World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1391

Mu Qianxiang sees Shen Xiang to break off such good Immortal Sword, is surprised, on the one hand surprised Shen Xiang ruins this good Immortal Sword, moreover is the surprised Shen Xiang's strength, True Qi does not reveal comes out, breaks off quality good middle-grade Immortal Sword directly, this explained that Shen Xiang strength is very strong, likely is not the surface so is at least weak. Han Chen this moment anger to several points, the muscle on face is twitching crazily, the double fist pinches tightly is very very tight! Initially your sword had almost killed me, afterward you not only to I apologize, instead also plausibly let my also your middle-grade Immortal Sword, had a dream!” Shen Xiang sound ice-cold, succeeds in giving up two sections of middle-grade Immortal Sword to discard that conveniently, probably loses trash such. middle-grade Immortal Sword in his eyes is trash, Divine Weapon in his hand has many, he cannot certainly have a liking for this goods. However in this resources deficient place, that is very precious! The people criticize the Shen Xiang ruined family at this time, filthy rich was startled by Shen Xiang this type. Bastard!” Han Chen roars, fist fierce impact, in a twinkling lightning flash thunder cry, wild lightning steaming glittering on fist. In that instantaneous, Mu Qianxiang also startled shouted, but she actually without enough time prevented, she has not thought Han Chen came up is such fierce struck. When the people see Han Chen knocks out the fist to carry over dozens thick lightnings, immediately hides by far, because this is Han Family very famous Thunder Yaoquan. People in shunt that instantaneous, unexpectedly sees also has together the terrifying lightning wild to fire into the fist of Han Chen! Shen Xiang has also gotten rid, he already had the protection, leaves the flash of fist in Han Chen, True Qi of his whole body revolves immediately, at the maximum speed condense becomes the strength of lightning, wells up crazily from his fist. The Shen Xiang's fist may not only have the strength of wild lightning, that Heavenly Saint Body to the strength of fleshly body he brings, two strength both are wild aggressive, by extremely quick velocity shock, the might is formidable. hōng hōng hōng! Two fists clash, explode to lighten glares and several rumbled deafening sounds, Shen Xiang and that Han Chen are shaken. But Han Chen was shaken to fly, falling ground time also tumbled more than ten zhang (3.33 m), but Shen Xiang steadily is standing. The ray vanishes, the people look at complexion ugly Han Chen with the eye of that stabbing pain. Han Chen left that hand of fist to tremble a moment ago, above full is the fissure, moreover was hit by formidable lightning burned black, discarded evidently.

Entered Human Immortal middle stage Shen Xiang, even if meets Immortal Monarch he to dare to spell, let alone is this Human Immortal late stage Han Chen. You were second secondary kill me!” Shen Xiang complexion gloomy and cold, everyone induces obtains his thick killing intent, at this time that Han Family young elder in abundance surround Han Chen, in order to avoid under Shen Xiang killer. Also hid behind Mu Qianxiang a moment ago, said that could not hit others, who knows that but got rid Han Chen hit the severe wound, the Han Chen use lightning strength, lightning strength that but Han Chen was actually proud by oneself defeated. Shen Xiang and Han Family do not have what bitter hatred, but is this Han Chen and he has the contradiction, therefore his under cruel methods will not kill the opposite party, otherwise Han Chen died a moment ago.. Mu Qianxiang has dragged into Shen Xiang the tent, she does not want a bigger conflict here, then does not have the advantage to anyone, let alone is now this situation. rascal, hides deeply!” The Mu Qianxiang blame looks at Shen Xiang: I was worried a moment ago, has not thought that your this fellow so will be fierce, a fist punched that Han Chen does not have including the temperament.” Snort, I also think that before you are not fierce, has not guarded against you, now thinks that......” Mu Qianxiang thinks before and Shen Xiang rested a matter on bed, initially she thinks that she had the absolute strength to suppress Shen Xiang, will not make Shen Xiang act unreasonably, but recalls now that in the heart cannot help but trembled, because she knows that now Shen Xiang was also very strong, at all was not she imagines that is easy to cope. „Do I look like look like the unprincipled person?” Shen Xiang he he smiles: I, if plays a dirty trick to you, you already......” Saw the Shen Xiang that whole face evil looking smiling face, Mu Qianxiang to pinch a Shen Xiang's arm vigorously: Sees likely is not a good person.” Remembers Shen Xiang to break off middle-grade Immortal Sword that in the Mu Qianxiang heart also is very life Qi/angry: You waste, spoils that good Immortal Sword, to enrage Han Chen.” Isn't broken Immortal Sword?” Shen Xiang very disdainfully said. Big Brother Shen, you solid told me, you outside that Nine Heavens, was a disciple of super big influence?” Mu Qianxiang asked that because Shen Xiang got rid very extravagantly, moreover middle-grade Immortal Sword did not pay attention. middle-grade Immortal Sword is very precious, even if He Feng this Prince, such will not waste. „It is not, I told you honestly, I was actually Dean of big influence!” Shen Xiang earnestly said. I do not believe that if you are Dean, at least is also Immortal King, but you do not have the Immortal King strength.” Mu Qianxiang spits the tongue: All day knows deceives me.” Shen Xiang is serious: Later you exit to inquire that my name knows I was fierce! I am many outside personal enemy, do not tell others you and I are very familiar, otherwise can very danger(ous).”

