World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1403

She was Immortal Monarch.” Shen Xiang said. What? Immortal Monarch, 18......” the Wu Kaiming whole face is surprised. Luck!” Mu Qianxiang said with a smile lightly. The dish came, now Wu Kaiming knows finally Shen Xiang so will be why poor, because his sister too can eat, he also understands that Mu Qianxiang young so is why fierce, because eats is also fierce, the person who has not digested certainly the ability, definitely all of a sudden could not eat that many delicacies of every kind, that was very pure energy. Naturally, Shen Xiang has also eaten much, but also hides to eat to Long Xueyi, but the person Long Xueyi found, naturally must divide most parts to apportion her. Thanks to receive cordially!” After Mu Qianxiang finished eating, very feels grateful Wu Kaiming politely. Do not be polite, has sufficed? Insufficiently the words can also select again!” Wu Kaiming tunnel, knows with a laugh is Mu Qianxiang must be able to practice through this method, he also becomes natural. Was very full, thanks!” Mu Qianxiang said with a smile. Shen Xiang by the chairback, asked: Little Bald, Xianxian do they have?” Came, she comes with her Master, Meng'er comes with her parents, but her parents the grandmaster of refiner, Divine Sword Immortal Palace invited them, has given them the best treatment, now is in the Divine Sword Immortal Palace hotel.” Wu Kaiming said. Knew that Xue Xianxian also here, in the Mu Qianxiang heart secretly likes, she has wanted to see this sister-in-law very much. Shen Xiang asked: If I must let go some Immortal Sword, asks the Sister Meng'er parents to be able? Do they have the path?” Naturally, they excel at this aspect very much.” Wu Kaiming said that in the Shen Xiang hand has many sinister stuff, how he is naturally clear that is comes, if not look for some big influences, will be very truly difficult turning Immortal Crystal. This, you look for Senior Brother, my Master also there, this matter you to my Master said that he and Meng'er parents are very ripe.” Wu Kaiming said. Xiaodao do they have?” Shen Xiang asked that he also wants to see this group of old friends. No, they were made by Duan Chong, where as for making us does not know that should not have the matter, Duan Chong is your Subduing Dragon Sect's elder, you should not need to be worried.” Wu Kaiming said. Shen Xiang nodded, before Duan Chong, had said that will seek for Duan Sanchang, has not thought that he picks that crowd of little rascal all of a sudden, Shen Xiang was worried that Duan Chong will turn into them slightly robs a grave. I leave now, your if wanted and do we go together?” Shen Xiang asked. Does not use, I just came out from their there in the morning, I have the matter to do here, that is the matter that Old Ancestor transfers.” Wu Kaiming shakes the head to say. Old Ancestor in Wu Kaiming mouth, should be Human King Wu Canghong, this is also very mysterious expert, is not simple in the Shen Xiang eye. Your Old Ancestor also here?” Shen Xiang asked.

He has not come, he has other matters.” Wu Kaiming replied. After being satiated with food and wine, Shen Xiang according to the address that Wu Kaiming gives, arrives at a manor trial large-scale inn, Gu Dongchen in an inside medium dwelling. 29 th, should be this!” Shen Xiang brings Mu Qianxiang to arrive at an entrance of house. Brother, do not order that many dishes to me, I eat embarrassed!” Mu Qianxiang whispered, because she knows that will then have many people, although she can eat very much, but that is Shen Xiang together time dares create a mess, before many people, she very much to pay great attention to own image. Shen Xiang smiled, has not said anything, then knocks on a door vigorously. The person who opens the door is a simple and beautiful young girl, she sees is a strange entrance, then politely asked: Whom do you look for?” „Is Gu Dongchen lives here?” Shen Xiang asked. Yes...... Who are you?” The young girl asked that then looked at that to obstruct Mu Qianxiang of veil. „Am I his friend, Wang Weiquan am also and he live here?” Shen Xiang also asked. The young girl nodded, although whole face doubts, but she is very vigilant, has not made Shen Xiang go in immediately: „Do you name?” They in inside? You told them, some outside people looked for their that's alright.” Shen Xiang said. Every day many people look for them very much, but you were first do not say the name, if you were their personal enemies? Also, if the person who they do not want to see, I make them come out to see you, I will be blamed by them.” The young girl said. I called Lian Yingxiao!” Shen Xiang said that he pretends that Lotus Island Master. Deceived people, I have seen Uncle Lian, he was not long like this, is more attractive than you.” This young girl was more vigilant. My change appearance!” Shen Xiang said solemnly. Now he cannot exposed, moreover this young girl is any status he does not know that definitely cannot say own name directly. The young girl knit the brows: Good, I told him, you wait / etc.!” Because is the first time must see own Eldest Senior Brother, therefore he such politeness, otherwise he already turned the wall to go. Not long, Gu Dongchen came, he sees Shen Xiang, then asked: „Is Brother Lian, really you? Your wasn't change appearance, you have annoyed what fierce character generally? Already urged you to leave is a womanizer everywhere!” Gu Dongchen looked at Shen Xiang behind Mu Qianxiang.

