World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1408
Quick, Shen Xiang inquired the origin of that man, because today's matter also causes not the small sound, the man had the status very much. Young Master of Sword God palace, the Sword God palace Palace Master great-grandson, heard that what sword soul he has to inherit, therefore young can control Saint Sword, Xiao Xiang, you know why Heaven Dan of your within the body can have the relation with him?” Shen Xiang asked. sword soul...... possibly is that thing, does not know that sword soul is anything.” Mu Qianxiang knits the brows to say. „The Sword God Palace Master great-grandson, named Ding Xingyao, is known as under Immortal Monarch invincible! Isn't this Sword God palace and Divine Sword Palace has a grudge? Now Divine Sword Palace unexpectedly has not gone to look for Ding Xingyao, unexpectedly looks around for me.” Shen Xiang is mad humph, humph saying: Person who really has the status can disregard the rule.” Then we also do go not to attend that Divine Sword congress? I worried that I will bring to you troublesome.” Mu Qianxiang said. Goes, why doesn't go? Where I inquired Flower Empress, so long as when the time comes you join Hundred Flowers Immortal Country, that Sword God palace does not dare to provoke you.” Shen Xiang has patted her shoulder: Anything is not good to be worried! Puts out your fondness of countryside, next time that fellow dares to come again, you and my together fight.” The Mu Qianxiang show face smiles: Does not have the issue, punches him together, to the color he quietly, our brother and sister is not that affable!” Then right!” Shen Xiang laughs: Relax, I will certainly help you get so far as a good sword.” ...... Ding Xingyao stands side a middle age, whispered: Grandfather, I do not get rid rashly, I felt that on that female has compared with my sword soul also fierce thing, that Sword Qi is very weak, but that Divine Sword Sword Qi is the same with Divine Sword Immortal Palace, does not know that her within the body has any thing!” If your great grandfather comes, should be able to clarify that is any thing, I have sent for giving him to pass on the news, quick can confirm that is anything!” The Ding Tianhui facial color is serious, he is Great Elder of Sword God palace, status very high, the strength also in Immortal King middle stage. At this time some people came, hand over a letter, Ding Tianhui open looked that the above character vanished immediately, Ding Tianhui also knew the above content.

Has not thought that unexpectedly is that!” Ding Tianhui pinches that blank paper tightly, hand unexpectedly is shivering, looks like very excited: Your great grandfather will rush quickly!” Ding Xingyao startled sound track: What thing is? Can make the great grandfather who ten thousand years do not leave the Sword God palace come personally, how many my sword soul is the female thing of fiercer than?” Your sword soul is only one wisps of soul of thousand Myriad Dao Divine Sword on Divine Sword hides, but that female thing , is the Sword Emperor true inheritance, does not know why will appear on a female, in the past after Sword Emperor and Dan Emperor entered Night Demon Underworld together, did not have any news, currently unexpectedly will have the inheritance of Sword Emperor to appear!” Ding Tianhui eyes full is unusual: If can obtain this female, the strength of our Sword God palace can cast off that Divine Sword Palace surely quickly!” Ding Xingyao clenches teeth saying: Early knows that at that time I reckless had taken that female, blames me extremely in being worried about that Divine Sword Palace!” No problem, they have not left this Divine Sword Immortal Palace now, your great grandfather arrives quickly, at the appointed time should be have the means to find that female.” Ding Tianhui took a deep breath: From your description, female accompanying of probably is very fierce.” He gets rid, True Qi cultivation base is about Human Immortal middle stage, is too not fierce!” Ding Xingyao said: Great grandfather determined really that on the female has the inheritance of Sword Emperor? How he confirmed!” Recruits the sword soul person to induce, obtains the inheritance of Sword Emperor, means that obtains the approval of sword soul, can on control Divine Sword, not need to consume the massive strengths to be able easily to use like us.” Ding Tianhui said. Sees the great grandfather!” Ding Xingyao makes a fist to say. Shen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang have not exited, but sends for giving Wang Weiquan to convey a message, but also leaves behind an address, he wants to see Liu Zongyu. Person who comes is not Liu Zongyu, but is Liu Meng'er! Sister Meng'er, how did you come?” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised, in the heart secretly rejoices, because he had with the opportunity that Liu Meng'er lived alone finally, but currently also has Mu Qianxiang here.

Liu Meng'er wears the pale-green long skirt, dresses up very simply, did not have initially her queen makings when Divine Weapon Sect, but still gave people a peerless grace and talent, noble gorgeous feeling. Xiao Xiang, I and Sister Meng'er have the matter to chat alone, you here wait / etc.!” No matter Shen Xiang also the facial expression of Mu Qianxiang surprise, holds on the Liu Meng'er soft white hands, walks into the room quickly. Before ate the barbecue together time, Mu Qianxiang also thinks that Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er's relationship was not much, but she actually has been shocked now, she has not thought that Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er unexpectedly had this relationship, but concealed at that time. „Can Sister Xianxian not know this matter? The brother was too bad, master and apprentice......” Mu Qianxiang looks at the door that shuts tightly, the innermost feelings cannot help but recollections in close succession. Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er sit in the bedside, Shen Xiang are holding her beautiful jade face, stares at her to hold infinite gentle beautiful eyes. Sister Meng'er, I quite think you!” Shen Xiang is touching her cheeks gently. I am also, but we now are not quite suitable.” Liu Meng'er Youyou sighed, by in the Shen Xiang's bosom: little rascal, your years, always with trepidation, has Xianxian this little girl to you confidently.” Shen Xiang dangles, kissed her lip, Liu Meng'er has been soft looks at Shen Xiang, then closed eyes gently, kissed with Shen Xiang. „During um......” kisses violently, Liu Meng'er suddenly felt that a big hand enters in own clothes, cannot help but lightly recited one: rascal, your new sworn sister also outside!” The Shen Xiang Shirdi does not receive the hand, then holds in the arms the Liu Meng'er's slender waist, greedy is sucking in her fragrant tongue, they fall into during the kiss that forgets kindnesses quickly. Has sufficed, exits definitely to let your younger sister joke!” The Liu Meng'er charmingly angry [say / way], the double cheek blushes slightly, was more charming, making Shen Xiang unable to bear kiss her beautiful jade thin slippery cheeks.

Liu Meng'er has put in order the clothes, then goes out of the room, after opening the door, then sees Mu Qianxiang to visit them with a curious big eye, wants to ask very much, but has may I ask. We alone chatted......” Shen Xiang to conceal said. I do not believe.” Mu Qianxiang spits the tongue: Brother your actually is also the unfaithful big radish.” Good, with such that you think, do not speak irresponsibly everywhere!” Shen Xiang is pulling somewhat shy Liu Meng'er, sits by the table. Xiao Xiang, I and his together, Xianxian also knows very much long time ago, you leave speak irresponsibly everywhere, will make this little rascal more troublesome.” Liu Meng'er lightly smiled, making Mu Qianxiang look somewhat is in a daze. Knew Sister Meng'er, this matter I understand that can tell me, this Brother little rascal also has that relationship with many women.” Mu Qianxiang suddenly is curious to let, chuckle asking. Liu Meng'er looked at Shen Xiang one, then said with a smile lightly: One will tell you again, first said that sword soul matter, the person who that person of arm cuts off, should be that little rascal dry!”