World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1402
Shen Xiang makes Long Xueyi inquire the news, she can branch out many souls to read, efficiency compared with his higher. Immortal Crystal is a major problem, the rank time, with Immortal Crystal, Shen Xiang has many precious things, but cannot sell out directly, for example these precious herbs, he does not want to sell, but he does not facilitate in Immortal Sword that great war picks gets rid directly, needs some underground channels. What news inquired? Does the Human King Immortal Country person have?” Shen Xiang asked that he and Mu Qianxiang strolled more than two double-hour outside this Divine Sword Immortal Palace central area. Do not be anxious, I am looking, inside came many celebrities, temporarily has not seen these acquaintances who you know.” Long Xueyi said. Hungry?” Shen Xiang brings Mu Qianxiang to arrive at a hotel entrance, asked. Mu Qianxiang shook the head, she knows that Shen Xiang Immortal Crystal is now scarce, the hungry undying person, temporarily does not eat in any case nothing. Had found, I saw Little Bald, this fellow was really good to recognize!” Long Xueyi suddenly happily said with a smile. Wu Kaiming feels rejuvenated, already turned into a youth appearance, but he still maintains oneself that bald image, will be definitely prominent in the crowd. „Is determination he?” Shen Xiang had the Mu Qianxiang trend to enter the front door of central area, here is the same with some Immortal Palace, wants to enter central that rich person area, must purchase a pass. Pass is very expensive, brother can you afford?” Mu Qianxiang inquired in a low voice, because Shen Xiang had told her, Immortal Crystal only then a little, radically insufficiently has bought the pass. You enter in my storage equipment first, then I mix again quietly.” Shen Xiang gives her sound transmission. Good means...... Brother your quality!” Mu Qianxiang happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang leads her to go to an unmanned place, received her Hidden Jade Ring, then turns into a Little Fei insect, swaggering flies from that entrance, found an unmanned place, puts again Mu Qianxiang.

Such can No problem, be discovered?” Mu Qianxiang somewhat was worried, because she first time does this destruction rule the misdemeanor. Shen Xiang said very much at will: Does not need to fear that can enter here is Sir, moreover you that attractively, moreover is Immortal Monarch, who will suspect you!” Walks, I lead you to look for an acquaintance, making him ask us to eat one to say here again!” Shen Xiang is drawing Mu Qianxiang, directs according to Long Xueyi's, half step shuttle in this luxurious central area. Mu Qianxiang has not entered this rich person area before, at this time after coming, seeing decorations to result in the construction of gold and jade in glorious splendor, in the heart expresses an intermittent exclamation, makes her open mind, she believes that here these hotels definitely have the precious beast meat. What strength is Little Bald now? Became Immortal Monarch?” Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen arrived at Heaven World very much long time ago, had long a period of time, depending on their aptitude, broke through to Immortal Monarch should not be the issue. Had, although he is bald, however his wear is also very magnificent and expensive, should mix well, the Human King Immortal Country king is his Wu Family, he should have very high status in Human King Immortal Country.” Long Xueyi said. That is good! I am his Young Martial Uncle, he has not been filial piety me probably.” Shen Xiang walked quickly, making Mu Qianxiang think that he discovered Immortal Crystal great mountain such probably. Wu Kaiming in a very lively block, he looks like very young, be only over 20 years old such, Shen Xiang first time sees his time, is one old bald. He must enter the hotel!” Shen Xiang steps out, several sub- arrive at Wu Kaiming, has patted his bald. Hears „”, Mu Qianxiang was frightened immediately, this is a very serious provocation, she thinks that Shen Xiang idles bored such plays, she has completed the plan that sneaks off. Other passers-by also saw, but they think that these two should be the acquaintances, otherwise such does courts death.

Wu Kaiming that is a anger, no person such facing the street pats his bald, when he must act crazy, Shen Xiang gives him sound transmission: Is I, Little Bald!” Knows that the beforehand this person Young Martial Uncle that was that roars flamboyant, the air/Qi in Wu Kaiming heart has also disappeared, Shen Xiang he must know at the matter that Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country annoys on the same day. Sees Wu Kaiming not to manifest suddenly, Mu Qianxiang suddenly thinks that Shen Xiang and she has mentioned the Wu Kaiming matter, is that bald Martial Nephew, finds Wu Kaiming that magnificent and expensive clothing, Mu Qianxiang understands immediately Shen Xiang must make anything. Young Martial Uncle...... can you here? What matter asks me to have?” Wu Kaiming sees Shen Xiang, has not the good premonition. Saw me, hasn't asked me to go to sit quickly?” Shen Xiang looked at that great hall to decorate the luxurious hotel. Comes with me!” Wu Kaiming hastily leads into that hotel Shen Xiang, arrives in a third layer anteroom. Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang sit near a jade round table, waits to serve food, Shen Xiang gratefully helped Mu Qianxiang call many precious dishes, moreover was several several that looked at Wu Kaiming grievedly. Young Martial Uncle, your many haven't youngster eaten the thing?” Wu Kaiming sits in one side, a face meat asked painful. Little Bald, you mix now well, will not link this thing unable to invite! You should not dye the Little Featherhead that stingy weird disease!” Shen Xiang said very much immodestly. Wu Kaiming shakes the head sighs: Young Martial Uncle, you are not poor! Haven't you in that alchemy big game, gained very big one?” Fart, did I refine am Earth Level pill am many, how many Immortal Crystal sell? I already squandered! Good, I now actually am very poor, but you could rest assured that I eat your this, but you must help me find the next whereabouts! Little Featherhead also here!” Shen Xiang spoke of behind, has smiled dark. Senior Brother also here, but he and Master together, I am come out to play!” Wu Kaiming has also smiled, then told Shen Xiang the Gu Dongchen site.

Wu Kaiming looked at Mu Qianxiang, Mu Qianxiang has taken down the veil, sees side Shen Xiang with an attractive female, Wu Kaiming is not surprised, in his opinion is very normal matter. Who is this miss?” Wu Kaiming asked. My younger sister!” Shen Xiang said. Your younger sister is not the white hair? Blacked? Moreover cheek not like!” Wu Kaiming knits the brows to say. Senior Wu, I called Mu Qianxiang, just and Big Brother Shen swore brotherhood, later please advise!” Mu Qianxiang hastily stands, holds the fist in the other hand to salute to Wu Kaiming. Do not call me Senior, calculates according to the rank that you may be older than me, I!” Wu Kaiming feels extremely flattered. „It is not in the way, I this year am only 18 years old.” Mu Qianxiang sweet smiles. Is so young...... I thought that your strength is not weak.” Wu Kaiming even more thought that the Mu Qianxiang strength is not simple.