World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1399
What Duan Ming use is lightning strength, Evil Devil also compares to fear this strength, at this time Duan Ming that is gripping tightly on double fist, in pā lā glittering the purple electricity silk, that wild lightning strength, can induce clearly, making people think that he is the god of thunder goddess of lightning is the same, can release very terrifying Heavenly Thunder. Formidable Night Devil that these pursue, is only surround Duan Ming, because the Duan Ming strength is strongest, now after their surround Duan Ming, somewhat regretted, because the Duan Ming strength imagines stronger to be bigger than them. Dragon Emperor their this group of people old route returned, vanishes in the Shen Xiang's line of sight, making in the Shen Xiang heart not be feeling well very much, he hopes very much that group of people died completely. „Do you want to approach our territories?” Formidable Night Devil suddenly start to talk said that sound gentle and reserved, but sounds the expression to be very temperate, does not want the conflict with Duan Ming evidently. These formidable Night Devil can evolve to this step, is not easy, they are not stupid, if here and Duan Ming has the fight, dying is they. „It is not, we are just about to be far away, had not seen that we are escaping?” Duan Ming also friendly said that he does not think fight, has not feared these formidable Night Devil, but fears troublesome, if he kills these formidable Night Devil, perhaps will come out in gate of outside these Hell Night Devil Hell, the consequence is dreadful. Then you do come to here to do? Your goals do not enter our territories?” Another formidable Night Devil asked that their territories were equal to their Sacred Land, if some people approached, regardless of they paid the big price to stop. We come out from another place, is really good to fall in your territories, but also is only we, the person of that crowd of running away, they did not have a map, they were defer to that map.” Duan Ming told these Night Devil truthfully. Is forbidden land? Did you come out from forbidden land?” That Night Devil said that hastily retreat several steps, have been critical situation. „Do you also know forbidden land?” Duan Ming said curiously. That place had for many years ruined we many formidable outstanding companions, how can we not know?” That Night Devil complexion is serious, can come out the people who from forbidden land is very formidable, therefore they dread Duan Ming at this time.

Duan Ming has smiled saying with a smile: Now can ask us to leave, I do not want with you for the enemy, we to stay in forbidden land was too long, only wants a bit faster to leave!” I must ask that a matter, hopes that you can reply me!” That Night Devil said. You asked that I can reply you certainly will answer.” Duan Ming said. Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave in inside?” That Night Devil issue, Shen Xiang is curious, because that Reincarnation Canyon valley was too fierce, the strength of Duan Ming present is unable to enter. Duan Ming knits the brows, long sighed: I do not know that I once suspected in forbidden land inside Reincarnation Canyon valley, was is only unascertainable, Great Emperor calculates in the past oneself will die, therefore he prepared all very much long time ago, at that time my strength was very weak, is unable to know these cores the secrets.” You walk!” That Night Devil hears Duan Chong is the character who that time lives, does not dare to stop them to be too long again, immediately lets go them. These Night Devil responsibility are to safeguard here, but they usually are deeply , before is Duan Ming , when kills potential these rebel influences Big Shot, after letting these Big Shot die, have the enormous resentment, has alarmed these Night Devil. Duan Ming brings Shen Xiang to leave with great speed, that four Night Devil hastily called a moment ago other formidable Night Devil, they cannot be far away from this place, they ensure cannot make formidable humanity approach. Mu Qianxiang comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, she has not thought that has been all right quickly, understood at a glance that has not hit.

They do not dare to annoy me, therefore has let go me, it seems like these Night Devil very fear death.” Duan Ming said with a smile. Duan Ming they overtook the front person quickly, is only Imperial Feather Clan, Dragon Emperor they saw Duan Ming not to be stopped, using secret method by Night Devil to run away, they worried that Shen Xiang incited Duan Ming to attack them, they knew about their strength very much, if were not Duan Ming, perhaps they must have great war with these formidable Night Devil a moment ago, may die. You are all right!” Phoenix Princess inquired. Temporarily has been all right, but as soon as possible leaves this place, in this most formidable Night Devil is terrorist.” Shen Xiang replied. Sees Shen Xiang and Phoenix Princess such speaks, knows them to know, and is quite familiar. Many thanks you!” Phoenix King said that if not Shen Xiang they, they are definitely more unfortunate than fortunate. Is impolite.” Duan Ming said: Your Imperial Feather Clan has two Phoenix rarely, dies all of a sudden here, regarding Nine Heavens is a loss, although you have the ability of Nirvana rebirth, however may not work in that place, only if your strengths are very strong.” That place is the gate of Hell, very much excelled at death strength there Night Devil, present Imperial Feather Clan two Phoenix are so young, these Night Devil can make them unable Nirvana, extinguished directly kills them. Phoenix King is silent, he has pondered a moment later, turns into huge Phoenix, has used escape some secret method, leading their Imperial Feather Clan one group of companions to withdraw. Their ancestors are harming them, making them come to this place to bring death, if there were born really Night Devil Emperor, perhaps does not dare to act unreasonably Great Emperor of Ten Heavens.” Duan Ming shakes the head smiles: That Imperial Dragon Clan fellow, unexpectedly also says Dragon Emperor, is not concerned about face, in the past true Dragon Emperor had defeated Great Emperor of Ten Heavens.”

This matter Shen Xiang first time heard. Really? Why that doesn't Dragon Emperor have Great Emperor of Ten Heavens to be so famous?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. That Dragon Emperor is quite stupid, is calculated by their dragons cloudy, acute poison, that Dragon Emperor [lineage/vein] had been slaughtered.” Duan Ming said. Your family is an idiot!” cursed of Long Xueyi in Hidden Jade Ring said. Shen Xiang had guessed correctly that Dragon Emperor should be White Dragon Clan Ancient Dragon! Therefore present Long Xueyi will hate present Imperial Dragon Clan. But present Imperial Dragon Clan also same fears the Long Xueyi's revenge, their very clear White Dragon potential, because just White Dragon has very fearful potential and talent strength, therefore initially other types dragons under pain killer, White Dragon, except that they can forever maintain the status that keeps aloof like this. Is Duan Ming strives all the way, is bringing Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang hurries along, but has used for more than ten days, they went out of this Night Demon Underworld, their unexpectedly saw that silver-white mountain on the way, is Punishing Demon Summit!