Is I, Little Featherhead!” Shen Xiang low snort|hum said that Gu Dongchen or same as usual, although is very evidently handsome, but actually very much stingy, can look from his wear, was worse than Wu Kaiming are many. Gu Dongchen in vain one startled, then hastily invited Shen Xiang. Enters in the hall, the young girl is Shen Xiang pours tea to pour water. Who is this girl? Very juicy!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Is my Master daughter, is my small Junior Sister!” Gu Dongchen said. Young girl lightly snorted and said: I had already said that he was not Uncle Lian, Eldest Senior Brother, who he was!” Mu Qianxiang has taken down the veil, reveals that gentle charming face, she received the scented tea that young girl hands over, said with a smile sweetly: Thanks!” Is impolite, you had the politeness more than your uncouthly man!” Young girl whispered. Mu Qianxiang pū chī smiles: He is not my man, is my brother!” „, You certainly do not have bloodlines relationship!” This young girl said unscrupulously. Um, I am his sworn sister!” Mu Qianxiang cracks into a chuckle. Knew that Shen Xiang were also many a younger sister, Gu Dongchen has criticized several in the heart, he said to that young girl: He was your Martial Uncle, such do not have the politeness, the words that your father knew, you definitely will be scolded.” The young girl looks at Shen Xiang, has been startled being startled, she has Martial Uncle that has not met, moreover that Martial Uncle is a very famous great person, the Shen Xiang's matter she has certainly heard, moreover she also very much worships this Martial Uncle. He...... Is he really that Martial Uncle?” Shen Xiang changes own appearance, said with a smile: Has not thought that I have such small Martial Nephew! Names?” King...... Wang Xiaoyun!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Do not be afraid, I do not have in Legend to be so fearful!” Martial Uncle...... sorry a moment ago, do not tell my father!” Wang Xiaoyun lowers the head, whispered. All right, I will not say!” Shen Xiang smiled, then has put out Good Fortune Fruit, gives Wang Xiaoyun: This is Martial Uncle gives your small gift, you're welcome!” Wang Xiaoyun did not want, because is quite for her precious, but Shen Xiang has thrown, she also can only following.

Young Martial Uncle, you had not given me in the past probably any gift.” Said in piece of Gu Dongchen. You not female, moreover at that time your strength compared with me much, you had felt all right to ask that I do want the gift?” Shen Xiang curled the lip to say. Wang Xiaoyun hastily leaves, shortly after she walks, is bringing Wang Weiquan and Shao Xuanyun arrives. Wang Weiquan is Shen Xiang's Eldest Senior Brother, he knew very much long time ago, but like this had not actually met, Shao Xuanyun before and Shen Xiang has talked at the competition, therefore was very familiar. Senior Brother, Junior Sister! We met finally, is only a pity Master not here, otherwise will be very certainly lively today!” Shen Xiang stands hastily, Ha Ha said with a smile. Wang Weiquan handsome tall and strong, wants to be bigger than Shen Xiang, can meet with this Junior Brother, he is also very happy, walks immediately, is whipping the Shen Xiang's shoulder. Junior Brother, you are really good skill, just came shortly after Heaven World, rushes out that big positive result to come, Senior Brother I feel ashamed of one's inferiority!” Wang Weiquan said while loudly laughing. „Shouldn't mother be Senior Sister? How Martial Uncle shouted her for Junior Sister!” Wang Xiaoyun asked low voice. Shao Xuanyun elegant face slightly one red, lightly snorted and said: Mother acknowledges as teacher late compared with him, this custom must strictly observe, therefore I can only be Junior Sister!” Has seen Senior Brother!” Shao Xuanyun compares to admire Shen Xiang's, on the same day alchemy big game time, she had been subdued. Hehe, does not use politely, is the whole families!” Shen Xiang haughty said with a smile. This is?” Shao Xuanyun looks at Mu Qianxiang to ask. Wang Xiaoyun hurriedly said: She is Young Martial Uncle sworn sister, I remember that Young Martial Uncle also sworn sister is the white hair.” Mu Qianxiang gives Wang Weiquan and Shao Xuanyun hastily salutes. Junior Brother, have you seen Master? I have not seen him for a long time!” Wang Weiquan suddenly asked. No, since that time he saves me, after separating, I have not seen him, this time should come, but hid, I will pay attention.” Shen Xiang said: „Do you have the urgent matter to look for him?” Is Human King must look for him.” Shao Xuanyun said: Was right, did you go to Night Demon Underworld really? Heard that you steal Phoenix Princess, but also injures He Feng...... not to think that two Senior Brother are so fierce!” I have plotted against He Feng real, but I have not stolen Phoenix Princess, but walked her! On the same day He Feng that group of people, Fire God Palace, Suppressing Devil Temple and these rebel influences are besieging Phoenix Princess, I appear luckily promptly.” Shen Xiang said: Definitely some people slander me, should be He Feng that group of people, has not thought that they can also live coming back!”