World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1400

Shen Xiang has asked Duan Ming, he does not know that Punishing Demon Summit matter, it seems like after Punishing Demon Summit is his time, appears. Now Shen Xiang they arrived in Immortal Palace, this Immortal Palace is away from Night Demon Underworld to be very near, before entered Night Demon Underworld that crowd of influences to return, the casualty was serious, especially these anything Celestial Immortal country and Sacred Realm Immortal Country, unexpectedly did not have the life, was Shen Xiang also entered in Night Demon Underworld, but also had the small conflict with these big influences. After Mu Qianxiang enters Immortal Palace, looks at outside world, making her feel novel incomparable, changes the appearance Shen Xiang to lead her to window-shop now, for does not bring to others' attention, Shen Xiang makes Mu Qianxiang obstruct the veil, because Imperial Dragon Clan their these influences see him and Mu Qianxiang together on the same day. Shen Xiang knows that Mu Qianxiang likes eating the thing, leads her to go to two sides manages the street in diet shop, eats the street from the outskirt, then turned head to eat one time, making Mu Qianxiang well satisfied. After Duan Ming arrives at this Immortal Palace, wanted two million Immortal Crystal to make the transmission expense to Shen Xiang, then walked, just before leaving beforehand Shen Xiang and he subscribed the next set of contact secret marks, can stay behind in some large-scale Immortal Palace conspicuous places, is used for relation. Big Brother Shen, your are Immortal Crystal many? This Immortal Crystal goes really quickly!” Mu Qianxiang for serveral days, has bought many things, most of eating putting on, moreover is very expensive, but Shen Xiang does not love dearly, but also leads her to buy dear specially. Went to gain that's it again, I was the alchemy master, refined pill that's alright patiently, but must keep a transmission expense, only then went to be easy to gain Immortal Crystal to these big Immortal Palace.” Shen Xiang said. Mu Qianxiang makes him obtain Phoenix Fruit and Divine Cauldron cover as well as that Earth Slaughtering Technique, therefore flowered many Immortal Crystal on her he will not be grieved, this should be. First time arrives at Heaven World's Mu Qianxiang, in these days, but directing, the novelty of making merry gradually had been fully pale, now she also planned that plans now descendant to live, she does not want always to depend on Shen Xiang, moreover she knows that Shen Xiang after Heaven World is a big celebrity, understands gradually she will only implicate Shen Xiang with Shen Xiang. I want to go to that Hundred Flowers Immortal Country to have a look, I hope that can join an influence, like this I can earn Immortal Crystal , the good places stop over.” Mu Qianxiang said that at this time they in the room in hotel, are enjoying sumptuous banquet.

Also good, before you go to Hundred Flowers Immortal Country, I must help you make good Immortal Sword, this is I have promised you.” Mu Qianxiang that Shen Xiang looks at greedily, said with a smile. Before Mu Qianxiang thinks that good Immortal Sword was very easy to get so far as in this Heaven World, but she arrived here, after having the concept of Immortal Crystal, knows that top grade Immortal Sword was precious, because Shen Xiang brought she went to some weapon magic treasure shops the time, these not much Immortal Sword sold very much expensively. Your Immortal Crystal should not be many!” Mu Qianxiang asked low voice, before she does not know that Immortal Crystal was difficult to gain, therefore the flower like running water such, currently she had certain concept, knows one for serveral days, with very many Immortal Crystal, the aspect that especially ate, because she ordered food always orders that type of very expensive beast meat, moreover a point was several. Hearing Mu Qianxiang must leave, Long Xueyi somewhat does not give up, because she also ate for serveral days very crisply, this drags the Mu Qianxiang luck. This you do not need to be worried!” Shen Xiang present Immortal Crystal are not truly many, but he did not worry that he has thought the means arrange Immortal Crystal. What Immortal Palace then we then do want to go to?” Mu Qianxiang asked. Goes to Human King Immortal Country, my wife there, moreover she is refiner, must purchase Immortal Sword anything, naturally must look for one to judge the quality of goods, she should have the way.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You did not say that wants to see my wife very much?” Real? You did not fear that she is jealous!” Mu Qianxiang smiles mischievously. Did not fear!” Shen Xiang is very confident, because the Xue Xianxian's temperament is good, moreover is very enlightened, let alone he and Mu Qianxiang do not have that emotion, is only relationship is very good, likely is good friend good brothers such.

Was right, I heard that you have a younger sister, is the white-haired beauty, she also in Human King Immortal Country?” When this is Mu Qianxiang accidentally hears others to mention Shen Xiang said. She is my sworn sister, now not in Human King Immortal Country!” Shen Xiang said that before he made Long Huishan borrow Leng Youlan, because he worried that Imperial Dragon Clan knows Leng Youlan has White Dragon Bloodline. sworn sister? Can I also make your sworn sister?” Mu Qianxiang beautiful eyes flash, hastily asked. Sees Shen Xiang in hesitant, Mu Qianxiang hastily acts like a spoiled brat saying: Big Brother Shen, I shouted that you were the big brother...... I now am also without family or friends.” Your this wild girl...... My present younger sister had three! You make my sworn sister again, does not have the meaning.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Mu Qianxiang laughed: Makes your sworn sister, can be your wife...... actually you receive sworn sister not to have the peaceful good intention.” Dead girl, do not let one's thoughts wander!” Shen Xiang stared her one eyes, said: You shouted that I for big brother, how I can not recognize your this younger sister, waits for the opportunity, I gather together your several sisters.” Mu Qianxiang also knows that Shen Xiang will not reject her, she was also very happy at this time: Brother, are your how many younger sisters, except for the Youlan elder sister, other who? Others do not know probably!” Youlan, because the itself strength is good . Moreover the white hair, works is also quite crazy, therefore will be quite famous, my other two younger sisters, are very gentle, is called Dongfang Jing, just and her paternal aunt together, where I do not know now that another is called Shen Lingling, now should...... be right in Long Family Immortal Palace with Youlan, Long Family female Dragon King Long Huishan, is my eldest sister, you later have the difficulty to look for her, moreover her there also some delicious.”

Certain meeting!” Mu Qianxiang happily said with a smile, has her of eating definitely to go back, sisters who moreover there three have not met. You must to the faith token I, what to do otherwise don't they believe me? Perhaps after me, can meet with them!” Mu Qianxiang said. Shen Xiang has put out jade token, leaves behind own fine Divine Seal above: They do not believe that looked at that's alright to them.” Brother, your lunatic Master, I also listen to others to mention, heard that he is very fierce.” Mu Qianxiang asked curiously. You were very difficult to find this fellow, if you can find him, told him you are my sworn sister, then ate his maliciously, my barbecue craftsmanship was he teaches, moreover he can bring the precious beast meat along, was very rare that dragon meat anything was a cinch.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Afterward when Shen Xiang goes into hiding the characteristics to tell Mu Qianxiang Huang Jintian in detail, this may make Mu Qianxiang recognize Huang Jintian. Shen Xiang was also worried that later Mu Qianxiang can have the conflict with own friend acquaintance, therefore told some people who she knew, avoidance let her and they becomes enemies, after all the title of Mu Qianxiang this wild girl was not Bai Jiao, moreover her potential was huge, possibly not long was female Immortal King.