World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1395
Hears jade bone, the Duan Ming whole face is surprised. Does not know that jade bone is Dan Emperor.” Definitely is his, except for him, little has humanity to practice saint bone to come, is Dan Emperor, unexpectedly can break through the god who Great Emperor they collaborate to arrange to ban worthily, but he eventually has not walked.” A Duan Ming face regretted: If he can walk, then after he possibly is true Great Emperor following Great Emperor of Ten Heavens.” Mu Qianxiang is listening to Shen Xiang they to mention the matters of these great people at the same time, hears to be very earnest. His body bone, although has not exited, but the soul possibly exited, this person was impossible dead easily, that saint bone was I lays down personally, has not damaged, preserves very completely, I thought that was he automatically gave up saint bone, was separated from this god to ban with the strong soul.” Shen Xiang said. Hehe, then, is he same as me? Later must repair loose immortal, if no such, he must from the beginning practice, how also did not know now.” Duan Ming said with a smile. Senior Duan, you called Great Emperor of Ten Heavens are Great Emperor, were you his subordinate? I knew that Heavenspan Family, is surnamed Duan, but was cursed, having caused the person to be for many years on the wane.” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, hastily asked. I do not have the qualifications to be the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens subordinate, that Duan Family that you said is my Duan Family, but I am only a Duan Family young male servant, under the cultivation of Duan Family, I adolescence gets up, afterward I entered Saint Beast Ancient Domain with them, meets these damn bat demons, I astray forbidden land, but also meets one to steal the Sacred Land supreme treasure fellow here, finally that supreme treasure was stolen by him, then I also by his seal in the forbidden land deep place.” Mu Qianxiang whispered: I do not believe that if you is a young male servant, you will understand this type method? Although I do not understand any restriction, but my good and bad also knows that you cause that many spirit pattern, definitely has studied diligently many years, obtained the inheritance in this aspect, the arrangement that perhaps this god bans is related with your Duan Family.” Shen Xiang also thinks at heart. Good, I acknowledged that I obtained entrusting with heavy responsibility in Duan Family, past Duan Family Patriarch treated as the whole family me, therefore I also obtained some inheritance, this restriction our Duan Family also had to participate in the arrangement, afterward had the catastrophe, we had no recourse to hide into this place to maintain life, but evidently only then I came in successfully.” Duan Ming expression is somewhat sad, in the past and his together family member, now only then he lived. Shen Xiang thought that this Duan Ming is not simple, because he crossed 43 loose immortal tribulations, this time strength places in Nine Heavens, is top existence, perhaps that Dragon Emperor does not dare the loud voice speech before him. Then Senior you definitely know that the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens how die matter, Emperor Heaven great war, until now five people can know the detailed inside story in the past.” Shen Xiang said. I am not clear, at that time I was one am young, share that only then escaped, at that time Great Emperor issued the dead order to make us hide not to participate, but before then, Great Emperor also calculates that will die, therefore already completed own things to do after death in Emperor Heaven.” At this time was one's turn Duan Ming to be curious: How your does brat know that many matters?” „Don't I mean? I knew that your Duan Family descendant, they told me, they and my relationship was good, moreover joined up to cope with these rebel aristocratic families and Sacred Realm, I am also chased down by these rebel influences now.” Shen Xiang said. Very fierce, but I thought that you do not have are so simple!” Duan Ming Hehe said with a smile.

My Big Brother Shen may be famous outside, the words that you do not believe exit to inquire.” Mu Qianxiang hurriedly said, before this is, Shen Xiang has said to her. „After Oh? I exit, certainly will inquire!” Duan Ming thought that now Shen Xiang is not very simple, especially he wants to see through the Shen Xiang's dantian time, only thought that the Shen Xiang's dantian is fuzzy, probably is one does not have the dantian. Let alone Shen Xiang also knows many secrets, for example that Dan Emperor matter, if not Shen Xiang raises, he almost must forget. How long also wants?” Mu Qianxiang asked. Was quick, probably 2-3 days!” The Duan Ming words make Mu Qianxiang have the impulsion of spitting blood, 2-3 days were also called quickly. She will certainly not understand the concept of old monster that Duan Ming this living several hundred thousand years regarding time, 2-3 days were were in his eyes quick. Mu Qianxiang sharply is leaving here, let alone 2-3 days, even if 2-3 double-hour she thinks the long time. Several double-hour passed by, already to the night, at this time that quarter massive spirit pattern rocky mountain suddenly glittering had light glow completely, above spirit pattern started to be stimulated, but strength is insufficient. Until the night, small rocky mountain had very big sound, summit suddenly projects arrives at the light beam, penetrates the upper air. Now started to open that to export, but also requires some time condense strength, if I did not cross 43 loose immortal tribulations, perhaps insufficient strength.” Duan Ming somewhat is also excited. Sound is not small, will direct here person.” Some Mu Qianxiang worries said. Fears anything, I will not make them approach in any case, that exit / to speak cannot go in too many people.” Duan Ming said. During the night, suddenly appears arrives to send out the dazzling ray light beam, moreover to the upper air, is very easy to be discovered in this forbidden land. Currently has many people to see that ray of light column, some Patriarch go, they think that is treasure is born. Really attracted big group of people to come, had this fellow luckily here.” Long Xueyi said. Senior, some people came!” Shen Xiang draws Mu Qianxiang to Duan Ming side, this can be safer.

