World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1407
That naturally, whose wife also does not have a look at her is.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Did you and she chat what kind of? I know when the barbecue, you have talked in sound transmission, does she have to speak my malicious remarks?” Does not have, but before I very want to know you these scandals.” Mu Qianxiang happily said with a smile. Looks at gentle and charming pretty Mu Qianxiang, Shen Xiang has remembered Hua Xiangyue, Hua Xiangyue is also same as her, there is a moving charming as well as intoxicant delicate fragrance. Hua Xiangyue not here, she and Wu Qianqian practice Pill Dao in other places, special details Wang Weiquan does not know. Sister Xianxian and I said that when the time comes Hundred Flowers Immortal Country Flower Empress will come!” A Mu Qianxiang face anticipated: Hears her also with sword, moreover takes the demonstration own hundred flowers Saint Sword, making the person open mind.” A bit faster combs neatly, we exit to stroll, can perhaps bump into her, here joins her Hundred Flowers Immortal Country!” Shen Xiang at present one bright, running together of two syllables in rapid speech urging. After Mu Qianxiang combs, changes the simple dress, although Shen Xiang has bought some magnificent and expensive clothes for her, but she does not like, she quite likes that type of light simple clothes, even if so, but will not make her charm weaken, gives back to her to increase one elegantly simple makings. After covering the veil, Shen Xiang leads her to go out of this middle-grade hotel, goes to the middle that broad palace, that is the Divine Sword Immortal Palace power center, being in power person and powerful people in that. Divine Sword Palace nearby hotel is most advanced that gathers Immortal Qi large formation, even also has various assistance practice formation, therefore the expense is scary. Approaches Divine Sword Palace time, front crowded place suddenly leaves one to make noise, sees only the people to draw back in abundance, then stands by the street, makes way a road. Shen Xiang sees this, hastily draws Mu Qianxiang to arrive at side, this situation has any great person to go on an inspection tour generally, expert that now in Divine Sword Immortal Palace gathers may be many, always low-key Hundred Flowers Immortal Country Flower Empress came. After the people resign a road, sees only a large-scale golden saloon car to drive slowly, not having the beasts to pull a cart, understood at a glance that this semblance gold and jade in glorious splendor saloon car is careful refinement immortal tool, can be the power to go with Immortal Crystal automatically.

Can have the person of this type of thing, not only needs Immortal Crystal, but also needs to know that a number of Refining Master can make, obviously this saloon car inside person should be in a big influence important personage. Mu Qianxiang suddenly gets hold of Shen Xiang's, knits the brows to look at that saloon car, a face is restless. How?” Shen Xiang sound transmission asked that Mu Qianxiang had this facial expression, explained that certainly had any matter to make her uneasy. Inside person gives me a very strange feeling, why also does not know is, this came from my within the body that grain of mysterious Heaven Dan reason.” Mu Qianxiang sound transmission responded: Heaven Dan of my within the body, does not know a moment ago why jumped, making me induce to this vehicle inside person has a very fearful thing!” Shen Xiang is not clear, but he thought that this is not the good matter, when he wants old man Mu Qianxiang to leave, glass suddenly of that saloon car opens, reveals watches over truncates the handsome face, a that handsome male correct use pair such as the stars bright pupil looks at Mu Qianxiang. Mu Qianxiang also looked at that male one eyes, the tender body cannot help but trembles, the control seeps out the massive sweat. After Shen Xiang feels, hastily draws him to leave. Blocks them!” Male indifferently said, sees only two person's shadows to appear suddenly, one after the other, has blocked Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang. Shen Xiang fist fierce grips tightly, said low and deep: „Do you want to do?” Our Young Master wants to ask you to be a guest.” That middle age in front of Shen Xiang said. Many thanks, but we have no free time.” Shen Xiang is drawing Mu Qianxiang, just trod one step, that middle age extends an arm to block Shen Xiang.

My several three, you are keeping off my words again, we are impolite!” Shen Xiang said calmly that the sound is bringing murderous aura, all around thermal shock, it seems like he acts seriously. Mu Qianxiang did not speak, although she was Immortal Monarch, but she thought that this matter gave Shen Xiang processing, if Shen Xiang could not solve, she got rid again. Here person originally many, now presents such matter, the people looked, felt that Shen Xiang's murderous aura, the people frowned, here approaches Divine Sword Palace, here fights, that is Divine Sword Palace cannot pass. One and two...... Three!” Shen Xiang loud voice several, moreover counts quickly! Do not ask them to leave!” On saloon car that handsome middle-aged coldly said. His words fall, Shen Xiang another hand moved, the people clearly see Shen Xiang to lift in the hands, delimits together red light, afterward is the thick arm of that middle age falls in the ground, the blood from breaking the arm place wells up crazily! I have said that blocks me again, I will be impolite!” Shen Xiang turns head to look that man to the saloon car, shouted: Why can you block us? We have not provoked you!” The man somewhat is also surprised, here fight, will truly enrage Divine Sword Palace! Snort, we walk!” The Shen Xiang anger snort|hum, draws the Mu Qianxiang half step to get out of the way. Sees Shen Xiang to leave, that was broken a middle age of arm to endure suffering to ask: Young Master......”

Sends for tailing them, finds out their residences and origins, if necessary, is that male, female brings to me!” That man under the big crowd of people, issues such instruction, obviously he does not have to have scruples slightly, the people are very curious his status. Shen Xiang that leaves, under the Long Xueyi's transmission, heard these words. Has to plant comes, coming many dead many, waited for the Divine Sword congress in the past, I killed this fellow surely!” In Shen Xiang heart angry, that person bewildered stared at them. Shortly, Shen Xiang discovered that tracks his person, what the strength is strongest is Immortal Monarch, several other are Human Immortal late stage, Shen Xiang makes Mu Qianxiang enter in Hidden Jade Ring change appearance, then throw off these to track their person very much with ease. Mu Qianxiang change appearance becomes an appearance ordinary female, Shen Xiang also changed an appearance, but Mu Qianxiang is still heavyhearted. That fellow can induce to strength that on me Heaven Dan passes on, even if change appearance were useless, will bump into that fellow definitely to be recognized by him.” Mu Qianxiang sighed lightly: Does not know why will have this feeling.” No problem, avoided his that's alright, only then approaches him to have that type to feel right?” Shen Xiang asked. Um, I felt that on him has anything's thing and my mysterious Heaven Dan has the relation.” The Mu Qianxiang nod said. Shen Xiang lets around the Long Xueyi limelight, avoids approaching that to sit the man of luxurious saloon car, at this time he is also asking around the origin of that man, but now the Divine Sword Palace person is also searching high and low they, because of their fight, cuts off an arm of person here, this is regarded as the provocative Divine Sword Palace behavior.