long Xueyi said: In the past some Ancient Dragon also frequently did, year to year tracks some loose immortal, when their loose immortal tribulation time steals seven color Saint nuclei, then gives some Little Dragon to use, can make these Little Dragon a bit faster enter the Saint.” Naturally, this danger(ous), your luck is very good, before went to loose immortal seven color Saint nucleus many expert to rob, hits life and death . Moreover the loose immortal tribulation when the fight erupted, died completely, transition loose immortal tribulation that will not be affected, this point will be better than Nirvana Tribulation.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang holds that seven color Saint nuclei, but thinks some warming up, after he takes up, immediately puts in Hidden Jade Ring: Xueyi, or I use to you!”

Does not have big use to me, you are remaining!” In the Long Xueyi heart has been moved secretly, even if were past Ancient Dragon, worked as the treasure this, but Shen Xiang is actually thinking must give her to use. Walks quickly, looks that wild girl, I have used Divine Soul with her! Was picked seven color Saint nuclei Tribulation Cloud also to from new condense, needs a period of time.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang has been quickly far away from that seven color Tribulation Cloud, relaxed, according to Long Xueyi's directs, to go the place that seeks for Mu Qianxiang to hide. Seven color Saint nuclei were taken, even if from new condense is also very small, should have the grain of rice size, therefore Tribulation Force will be very weak, that loose immortal can cross this loose immortal tribulation very much with ease, he should to thank you, perhaps otherwise he will die.” Long Xueyi said. Or I return again, is squatting in side, perhaps he failed, I can pick thing anything.” Shen Xiang said. Do not go, he can mix to 30 tribulations about, the strength is terrorist, Tribulation Force of two seven color Saint nuclei is very for him relaxed.” Long Xueyi said: Now has not known that fellow is the good thing, since he hides injures someone here, should not be the good bird.” Shen Xiang thought more and more this place is immeasurably deep, unexpectedly is hiding a such fierce fellow, he ran more than three double-hour, arrived under huge rocky mountain, here Stone Gate, some Mu Qianxiang and Mu Family talents hide in inside.