Relax, I will not make them approach, who goes bad my good deed, I with who goes all out.” Duan Ming face earnestly said. Now in Nine Heavens, can who Duan Ming goes all out not many, these Patriarch that at this time catches up with although are very strong, short-time Duan Ming must be fiercer, otherwise he is unable very that many loose immortal tribulations. Is that little girl, the Mu Tianhua thing definitely in her hands!” After old man sees Mu Qianxiang, both eyes become fiery. „Are they doing? Who that fellow is, does she want to leave here with that outsider? Prevents them quickly!” Another old man hissing called out, although he also wants to leave here. Is you plots against my great grandfather, your this group of bastards, I must butcher you personally, do not kill them, making them live I to kill.” Mu Qianxiang sees that several personal enemies, immediately angrily said. Dead girl, a womenfolk, should getting married of obediently, but does not kill all day, hands over the Mu Tianhua this old fellow thing.” Walks in forefront that old man shouted. I, you think you anyone, asking me to give me to give?” Mu Qianxiang angrily said. I do not think fight, you should better not to approach here.” Duan Ming said. Snort, do you want to leave here? Do not have a dream!” That old man spoke, emitted Immortal Sword, controlled to fly. Duan Ming frowned, drinks greatly, sees only in his mouth to spout very strong strength, forms one to bring purple lightning glow small Tornado, then had been attracted by that purple electricity Tornado Immortal Sword actually, was stirred the fragment in inside, making that old man complexion pale. Get lost the distant point to me!” Duan Ming angrily said, in the mouth spout purple lightning glow astral wind, is similar to the turbulent ocean waves swats. All of a sudden, the person who flushed completely is curling that crowd, moreover inside that purple lightning strength , the electricity they called out pitifully again and again, these Patriarch must deal discretely, what in their hearts were more was surprised, because they have not thought that will have a formidable person to appear here, but can repel them with the mouth, if were earnest, they already died. Soon started, you hide this wild girl, although she can very pass, but can good that avoids that pain as far as possible avoiding.” Duan Ming said to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang held the hand of Mu Qianxiang, Mu Qianxiang is visiting him to nod, hints him to start. , Mu Qianxiang was received suddenly in Hidden Jade Ring by Shen Xiang, was placed by him in a refined room, although in that palace, but they are separated by from Long Xueyi very far. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou they are Shen Xiang biggest secret one, he must conceal well.

Sees Duan Ming to be so fierce, the Nine Clans person does not dare to pass again, otherwise has at death's door one. Walks!” Duan Ming jump gets up, enters in that white light beam, Shen Xiang follows close on behind. They stand in that ray of light bunch, Duan Ming took a deep breath, releases very formidable strength, under pours into that rocky mountain, sees only that ray of light column becomes brighter, has illuminated half the sky. Shen Xiang and Duan Ming strength that spout by below that small rocky mountain, pushes up the upper air following that [say / way] straight light beam. The light beam vanishes, Shen Xiang and Duan Ming also disappear, but at this time they around one are in assorted bright passage, here fills tyrannical space strength, making Shen Xiang think that own body was pulled by innumerable strength from time to time, from time to time was extruded from several directions by many strength, is uncomfortable. Young people, your fleshly body has been the Heavenly Saint Body initial stage!” Duan Ming sees Shen Xiang, cannot help but with amazement to ask as if nothing has happened. Um!” Shen Xiang should say that this degree of suffering for him is not anything, but makes him uncomfortable. Regarding Duan Ming, is not anything, his fleshly body also releases intrepidly, because had been quenchinged by 43 loose immortal tribulations. „After we exit, where can? Is outside that forest?” Shen Xiang asked. „It is not, I am not clear, in brief not in forbidden land, if before, I do not dare to wander about aimlessly in Saint Beast Ancient Domain, but now, anything is not good to fear.” Had Duan Ming these words, Shen Xiang feels relieved! In a minute, Shen Xiang and Duan Ming left that space passage, appears on a piece of wilderness, around here is loesses, does not have rich Immortal Qi, moreover fills with an extremely evil aura. Here should have massive Night Devil!” Shen Xiang seriously said, but in the heart is very excited, because he left that forbidden land. Right, luckily is daytime!” Duan Ming said that smiled: Can put that wild girl, making her have a look outside world to be what kind.”