World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1393
Must thank your person!” Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang look outside the cave, but then their actually whole body trembles, because unknowingly, that person has come, moreover sits by the fire of high-piled firewood, takes up Shen Xiang to roast the good beast meat, the small mouth is nipping. This has the middle age of a handful beard, some corner of the eye wrinkles, but also lets he narrows eye smiling the time appears very gentle, he wears one set of clean white clothing, the stature looks like somewhat thin, but looks like healthily is very very energetic. He sits there is eating barbecue, said with a smile: This meat is really delicious, although I do not need to eat this type of thing to promote the strength.” „Can you like this? Had not obtained others' agreement randomly to eat!” Mu Qianxiang knits the brows saying that meat roasted to her eats. Shen Xiang has drawn Mu Qianxiang, because this person is very at present fearful, is not he and Mu Qianxiang can cope. This fellow is loose immortal...... you should know that who he was!” Long Xueyi reminded Shen Xiang. You said a moment ago you do want to thank me? What do you feel grateful my?” Shen Xiang asked. You should know that who I was? Has not thought that this time also some people know seven color Saint nuclei can take away, therefore you should also know that I am loose immortal.” That middle-aged lightly smiled: „my name is Duan, call Duan Ming.” Shen Xiang said solemnly: For these years, many people died under your loose immortal tribulation, don't you have guilty?” Mu Qianxiang somewhat understood, at present this casual with the fellow who others thing eats, brings in the person of that seven color disasters. I am also involuntary, I by seal in the below of this place, I to get out of trouble, naturally the promotion strength, before on this place was a person did not have.” Duan Ming helpless sighed one. Nonsense, our Nine Clans, but since ancient times in this place!” Mu Qianxiang refuted immediately. Since old times? Your Nine Clans knows where this is? Your that so-called Nine Clans, but was one crowd has astrayed this place descendant who the person, but is unable to exit inherited, this place was forbidden land, they multiplied here, harmed own descendant.” Duan Ming friendly saying. I came to here you be earlier, but this place Saint Beast Ancient Domain forbidden land, was not your so-called Sacred Land.” Although Mu Qianxiang in the heart is not feeling well very much this Duan Ming, however the Duan Ming strength is very strong, compared with her great grandfather. „Can you lead us to exit?” Mu Qianxiang asked that but in her heart most hopes that was this fellow can lead her to revenge. Cannot, I only be able to exit, multi- belt half individual is not good, will otherwise only injure someone to cause self infliction.” Duan Ming said.

Snort, you added a moment ago feels grateful my Big Brother Shen, your oral gratitude?” Mu Qianxiang said. little girl, I said that cannot lead you to exit, had not said that I cannot help you exit!” Duan Ming he he smiles: My Duan thanks others, naturally did not only say, he was quite Yu Jiu my half life.” Shen Xiang said: „Before has not obtained Beast Slaughtering Technique, I will not leave here!” Duan Ming nods saying: actually you are not here person, from outside, your goal is this, your strength is not strong, but can actually come here, is very good!” Beast Slaughtering Technique, in Reincarnation Canyon valley inside that cliff above divine art?” Mu Qianxiang asked. Um!” Shen Xiang and Duan Ming also replied. To be honest, even if my present strength, cannot enter that Reincarnation Canyon valley to look at that Beast Slaughtering Technique, that was initially several formidable Saint Beast collaborated to arrange the barrier restriction seal, was very difficult to break.” Duan Ming said: I initially came here goal am also for this, but the luck is not good, has run into a very fierce fellow, by his seal here, several hundred thousand years was passed, that seal was looser, I can run.” „Can you help us exit really? Is safe?” Mu Qianxiang hastily asked. Is safe, but you must bear a pain.” Duan Ming looks at Shen Xiang, said: This little brother must look for that Beast Slaughtering Technique, my means can only every other millenniums carry on one time.” I will convince his, this you do not need to be worried!” Mu Qianxiang is very confident. Good, I prepare now, one month later here met with.” Duan Ming also took two barbecues, then runs under Mu Qianxiang that look this cave. This fellow is really......” Mu Qianxiang tenderly snorted and said: Gets what one deserves by seal several hundred thousand years, a politeness does not have!” Can exit safely, Shen Xiang was certainly happy, but he had not obtained that Beast Slaughtering Technique. Big Brother Shen, does not need to be worried about that Beast Slaughtering Technique, I have, tonight I lead you to go to that place.” Mu Qianxiang gives Shen Xiang sound transmission, is very discrete to this matter to now her. „Do you have?” Shen Xiang feels inconceivable, visits her surprisedly. Um!” Mu Qianxiang nodded. Why didn't you tell me earlier? You do not know that I do go to the Reincarnation Canyon valley for Beast Slaughtering Technique?” Shen Xiang has pinched the face of Mu Qianxiang.

