World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1392

Mu Qianxiang sees Shen Xiang so to care, happily said with a smile: Big Brother Shen, you now very urgently needed promotion strength? You were very fierce.” On me this strength, is not anything in this world now, your great grandfather is very fierce, a palm can kill me.” Shen Xiang are many outside personal enemy, if he can promote some cultivation base flowers here, after him, leaves here, will go not to have that tremendous pressure to outside. My practice way only suits, but......” Mu Qianxiang was saying, then gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: I led you to go to that place, can perhaps make you practice to be quicker in that.” Where is that one?” Shen Xiang is very curious, because Mu Qianxiang is mystical, mentioned this matter carries on sound transmission, was worried that was discovered. I cannot say, in brief is I discovered that I over ten -year-old, I discovered at that time that place also several years, can make me Immortal Monarch, when the time comes I led you to go to you to know, now do not ask.” Mu Qianxiang touches the Shen Xiang's head. That Han Chen now how?” Shen Xiang asked that these more than ten days he was practicing, was not clear to outside matter. „Can he be what kind of? He does not dare to come again, does not have the absolute strength, he does not have the show off one's military strength of energy before you, his brain had not been destroyed.” Mu Qianxiang said with a smile lightly: You start is very heavy, making Han Family use many precious herbs to help him restore that arm.” „Is this also called heavily? If outside, this type asked my troublesome fellow already to be destroyed completely by me all day.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, he does not chat now. The above sound is very big, although that seven color Saint nuclei were taken by Shen Xiang, Tribulation Force that but releases from the new condense seven color Saint nuclei is not weak. From this degree of sound, above truly dying many people, this is also matter as a last resort. Three days passed by tranquilly, already, the person here has been informed, now can come up.

Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang walk in the forefront, they flies after that passage, discovery that huge rocky mountain originally already not. Quite fierce!” In the Shen Xiang heart exclaimed in surprise that this place in all directions is huge rocky mountain, but actually turns into a flat land now, and heat is steaming. Returns to our cities!” Mu Qianxiang sees the place that oneself grow up since childhood to turn into this, in the heart somewhat is unavoidably heavy, makes her extremely be worried about own great grandfather. Quick, Mu Qianxiang and Shen Xiang arrive at that cities that Mu Family is, but here changed beyond all recognition, only then stretch of ruins, the person here, should die completely. Here is swept by the heat wave that very formidable Seven Colors Heavenly Fire sends out, becomes so, does not know that seven color Tribulation Cloud center is what kind.” Long Xueyi said. „Can nobody live?” Mu Qianxiang Ben Ruman is in the ruins cities, here only then some quite heat-resisting stone still, most things turns into the flying ash in that heat wave. That side has the person, in the past had a look!” Shen Xiang investigates in a quite big stone building to have the aura with Divine Power. Mu Qianxiang hastily runs with Shen Xiang, they arrive by that stone building, sees only old man that full Tou issues to lie there, the lower part was suppressed by a giant stone. Great grandfather!” Mu Qianxiang urgently shouted one, but Shen Xiang had been hit to fly that giant stone. Mu Qianxiang floats Mu Tianhua, the Mu Tianhua aura was very weak, understands at a glance by very serious internal injury. Under whose does not know is hand, his seven soul six souls injure very much heavily, was very difficult to rescue, this at least was a strength and his suitable person, can make other party become such injury.” Shen Xiang said that this is Long Xueyi tells him.

Mu Tianhua is Mu Family Patriarch, lived many years, the strength is also very strong, at this time he had not died completely, but is supporting the one breath, he has opened the eye, seeing is Mu Qianxiang here, his lightly smiled: Wild girl, you can support this disaster, was really good, what a pity I could not support!” Mu Qianxiang is very strong, but the eye socket was moist: Great grandfather you are so fierce, certainly can support.” The Mu Tianhua aura is getting more and more weak, his whispered: storage pouch in my hand has me to keep your thing, you quickly leave here, I am not because this disaster turns into this, but some people plot against me.” Who is!” Mu Qianxiang immediately angrily said. Other five races, including our Mu Family senior statesman...... In brief, you a bit faster walk, otherwise they found me, will also die including you, after my enmity, whose incoming telegram?” Mu Tianhua is very excited, squeezes out one breath to come the loud voice speech actually. With five races...... The great grandfather, you must tell me!” Mu Qianxiang is gripping tightly the hand of Mu Tianhua, she did not have the tears, later endless hatred and anger. „...... Mu Tianhua exhausts other strength except, Zhao, Ji, Li, then has closed the eye, the body immediately becomes very stiff, slowly is then withered, finally turned into smog to dissipate. Some people came!” Shen Xiang holds on Mu Qianxiang immediately, is far away from here with the quickest speed. Shen Xiang brings Mu Qianxiang to arrive at the barrier edge, only then these places had not been destroyed, now in this Sacred Land, the casualty is serious, can have 30% people to live to be good. Before the Shen Xiang plan came out after that seeking asylum stone chamber, the matter of loose immortal tribulation tells Nine Clans Patriarch, but now is not perhaps good, in Nine Clans in fought very seriously, unexpectedly while present this situation, collaborates to cope with Mu Tianhua. Shen Xiang guessed in the Mu Tianhua hand definitely to have the thing that these people want to obtain, or was Mu Tianhua has some threat to them, making them be hard to be relieved, will therefore start to Mu Tianhua.

In a cave, Mu Qianxiang sits in the ground, holds the knee to watch the fire of high-piled firewood dull, the whole face is sad, a beautiful eye is somewhat inflamed, obviously has cried. Xiao Xiang, restrains your grief and accommodates change!” Shen Xiang sighed, handed over one to roast the good beast meat to give Mu Qianxiang. Great grandfather is to I best person.” Mu Qianxiang received that to be together beastly the meat, has nipped the one breath greatly: I must revenge for him!” This enmity must certainly report, but is not now.” The Shen Xiang comfort said: Now you must do adjusts own mood, do not fall into during the endless hatred by oneself, otherwise that will make you then all day hate crossed, your great grandfather definitely is not willing to see your this.” Mu Qianxiang swallows the meat in end opening, nodded: I know how should do, now I do not have the strength, was unable to revenge.” You are competent, you cannot report the enmity!” Cave outside suddenly broadcasts the sound, lets Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang stands up immediately, whole body condense strength. Who are you?” Shen Xiang shouted.