World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1396

How long Mu Qianxiang has not stayed to be put by Shen Xiang in Hidden Jade Ring, she comes out after Hidden Jade Ring, looked around, immediately the whole face is disappointed. Shen Xiang sees her facial expression, said with a smile: Here is in that Night Demon Underworld, therefore like this, although is Heaven World, but is actually in a Heaven World violent region, waited to leave here that's alright.” Duan Ming also said with a smile: Wild girl, has me here, can leave very much with ease, does not have no danger(ous).” Mu Qianxiang is not too disappointed, but she, as soon as comes out, sees and feels the environment and imagines the difference, will therefore be disappointed. Before Shen Xiang, has mentioned many Heaven World above matters with her, she does not certainly think that Heaven World is only this. Here is a piece of wilderness, brown colors, Duan Ming thought that is very uncomfortable, he said: How now we must walk to leave this Night Demon Underworld, I was been very long by the seal, do not count on that I can find a quickest road.” Shen Xiang put out has referred to the Immortal Journey plate, although on the immortal plate has not recorded Night Demon Underworld, but can actually from referring to the Immortal Journey plate sees distance here recent Immortal Palace. It seems like is very far, the place that we are, should be the Night Demon Underworld deep place, heard that this inside Night Devil is fierce.” Shen Xiang was saying, then puts out that map. After he map spreads out, quick from above seeks for this piece of wilderness the site, he has not thought before this piece of wilderness is very long, existed. This map should be Dan Emperor, has not thought that separated that for a long time also has been able to see.” Duan Ming had pointed out immediately position that they are. Sees that position, Shen Xiang brow tight wrinkle, because this position and Phoenix Princess the target point of that map is very near.

Big Brother Shen, how? This place very danger(ous)?” Mu Qianxiang sees the Shen Xiang's complexion to be so serious, immediately asked. Senior Duan, what impression do you have to this place? As far as I know, the Big Shot hand of Imperial Dragon Clan and in that batch of rebel influences some remnant charts, these remnant charts combine together, the directional place is nearby here.” Shen Xiang thought that this Duan Ming should know a point anything, but the matter distance now was too remote, needs to him a reminder, to make him think. Here should also be Saint Beast Ancient Domain, in the past was so long, here is that bleak, was what fierce thing here is hiding, devour massive life Yuan Qi?” Mu Qianxiang looks at all around, feels that evil aura, making her feel that is very uncomfortable. This place very danger(ous)!” Duan Ming recalled to mind something probably: A bit faster leaves here, I thought!” Pondered Duan Ming of moment, the suddenly half step walked in a direction. What remembered? Where is this?” Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang hastily with coming up. Mu Qianxiang is also very curious: Dragon Emperor their maps aim here, did not say what here has treasure?” Duan Ming expression is serious, before he also kept on proclaiming, can lead them to leave here safely, but now Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang clash his facial expression, probably is not that reasonable. Here below has passage to Hell, has many treasure there, in the past here has erupted great war, that passage was made by great war fallout, moreover is very difficult to seal up!” Duan Ming said.

Has Hell really?” Where Shen Xiang they did not ravel these Night Devil from come, now Duan Ming told their answer. Has, it is said these have been the person of dishonorable matter, after dying the ghost to be inhaled Hell, possibly these bat demons will be evolve by these ghosts.” Duan Ming said. Before Shen Xiang has remembered , when enter forbidden land place that passed by, there has the Night Devil lair, that desert, full is the deserts of various resentful souls, but also meets life essence of devour life. All these are because here and Hell initiates connected! Initially great war, Saint Beast also had dies there, human expert are more, after they died, thing that leaves behind, regarding some people of present, is supreme treasure is ordinary, but will want to take not to be easy.” Duan Ming said: At least I do not dare, heard that there has guards Hell Hell Devil God much, that fellow is very formidable, these things they do not want, but will not make others obtain.” Senior Duan, the gate of that Hell under our feet?” Mu Qianxiang asked. Almost, in this big piece of wilderness deeply, although will not have Hell inside Evil Devil to run, but in Hell massive Evil Soul have to run away much, especially initially the gate of Hell opened, gushed out.” Duan Ming quickens pace, at this time they saw the distant place to have the fuzzy shadows of some great mountains. Must leave this place before the darkness, although when the time comes we will not die, but will be very definitely troublesome.” Duan Ming said: Here time had been controlled by Night Devil, therefore the daytime time is very short!” actually is the Night Devil control, I also think that is other people does, how will Night Devil have that strength?” Shen Xiang has thought has humanity to participate in Night Devil this matter. Some people help them, but I do not know that is . Before Great Emperor of Ten Heavens has not died, these Night Devil were very formidable, initially some people had taught the [say / way] of formation to them. This place approaches the gate of Hell, can therefore in Night Devil of this place be most formidable that.” Duan Ming thinks of these, hastily holds Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang, then rushes with the quickest speed to this piece of wilderness.

In the Duan Ming mind to the memory of this place is regaining consciousness little, these memories are clearer, he is anxious, here time variation he is clear. Soon darkness!” Duan Ming said solemnly: Imperial Dragon Clan that group of people, if sees here situation outside this piece of wilderness, definitely will not come, anyone, saw that formidable Night Devil, even if this inside has supreme treasure, will not take risk to enter here, let alone these treasure in this piece of wilderness deeply under.” In gate of Hell entrance!” Shen Xiang does not dare, but is only does not dare now, because his strength is very faint, if he had very formidable strength, even if Hell he dares to rush. Xiao Xiang, your does if wanted go to hide?” Shen Xiang sought information the opinion of Mu Qianxiang, he thought that Mu Qianxiang enters in Hidden Jade Ring to be better. First has a look at the situation, if not really good I to go in again.” Mu Qianxiang just left that forbidden land, she wants to have a look outside world to be what kind, even if this Night Demon Underworld, fearfully actually she also wants to take a look. Dark night suddenly arrives, is only the flash, turns into the dark night from the daytime, at this time, Duan Ming was bringing Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang left that piece of wilderness, entered in a piece of greenwood.