Others want to make you here duller the day, can accompany me to becoming the day of the end of the year gift, I also want certainly to leave with you earlier, but I also want to accompany my great grandfather.” Mu Qianxiang remembers Mu Tianhua, expression becomes low-spirited. You are study that Beast Slaughtering Technique to promote that quickly?” Shen Xiang was getting more and more curious to that place, inside unexpectedly has Beast Slaughtering Technique. Naturally is not...... I fused a grain of very strange stone, afterward I know that is grain of Heaven Dan, my present practice is stimulating that Heaven Dan inside strength, but that Heaven Dan inside strength is very strange, so long as were stimulated by me, not only can help me obtain very formidable strength, but can also strengthen my fleshly body.” Mu Qianxiang said. Night, Mu Qianxiang and Shen Xiang left the cave, Shen Xiang under the direction of Mu Qianxiang, treads Earth Shrinking Step to display space power, is dashing about wildly in this Saint Beast Ancient Domain forbidden land. This forbidden land is very big, seven color Tribulation Cloud erupt time, the place that ruins although are many, but has to preserve much. After Shen Xiang brings Mu Qianxiang was dashing about wildly for three hours, arrives at one piece to have many giant stones places. Here has encountered the serious destruction probably, that place also in?” Shen Xiang carefully looks at all around, this place also suffered affect of that Tribulation Force. Mu Qianxiang has put out a jade pendant, said: Did not fear that place and here is not connected!” Jade pendant suddenly in her hand has shone, afterward projects arrives at light glow, hits in void, saw only there to present a big group white multi-colored sunlight. Mu Qianxiang hastily is drawing Shen Xiang, flies into the airborne that group of white lights, now Shen Xiang also understands that place unexpectedly is a hideaway space here. In that space has a dwelling, Shen Xiang appears with Mu Qianxiang in the courtyard, but in the courtyard has one fully is the tree of fiery red leaf, these leaves are not big, dense and numerous pushing together, and releases produce fire light, seems probably burns the fierce flame to be the same. That was I says must to your Immortal Fruit, like fire bird, but had two.” Mu Qianxiang points is being hanging that two flame intense fruits on tree, seems looks like small Phoenix is the same. That is Phoenix Fruit! Sacred Level alchemy herbs! Shen Xiang had guessed correctly anything, he suspected that this place is Dan Emperor stays behind, that grain of Heaven Dan that but his curious Mu Qianxiang obtains whose is, that Heaven Dan is not definitely simple, will otherwise not make Mu Qianxiang day Monarch within the several years. Beast Slaughtering Technique there, is together stele, I have not practiced, because does not suit me, in that Heaven Dan good cultivation technique has.” Mu Qianxiang said. Xiao Xiang, you know whose that Heaven Dan is?” Shen Xiang sees that to carve to be fuller tiny ancient character stele, knows that is one of the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique. Is a female, the thing that after likely is not dies, to keep, because inside has the memory of many cultivation technique and practice, does not have her soul, moreover inside these energies were also cancelled the consciousness, therefore I can very easy little stimulate.” Mu Qianxiang said: Initially fused time, is painful I to suffer extreme distress, but has supported.”

Dan Emperor to exit, does not want fleshly body, his Heaven Dan has not preserved, that grain of Mu Qianxiang fusion is not his, whose that can be, moreover in this place, is a female! Big Brother Shen, you wait for me here, I make a thing to eat to you, has the flavor with the thing that the leaf of this tree burns.” Mu Qianxiang ran up to under that tree, selects these fiery red leaves. This Beast Slaughtering Technique needs him to fuse, he pastes the palm above, starts to read inside content, he had three Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, now obtains this Beast Slaughtering Technique, only misses final Life Slaughtering Technique to collect Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique. When reads stele inside Beast Slaughtering Technique, Shen Xiang unknowingly enters one type with the condition that in the outside breaks to relate, unknowingly passed for three months, this stele above Beast Slaughtering Technique integrated in his mind, but stele above ancient character also completely vanishes. When he opens the eye stands up, Mu Qianxiang carries a thing to run over, above is some roasts the fragrant meat. However Shen Xiang cares is not the above barbecue, but is that tray, seems like the tray, but Shen Xiang thought that looks like a thing very much! His hastily squeezes in the above barbecue own mouth completely, then carefully looks at that this tray! This is a cover!” Long Xueyi said: Is that Divine Cauldron cover?” Shen Xiang also thinks that his hastily puts out that Divine Cauldron, sees only that tray suddenly to dodge, changed small, then with that Divine Cauldron fitting! Shen Xiang fierce swallows the meat in mouth, raises head to laugh, but Mu Qianxiang is looking at the same time bewilderedly. Now he can confirm that this place Dan Emperor had stayed, will otherwise not have this cover here. What thing is this?” Mu Qianxiang looks at the small cauldron in Shen Xiang hand. Can alchemy also be able the refiner thing, initially I, for this small cauldron has taken very big risk.” Shen Xiang said sigh with emotion. Big Brother Shen, do you understand alchemy?” Mu Qianxiang asked with amazement. Naturally understands, my alchemy may be fierce, Heaven World has held a alchemy big game, I three are first, won this small cauldron, fierce!” Shen Xiang haughty said with a smile.