World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1397

The dark night just arrived, all around resounds these Night Devil cries, before Shen Xiang, has been used to it, but Mu Qianxiang first time hears that from shrieking and howling wildly sound in all directions, after she hears, the delicate eyebrows wrinkle immediately tightly. Senior Duan, fierce Night Devil cannot appear in the daytime? I came before, sees Night Devil and a Black Tortoise beast fights in the daytime.” Shen Xiang asked that if because of this place extremely danger(ous), he certainly did not look for that Yue Baishan, told him inside some situations. Right, fierce Night Devil has not feared the sunlight, but true fierce Night Devil, by the gate of Hell, because they think stronger to be big, must result in the devour massive ghosts, the gate of Hell will have every time the massive ghosts to reveal.” They daytime absorb the ghost, is to come out to absorb the strength of essence of inside Extreme Yin moon/month to build up to the night.” Duan Ming said. Perhaps this place has Night Devil Emperor, that type exists is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is alive, perhaps will also be hard the elimination, during the dark night, this fellow will be very strong.” The Duan Ming words had a scare Shen Xiang, he also thinks that before Night Devil most likely is also equal to Yue Baishan this rank, has not thought that unexpectedly is Emperor Level same existence. When the night, in this Night Demon Underworld is so noisy, before Mu Qianxiang, listened to Shen Xiang saying that now she gradually has also been used to that sound, but thought very bothersome. The ability of Duan Ming concealment aura is very strong, after all he is the Duan Family person, moreover is not only goes into hiding, he can also help Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang concealment aura, does not make these Night Devil induce. They in mountain forest went forward more than double-hour, suddenly hears an incisive long and loud cry, sounds extremely terroristly, but all around Night Devil also suddenly peaceful. Looks quickly airborne.” Long Xueyi shouted.

Shen Xiang they in the forest, nighttime sky were blocked by the branches and leaves of cover, but Duan Ming also discovered in probably the nighttime sky had anything, lifts the hand to make all around several big trees vanish. Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang see in airborne picture, cannot help but lowly shouted one. The airborne that round full moon is braving the steaming silver light fog, but that light fog by underground any thing devour such, unexpectedly was having the thing to use the essence of very terrifying speed devour moon/month. Is that crowd of Hell old demons, only then approaches can see this phenomenon, therefore should have many Night Devil King nearby this at this time, these Night Devil King can also absorb the energy that sends out, we a bit faster are far away from here.” Has Duan Ming to guide, Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang had not been attacked by Night Devil, Duan Ming has to prevent the ability that Night Devil approaches. Duan Ming is bringing Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang hurries along at the same night, to the dawn, after Night Devil and these sounds vanish, they slow down the footsteps, place distance that piece of wilderness that they are at now was very far. Now was not anxious, so long as does not approach these Hell Night Devil heads, I do not have what to be good to fear that has not thought comes out from forbidden land, will descend on the gate of Hell, real danger(ous), is not the night appears there luckily, otherwise......” Duan Ming has not said that Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang have a lingering fear. Senior Duan, after going out of this Night Demon Underworld, what do you have to plan?” Shen Xiang asked. Goes to some previous place to have a look, perhaps in the past my some old friends had left behind some important news.” Duan Ming sighed, he lived was so long, but his friends perhaps. Dawn, but has two time of double-hour, these days, they will not hear these abominable Night Devil cries, therefore Mu Qianxiang this time is happy, although here fills with the evil aura that Night Devil participates, but she still thought that here scenery is good, especially that vast great mountain vast sea, makes her feel to shock.

Has the person, moreover are many, perhaps is Imperial Dragon Clan they!” Duan Ming suddenly perceived that some people are coming. Is Imperial Dragon Clan they, they just arrived here probably, was slower than you!” Long Xueyi said that the Divine Soul time that she releases is loafing in the surroundings, so long as there is any a fierce thing to approach, she can inform Shen Xiang immediately. if wanted and do they meet with?” Shen Xiang asked. You do not think that they will also come, they have discovered us!” Duan Ming said: Has not thought that they can discover us, it seems like in them has that type to induce the fellow who has to all around some people \; That Phoenix Princess, has not thought that Imperial Feather Clan unexpectedly also with their together, before they must destroy completely that Phoenix Princess!” Long Xueyi is unreadable, Phoenix Princess met with Phoenix King, should tell her father the matter. But now Imperial Feather Clan still and Imperial Dragon Clan their together. Shen Xiang, is really you, has not thought that you also arrived here!” Dragon Emperor and the others appears suddenly, all around big tree was ruined, making Shen Xiang their exposed in fierce positive, moreover was surrounded by a troop person. After Shen Xiang sees Phoenix Princess, hastily gives her sound transmission, inquired: Xue Ying, what's all this about? You how also with this crowd of fellow together?” I told my father the matter, but he did not plan that here and Imperial Dragon Clan got angry, I do not understand that what meaning he was?” Phoenix Princess should say hastily that afterward also asked: You here? Who is your person? Properly speaking we walk in the forefront, you should unable to come to be so quick!”

Later again told you, you should better your Imperial Feather Clan not to get rid!” The Shen Xiang urging said. Relax, my father has promised me, to your fight, he only at the same time is not looking again now.” Phoenix Princess said. Mu Qianxiang with a curious eye, looks at all around person, before Shen Xiang and she has mentioned Imperial Dragon Clan and Imperial Feather Clan story, moreover she recognized these quickly is the Imperial Dragon Clan person, after seeing Phoenix Princess, she also immediately recognized, because Shen Xiang has also mentioned this Phoenix Princess appearance with her. Duan Ming believes that now Mu Qianxiang words, before Mu Qianxiang had said Shen Xiang is very fierce outside, is a celebrity, from present Shen Xiang by this crowd of person surrounding, is understood. What matter do I close your here? This is Night Demon Underworld your Imperial Dragon Clan?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: You can live are arriving here, but also makes me be really surprised, you do not have me to imagine are so small and weak!” This group of people have not gone to that piece of wilderness, they just, but also quickly went, Shen Xiang does not want to remind them, they had several hundred thousand people to come, but now also only remaining several thousand. Shen Xiang, you are unable to escape even with wings now, obediently hands over the thing!” He Feng angrily said, Shen Xiang has snatched twice his Immortal Sword, moreover cuts off his arm each time, now his arm has met, but the anger in heart is actually not able to eliminate.