World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1394
Nine Clans was stranded in this forbidden land, the alchemy master are miserable, but these scarce alchemy masters do not understand to refine high level pill, because here herbs resources are too scarce, is unable to study, must become a high level alchemy master, must first have the rich herbs resources. In the impression of Mu Qianxiang, these alchemy masters are the hair gray grandfathers, has not thought that unexpectedly will have that young alchemy master. Takes down that fruit, you are the alchemy master, this should be very important to you.” Mu Qianxiang said. If not Mu Qianxiang, Shen Xiang with ease will not obtain Beast Slaughtering Technique and that Divine Cauldron cover now, now Mu Qianxiang must give him this Phoenix Fruit. Xiao Xiang, does not know how really should thank you, you helped me be busy, making me obtain that many things.” Shen Xiang looks at Mu Qianxiang to say. You want to thank me, makes very fierce Immortal Sword to me, although I have, but was too rotten.” Mu Qianxiang has smiled saying with a smile. Good Immortal Sword Shen Xiang has certainly, but these Immortal Sword cannot take away to use casually, because is Shen Xiang snatches, will only bring to her to Mu Qianxiang troublesome. Does not have the issue, after waiting, I immediately lead you to make one your satisfied Immortal Sword!” Shen Xiang has taken down that Phoenix Fruit, said: On this fruit, can trade many good Immortal Sword. Therefore I must thank you, definitely cannot thank you with general Immortal Sword!” We a bit faster ask that bastard to converge, let him when quickly leads us to exit!” Mu Qianxiang must come to this place impatiently, she wants to yearn for a long time world of Nine Heaven earlier going to that her. Shen Xiang now not enough time, otherwise he makes certainly some high level therapy saint medicine with Soul Creation Fluid to Mu Qianxiang as the thanks, but these Sacred Level herbs need very long very massive Soul Creation Fluid, he a short time cannot take. Mu Qianxiang and Shen Xiang left this small space, returned to that cave, Duan Ming had not come, Shen Xiang continued to use seven color Saint nucleus practice in this inside, now he does not have to study that Beast Slaughtering Technique, because he worried that was broken at crucial moment of study comprehension.

Mu Qianxiang is a very open female, quick cheer up from the sadness gets up, in her storage equipment also many delicious, Shen Xiang wanted some spirit fruit from Long Xueyi there, gives Mu Qianxiang to treat as between -meal snack to eat, she is the same with Long Xueyi, likes eating the thing, every so often her mouth is chewing the thing. Shen Xiang has practiced for more than ten days in the cave, absorbs that seven color Saint nucleus inside energies, although he altogether gave has only used for more than 20 days, has actually felt itself to have the obvious promotion, but also needed a period of time from the breakthrough. Duan Ming appears in the cave, Mu Qianxiang sees him to arrive, immediately placing tray inside barbecue receives, only leaves behind one to be very small. little girl, that stingy!” Duan Ming he he smiles, takes away that tray above barbecue. You must eat me to help you roast, but you must take the meat, your strength is so formidable, casual several sub- can hunt and kill very strong giant beast, here was little, Big Brother Shen said that does not have that many this type of high level beast meat to eat outside.” Mu Qianxiang said. Duan Ming said with a smile: You arrive at outside, so long as there is Immortal Crystal, can eat including dragon meat, let alone is this high level beast meat?” Present dragon meat is not fond of playing jokes, even if there is Immortal Crystal is very difficult to buy.” Shen Xiang said. This, were present dragon getting fewer and fewer?” Duan Ming realized now one initially that time passed. But the high level beast meat has, moreover dragon meat is not delicious, is sour and hard, might as well is used for alchemy.” „Have you eaten?” Mu Qianxiang has not thought that Shen Xiang will have eaten dragon meat, she grows up in this Sacred Land, naturally knows that the dragon is very fearfully very formidable beasts.

Naturally, after waiting, I deliver you some bird meat...... That is a very precious bird meat.” Shen Xiang said. Can also make me taste......” Senior, you make, Imperial Feather Clan has not perished.” Shen Xiang said. Duan Ming shakes the head sighs, he has not thought that present little rascal that does not respect old man, anything asked him to make. Walks, now can leave here, I explained beforehand, that passage that exiting is not stable, but can make us exit, but by inside these tyrannical energy attacks, when the time comes possibly is unable to resist the attacks of some energies in me, but you could rest assured that cannot bear the person, but will have the physical suffering.” Duan Ming goes out of the cave, walks while said. Shen Xiang grips the hand of Mu Qianxiang, said: Do not fear, when the time comes I putting in my storage equipment.” I did not fear.” Mu Qianxiang displays no fear: I also want to exit with you, I do not fear the pain!” Clever, enters in my storage equipment.” The Shen Xiang's sound became severe, he worried that passage had him and Duan Ming beyond control sudden change, that was space passage, if did not do well, entered in some chaotic spaces, that type suffered is not everyone can withstand. However Shen Xiang did not fear that his body has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to protect the body, moreover fleshly body is very formidable. Can also make me go in?” Duan Ming was teasing at the same time.

Senior, who you went to guide.” Shen Xiang is very speechless, this Duan Ming not Senior appearance. Duan Ming brings Shen Xiang they to arrive at the barrier edge, here very short rocky mountain, above quarter spirit pattern, looked completely these traces just carved likely. „Were these you just made?” Shen Xiang asked with amazement. Here itself has an exit / to speak, the words that but must open, need such large formation to open.” Duan Ming said that he arrives by that rocky mountain, the palm is pasting a smooth place, then pours into his vigorous strength. Senior, how many loose immortal tribulations did you cross?” Shen Xiang asked curiously, the Long Xueyi beforehand estimate was more than 30 times. 43 times, six times I have extricated, does not know that can go on living in the following loose immortal tribulation.” On the Duan Ming face full is helpless. „Do you know Dan Emperor? Heard that he has also come here, moreover after coming, again has not exited.” Shen Xiang also asked that he thought that this Duan Ming should be the Dan Emperor same period character. I know him, but he does not know me, that is a very fierce character, but he cannot go out of this place, because he does not know the method.” Duan Ming pours into strength to open that large formation, while said. But I saw jade bone outside that forest, I suspected that is his, he can arrive at that forest also to calculate that was very fierce.” Shen Xiang said.