World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1390

Shen Xiang with thrusting that Stone Gate, was unable to open. If it seems like wants to go in the normal method is invalid.” Shen Xiang has to use the strength of Law of Space, across this Stone Gate. Stone Gate is very thick, Shen Xiang is not almost able to pass through, he arrived in the gate now, is jet black passage, he emits Divine Power to investigate the front, quick knew that this passage passes deeply under. This rocky mountain rock is firm . Moreover the arrangement has large formation, it seems like these people were tossed about to fear by the loose immortal tribulation, in order to preserves some good seedlings, does not hesitate to construct this seeking asylum place.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi release Divine Power suddenly that investigates to be stopped by strength. It seems like in barrier, the protection is very thorough!” Long Xueyi said. This mountain is equal to a cover . Moreover the interior has reinforced, seeking asylum place in this mountains deeply , after Shen Xiang arrives middle, sees the hole that is vertical to deeply. Shen Xiang jumped, after the moment, arrived at the base, had some luminously in this below, passes from a leaf of Stone Gate slit. They in inside, the population were many, it seems like that this is the place that Nine Clans builds.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang arrives at the gate, has shoved very much open Stone Gate with ease, immediately sees inside that greatly room, inside has warm light glow, has some tents near this room, but walks back and forth in some spacious place also people, or is together in threes and fours chats. The gate shoves open, inside person looks, seeing is only a strange face. Big Brother Shen!” Mu Qianxiang surprised shouted. The people did not know Shen Xiang, but hears Mu Qianxiang to shout that they understand immediately, this is that outsider, but also delivered Longevity Fruit to give Mu Family Patriarch.

Although to prepare to enter the Reincarnation Canyon valley to temporarily reside prepares here, but the people think that he forever will possibly stay here, if because wants to leave from the Reincarnation Canyon valley is the impossible matter, but he crosses here that well, but also obtains the favor of Mu Qianxiang. Why Mu Qianxiang very curious Shen Xiang can come here, before Shen Xiang said that must have a look at that seven color unlucky stars, but has not thought that such quickly came back. She has not asked anything, because here person are quite many, Nine Clans young elite disciples here, in addition some important young elders, there are several hundred people. Mu Qianxiang whispered: „The fellow here, do not manage him, comes with me!” Shen Xiang saw Han Chen, Han Chen is looking angrily at him at this time, his strength and talent are also quite top, was only worse than a point Mu Qianxiang, but the beforehand many people believe that after Mu Qianxiang was grown, might marry him very much, but now looked like this matter already yellow. Mu Qianxiang was worried that Shen Xiang and Han Chen have conflict, hastily draw him to move toward own tent. „Is flatter early morning, this fellow ruins your Immortal Sword? if wanted we get rid, helping you ask for!” A big youth walks, has patted the shoulder of Han Chen. Fears anything, looks at this brat likely is not the fierce fellow, but is quite rich, perhaps he rubs you Immortal Sword is because he has any magic treasure, looked that he puts out Longevity Fruit casually, should also be able to put out middle-grade Immortal Sword to compensate to you.” The man of another long face said that they are the Han Chen friends. Walks!” Han Chen sees Mu Qianxiang to pull Shen Xiang's to walk, immediately covets, the innermost feelings well up inexplicable anger. The Shen Xiang pressure has pinched the hand of Mu Qianxiang slightly, then looks at to Han Chen: Gave you, this was your domains, my this outsider here not good fight.” Han Family several young elders see, does not stop, because Shen Xiang arrived here, what benefit is Mu Family and Chu Family, is only their Han Family each, that region they have to be responsible, should obtain, but Chu Family has not given them. These expert prepare Tribulation Force that deals with that seven color Tribulation Cloud to erupt outside, but what this place is strongest is only these young elders, Immortal Monarch late stage this, Immortal King does not have.

Han Chen, you come to him?” Mu Qianxiang stands immediately in front of Shen Xiang, the facial expression is severe. He spoiled my Immortal Sword, you should know that I must make him compensate to me.” The Han Chen whole face looks at Shen Xiang rogue, he had forgotten that initially was he first fight, Shen Xiang was just counter-attacks. That is the hand that you move first, you get rid to him with no reason at all, was spoiled Immortal Sword by him is also you brings upon oneself.” Mu Qianxiang coldly said. Some watching the fun has encircled, how they also want to take a look at Shen Xiang are spoil others Immortal Sword, heard that was rubbed the scrap iron by Shen Xiang with a pair of palm, thinks to think fierce. Han Chen does not dare to provoke Mu Qianxiang, the Mu Qianxiang strength in him at least, even if he and behind that more than ten helpers, is not her match. „Can you stand in a back of woman? Don't you have man proper dignity? Has to plant to stand, do not shrink in a back of woman!” Han Chen said loud voice intentionally very much, yields mutually Shen Xiang lose face, because this truly is the matter that loses face very much. However Shen Xiang inborn is thick-skinned on the face, the person who surrounds are many ten times of hundred times, he will not have any pressure, in any case not few root hair. The people think Shen Xiang will stand immediately, who knows that this fellow unexpectedly is thick the facial skin to say with a smile: If abuses each other with the mouth, I momentarily accompany, but if must fight, that was embarrassed, I cannot hit your more than ten.” My solemn statement, I never will compensate your Immortal Sword here!” Han Chen is angry, shouted: Balls little rascal, comes out to me quickly!” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: I gave the protection money, Chu Family had received my eight ten thousand Immortal Crystal, Mu Family received me 20,000, they promise me not to create obstacles here!” Mu Qianxiang said immediately: Right, his cultivation base you are not high, you let the person actually and you dispute, don't you clarify to select easy target to pinch?”

I now am Immortal Monarch, if you dare to move his, then do not blame me not being impolite, you have to plant clash me to come!” You is a female, if you is a man, even if you are Immortal King, I must spell with you not awfully!” Han Chen said with a sneer. Xiao Xiang, makes way!” Shen Xiang suddenly sighed, this makes in the Han Chen heart secretly rejoice. Mu Qianxiang knit the brows, some do not prefer, but stands one side. Shen Xiang has put out Immortal Sword, evidently is middle-grade, moreover before Han Chen that is much better. You early should do this!” In the Han Chen heart is excited, his eyes saw that in the Shen Xiang hand that is much better than his middle-grade Immortal Sword, he thought that he gained in a big way. Walks in Han Chen, puts out a hand to meet, Shen Xiang suddenly stuffy snort|hum, holds sword tip, holds the sword hilt, vigorously disjunction! Hears that clear Beng Duansheng, the people were scared, before their some had not believed Shen Xiang this strength middle-grade Immortal Sword to ruin, has not thought that now they personally saw, then middle-grade Immortal Sword is very good. The Han Chen complexion coagulates, whole person there, moreover he also makes the movement that has put out a hand to meet. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: I have said that will never compensate your, even if I have me not to you, even if I work as the garbage disposal, will not give back to you!”