World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1401
Shen Xiang said that...... these own acquaintances and friends told Mu Qianxiang Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, Yun Xiaodao and Xiao Chou Zhu Rong, after letting her, do not injure accidentally the person on one's own side. Was together with Shen Xiang was so long, Mu Qianxiang discovered that Shen Xiang had the custom of preserve food, because she called each time the thing ate, Shen Xiang will again call more, but he only ate, other hid. Mu Qianxiang has asked Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang said that after is preserves to eat, actually that eats to Long Xueyi, since was discovered after by Mu Qianxiang, he can also open and aboveboard call something, making Long Xueyi eat all the way. Was good, now remaining 100 ten thousand Immortal Crystal, here famous cuisine we basically have only eaten over ten times, the storekeepers in these hotels saw us probably to see God of Wealth to be the same.” Shen Xiang finally only remaining transmission expenses, if not squander here, he thought that somewhat is unfair to Mu Qianxiang, after all Mu Qian just came out from that forbidden land, certainly must make her here happy. Then we go to Human King Immortal Country, you also preserved in any case have eaten, hungry undying our, we initially called that many dishes, they also gave us to be preferential, the brother you took advantage that this conceal some, was really intelligent.” Mu Qianxiang said with a smile, issue that was not worried about to eat. Shen Xiang had planned that waits to Human King Immortal Country, in any event must ask several fools to butcher one maliciously, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming in Human King Immortal Country. Shen Xiang had determined must go to Human King Immortal Country, who knows that suddenly hears Divine Sword Immortal Palace to hold a Immortal Sword display auction unexpectedly, to get so far as good Immortal Sword, now goes to Divine Sword Immortal Palace definitely to have the whereabouts. Divine Sword Immortal Palace is the same with Divine Blade Immortal Palace, is refiner becomes famous, just Divine Blade Immortal Palace weapon is mainly dedicated blade aspect, Divine Sword Immortal Palace is Immortal Sword, but Legend Divine Sword Immortal Palace be fiercer than Divine Blade Immortal Palace, because of the Divine Blade Immortal Palace treasure, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade lost, but Divine Sword Immortal Palace inside Divine Sword also.

top grade Immortal Sword that Legend, Divine Sword Immortal Palace inside comes out, and that has coexisted a period of time Divine Sword, can occupy Divine Sword Sword Qi, therefore Divine Sword Immortal Palace Immortal Sword is also very expensive. Xiao Xiang, your swordsmanship how?” Shen Xiang asked. My specialty with sword, in that grain of mysterious Heaven Dan that I fuse, some excellent sword technique, my present strength is insufficient, that plays these sword technique might very much, but if good Immortal Sword......” Mu Qianxiang said. In Shen Xiang has Immortal Sword that snatches to pick, but these Immortal Sword are the celebrity has used, will only bring to her to the Mu Qianxiang use troublesome, therefore he planned that batch of Immortal Sword selling points, buys cleanly and better giving Mu Qianxiang. Then we go to Divine Sword Immortal Palace, perhaps in that grand meeting, I can run into the acquaintance.” Shen Xiang said that the Liu Meng'er's parents are Refiner Grandmaster, they possibly go back, when the time comes can meet Liu Meng'er, then makes Liu Meng'er help to let go in his hand these unclean Immortal Sword. Hopes that Sister Xianxian can also go!” Mu Qianxiang wants to have a look at that Fairy wife who in the Shen Xiang mouth said very with own eyes. I also hope.” Shen Xiang said. In order to save transmission expense, he puts in Mu Qianxiang Hidden Jade Ring, if he were too poor, can only turn into an insect, waited for that has the Divine Sword Immortal Palace person, then mixes in Teleportation Formation, but some danger(ous), because Teleportation Formation is overbooked, possibly is unable to transmit the destination, previous time he endures one time.

Arrived at Divine Sword Immortal Palace, Mu Qianxiang looks at these great walls surprisedly, because these great walls probably were one insert the great sword there, the entire Immortal Palace great wall, looked like with the great sword encircles such, but in the Divine Sword Immortal Palace middle, but also stood erect to send out the light white light the great sword, so long as approached the central the region, can see clearly. Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang arrive at middle time, stood erect frightening the great sword in middle that although they are away from that to be very far the exceedingly high great sword, but actually by that the point of sword frightening, if first time comes here person, the feeling of anyone, some souls puncturing, this feeling is that creates the exceedingly high great sword. Divine Sword Immortal Palace unexpectedly puts own Divine Sword, moreover such high-sounding talk, it seems like they do not fear are snatched, their does Divine Sword Immortal Palace have very strong fellow to assume personal command?” Bai Youyou surprisedly said, she and Su Meiyao, although in Hidden Jade Ring, but can also feel that Divine Sword strange point. This is Divine Sword! Really is not simple, if were my is good!” Mu Qianxiang happily said with a smile, then gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Brother, how many compared with this Divine Sword your is Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade fierce?” Was very difficult saying that both have equal share!” Shen Xiang said: I currently have that Divine Cauldron, after waiting, I learn the technique of refiner, gives you to refine fierce Divine Sword.” Um, I ahead of time thanked the brother!” Mu Qianxiang said with a smile sweetly. Also is only Divine Sword Immortal Palace must hold grand meeting these days, will therefore shine their town palace Divine Sword, therefore many people come with admiration now, especially these use the person of sword, they thought that if not come to see this Divine Sword, they are unfair to the sword in hand. Although Shen Xiang many Divine Weapon, but he also wants to have one such Divine Sword, but he also thinks that such that just like Bai Youyou said that Divine Sword Immortal Palace dares to shine, naturally did not fear that was snatched, explained has very strong person to assume personal command in Divine Sword Immortal Palace.

After arriving here, Shen Xiang has come across terrible business, is he does not get so far as enters jade token of conference site, now that display auction has not started, but the admission jade token price had been fried very high, the nature that these were invited does not need to be worried, but wants to be different toward the person in facing set. If they have the invitation, should also invite my acquaintances, does not know that Eldest Senior Brother they do have!” Shen Xiang brings Mu Qianxiang to stroll on the street randomly, he now only then few Immortal Crystal, does not dare to abuse. Brother, wants not to sell out that Phoenix Fruit!” Mu Qianxiang proposed, she does not know that Phoenix Fruit value, did not have what concept to this aspect, will therefore say. „It is not good, that Phoenix Fruit value is very high, will be unsellable, later you knows that Sacred Level herbs will be the value, especially to present this big mighty waves time, that is the priceless treasure, before betrayed the Sacred Level herbs person to regret, that was with the Saint Sword same value, therefore I will find the way to make Saint Sword to you.” Shen Xiang shakes the head to say. Does not need to care, High-Grade Immortal Sword sufficed me to use!” Mu Qianxiang pulls the Shen Xiang's arm saying that she saw Shen Xiang iron core must make best Immortal Sword for her.