World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1404
Several big influences enter Night Demon Underworld with joint forces, finally the rout turns over, this matter has caused not the small stir in Heaven World. As for inside inside story, passes on, but sounds not to be reasonable, but Shen Xiang also went, this is many people compares to believe. What happened in inside? Has not thought that many expert together, lost that many people, famous Immortal King cannot come back, worthily is Night Demon Underworld, can lose that many expert lives.” Wang Weiquan took a deep breath, he thinks hearsay is incredible, now heard Shen Xiang saying that that should real. Has met very fierce thing, they have a map, that map guide they go to a very terrifying place, there is true Night Demon Underworld, has a space gap in the deep place of that place, can lead to Hell, there is also called the gate of Hell, after approaching there, brings in Night Devil that many daytime can come out.” Wang Weiquan and Shao Xuanyun they know the Night Demon Underworld inside these Night Devil matters, therefore Shen Xiang does not need to explain that regarding this matter, Mu Qianxiang is also quite clear, but she will not say anything, because Shen Xiang must conceal something, for example her origin. These are Night Devil much longer?” Wang Xiaoyun asked curiously. Bat demon...... Actually these fiercest Night Devil and humanity not different.” Shen Xiang said. How many that type of things?” Gu Dongchen asked dignifiedly. Initially pursued our has dozens, must run away including Dragon Emperor and Phoenix King, that type of thing was too fierce.” Shen Xiang recalls this matter, has a lingering fear, if initially were not Duan Ming, perhaps they can not escape by luck. Wang Weiquan knits the brows to look at Shao Xuanyun, Dragon Emperor be much more formidable than them, but faces these Night Devil also only to run away! If they leave Night Demon Underworld, then a disaster regarding Heaven World?” The Shao Xuanyun whole face worried. They should not leave Night Demon Underworld, in a short time definitely not, otherwise already came out, I think, because is that Punishing Demon Summit reason, therefore these Night Devil must restrain some in, their practice resources are very special, run Heaven World not to have what advantage to them, only if they to can conquer Nine Heavens formidable time......”

Here, Shen Xiang hit one to tremble: If is really this, they possibly are in secret are promoting the strength, the opportunity to arrive now, perhaps will leave Night Demon Underworld!” Before Duan Ming, has said that in Night Demon Underworld, possibly has that Night Devil Emperor! Now in this Nine Heavens, does not know that has the fellow who the person can prevent that rank, Shen Xiang thought indistinctly, that Night Demon Underworld imagines him is much fiercer. Did not say these, this was the later matter! Dongchen, you must a bit faster become Immortal King, the skill that otherwise when the time comes you escape does not have.” Wang Weiquan looks at Gu Dongchen to say. Shao Xuanyun smiles, asked: Two Senior Brother, you look for us especially, definitely has any matter!” „If no matter, he is disinclined to look for us!” Gu Dongchen was whispering in a low voice, usually Shen Xiang little made an appearance, for example the previous time, participated in that Alchemy Competition obviously, but did not tell his acquaintance. Should be looks for the wife!” Shao Xuanyun said with a smile lowly. Good, I truly am look for Xianxian's, I heard that she and her Master by Divine Sword mountain village arrangement in a place, I do not go in easily.” Shen Xiang said. My this looks for Lao Liu, had the urgent matter a bit faster saying that was good!” Wang Weiquan knows the Shen Xiang present situation, if not worry specially, he will not make an appearance, because of this for him very danger(ous). Wang Weiquan is just about to leave, Shen Xiang hurriedly said: Eldest Senior Brother, in my hand some Immortal Sword must get rid, therefore you understand......” Wang Weiquan lightly smiled: I understood, actually is this.”

Shao Xuanyun and Wang Weiquan leave together, Gu Dongchen both eyes shine look at Shen Xiang, asked: Young Martial Uncle, what goods your is Immortal Sword? Can make me enlarge ones vision!” One is He Feng!” Gu Dongchen exclaims: Heard that you reduce the He Feng hand in Night Demon Underworld, has not thought that real, robs including Immortal Sword, this fellow was second time such came probably, the first time time is his father competed for throne great war time......” In that time, He Feng was sneak attacked, moreover uses Black Blood Devil Sunflower to be poisonous, at that time some people suspected Shen Xiang, but does not have the evidence, Gu Dongchen recalled that this matter, looked the Shen Xiang's look becomes strange incomparable. Who is He Feng? Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country big Prince, once a person killed an demon palace, weapon in hand definitely is very good that unexpectedly falls into Shen Xiang! „The fellow never grows the memory, but he is truly strong, I also can only sneak attack him, the frontage and he fights, I at all am not his match.” Shen Xiang acknowledged that the He Feng strength is very strong, but does not represent him unable to defeat, but must use a method. Little Featherhead, what fierce Immortal Sword display does this exposition have? Has the person to put out some famous articles to auction?” The Shen Xiang comparison cares about this matter, because he must get so far as good Immortal Sword for Mu Qianxiang, making her good Hundred Flowers Immortal Country. Your Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, could you have a liking for these things?” The Gu Dongchen whole face despises visits him: You should not want to go to there to steal!” „Am I in your eyes, this person?” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. I spoke incorrectly, you are not steal, is snatches!” Gu Dongchen said: That He Feng was snatched twice, it seems like when the time comes me by you must leave you!”

Wang Xiaoyun whispered: „Can Young Martial Uncle, help me snatch one!” Young Yun, if makes your father know that you have this idea, he will scold you.” Gu Dongchen looked at Shen Xiang one: Young Martial Uncle, you have a look at you, has a bad effect on the child!” Shen Xiang said ill-humoredly: Was you said first I must snatch secretly, I had not said that I must do that matter.” In that place, Shen Xiang is very difficult to go well, he will not do that foolish matter, let alone currently has Divine Sword to appear, explained that in Divine Sword Immortal Palace has strong old antique to assume personal command. Wang Weiquan and Shao Xuanyun husband and wife came back, moreover in them behind also with four people, separately is the Liu Meng'er's parents, Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian. Shen Xiang hastily walks to welcome, Xue Xianxian sees Shen Xiang, lightly snorted, walks quickly, jumps into the Shen Xiang's bosom, they very long had not met, before was Xue Xianxian first transcend, then Shen Xiang a period of time had stepped on, moreover came up later and Dragon Emperor they have the conflict, has hidden afterward a period of time. Devil, was worried dead I!” Xue Xianxian said with resentment, that elegant peerless face actually completely likes. Can see own husband to be safe and uneventful, she is very certainly happy, although Shen Xiang now the situation is not wonderful, but is actually the character who a name moves a side, own husband is formidable, making her feel proud.