Really?” Mu Qianxiang sees a Shen Xiang face to be earnest, somewhat believed. Um!” Shen Xiang has selected under one. Was right, did you see that seven color unlucky stars?” Mu Qianxiang also asked that before Shen Xiang suddenly ran away, was looks at that seven color unlucky stars. Saw, but I came back, I must a bit faster leave here evidently, that seven color unlucky star some people bring intentionally, moreover that fellow is very strong.” Shen Xiang seriously said. „Do you know? For many years, our Nine Clans many expert did not ravel this matter, your unexpectedly knows, waited for after this matter, you must tell my great grandfather.” Mu Qianxiang said. Naturally, I must close up now practice a period of time, that seven color unlucky stars erupt also need a period of time, you help my Protector here!” Shen Xiang has put out that seven color Saint nuclei, grasps in the hand. Mu Qianxiang gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Big Brother Shen, waits for after this matter, I lead you to go to a place, there has Immortal Fruit, can make you stronger, perhaps is helpful to you leaving here!” Um, relax, I will certainly lead you to exit, I thought that outside world cannot be short of your this wild girl!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he already knows that Mu Qianxiang had the fortuitous encounter, otherwise she will not progress that quickly. „Won't there be ruined by seven color unlucky stars?” Some Shen Xiang worries. Not, there security, seven color disasters in the past, I will take out some Immortal Fruit from there to my great grandfather, then leaves with you, my great grandfather will comply.” Mu Qianxiang said here, was somewhat moved, before this was also her, continuously hesitant matter. Does not need to be worried, sooner or later a day you can also with his again to meet together, so long as you can become expert!” Shen Xiang said that he knows Mu Qianxiang makes this decision to be very difficult, after must take risk with him, will die very much easily. I can certainly achieve!” Mu Qianxiang is self-confident: You practice, I defend side you!” Mu Qianxiang sees in the Shen Xiang hand to have seven color round beads, with that seven color unlucky stars very like, but she had not asked that she suspected is some energy stones that seven color unlucky stars fall, with Immortal Crystal. This is seven color Saint nuclei, Shen Xiang transports the merit to absorb inside energy at this moment fast! Although seven color Saint nuclei are very small, the energy that but inside contains is vast, Shen Xiang just revolution divine art, immediately induced to huge portion seven color energies enters his body, quick turns into seven colors of the spectrum True Qi, emerges in the dantian, enters in five beast image respectively. These seven color True Qi what's the matter?” Shen Xiang is very surprised, but this does not have what influence to him.

Relax, seven colors will fuse together gradually, seven color Saint nuclei are very fierce!” Long Xueyi said. Um, energy that inside contains are many, inhaled the grain of rice size the energy, but built up to melt, after entering the dantian, immediately turned into a watermelon to be so big.” Shen Xiang said that the quantity that comes him to inhale is very so big, can make him expand Heaven Dan fast. Crossed for more than ten days, Shen Xiang by one fiercely shivers to awaken, but Mu Qianxiang is the complexion seriously sits in the nearby. Started! Before was within seven days, has not thought that this time started 16 th day later.” Mu Qianxiang said that sighed reluctantly: „The above estimate can dying many people!” If Shen Xiang does not take that seven color Saint nuclei, truly will occur in seven days. Here came many people, should be filled!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang goes out of the tent to look that was actually sees many tents to build, moreover some greatly were very very luxurious, understood at a glance is in the respected family important personage. Comes in quickly, do not exit to stir up trouble!” Mu Qianxiang pulled back Shen Xiang, her referring to Secret Art told her, Shen Xiang can stir up trouble very much. Comes here what person is?” Shen Xiang asked. „The wife and children of some great people, they are hidden by the wife and children who oneself compare the love as far as possible here, but my father...... He also made eight women, moreover these estimates were he are weary, should die above.” Mu Qianxiang said. How did you practice?” Mu Qianxiang asked. Not what kind , more than ten can days, what effect have?” Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles, he looked at the seven color Saint nuclei in hand, a unexpectedly gloss had not weakened, obviously in also had very rich energy. „If I, that has the effect!” Mu Qianxiang haughty smiles: I practice am quick, and stable.” Shen Xiang is also very curious regarding the Mu Qianxiang practice way, this is others' secret, generally very much abstained from that others get up warm, but Shen Xiang thought one and Mu Qianxiang was very familiar, therefore was not worried that asked directly: „Do you practice? Is only then you?”