World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1409

Liu Meng'er comes time, has guessed correctly this matter. Yes, the fellow is blocking us, does not ask us to leave, moreover is bewildered, does not give him to select the color to take a look, I was not Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted and said. My parents have the matter unable to come, therefore their allows me to come.” Liu Meng'er looks at Mu Qianxiang, she knows that this matter is because Mu Qianxiang causes: That Ding Xingyao is very high in Sword God palace status, although is quite usually overbearing, but will not snatch the person facing the street, can you tell me some concrete matters?” Mu Qianxiang hesitant, at this time Liu Meng'er also said: Sister Xiao Xiang, you feared that what is worried about? Weren't you know me with this little rascal's matter?” Said that but Sister Meng'er you must keep secret for her.” Shen Xiang said. This naturally!” The Liu Meng'er nod said. Afterward Mu Qianxiang said her within the body Heaven Dan matter, because that Ding Xingyao approaches, her Heaven Dan will have that inexplicable feeling. Has not thought that your this little rascal unexpectedly went to Night Demon Underworld Sacred Land in Legend!” Liu Meng'er is lightly pressed the delicate eyebrows, Mu Qianxiang told her a moment ago, she runs from that forbidden land with Shen Xiang, as well as her within the body that Heaven Dan origin and Heaven Dan to the advantage that she brings. What thing is sword soul?” Shen Xiang asked. In Divine Sword breeds sword soul, when that is Sword Emperor used Divine Sword in the past to some sensibility of Sword Dao, gradually on condense in Divine Sword, the person who is predestined friends with Divine Sword, can absorb sword soul, had sword soul, quite in having the sensibility of little Sword Emperor to Sword Dao, therefore has the remarkable achievement in the Sword Dao aspect.” That Ding Xingyao, when ten years old have absorbed wisp of sword soul, but now he had hundred years old, says under Immortal Monarch the unmanned energy enemy.” Liu Meng'er said on and on. Heaven Dan of your within the body...... I am not quite clear as for Xiao Xiang, but I come here with my parents, accidentally hears Divine Sword Palace old man to mention Sword Emperor, Sword Emperor was Dan Emperor entered that Night Demon Underworld in the past together, then did not have the news, continuously to the present, possibly that Heaven Dan and Sword Emperor has big relationship.”

Was right, Sword Emperor is a female!” Liu Meng'er adds. Initially the Shen Xiang affirmation, that Heaven Dan was not Dan Emperor, now really so, but was Sword Emperor Heaven Dan, then Sword Emperor did die? „Did Sword Emperor die?” Shen Xiang some cannot believe. Does not know that possibly that is the inheritance that Sword Emperor keeps, expert must achieve this not quite to be difficult.” Liu Meng'er grips the hand of Mu Qianxiang, seriously said: Xiao Xiang, if that is really the Sword Emperor thing, you later may probably be careful, the value and little rascal of Divine Blade that thing not different.” Sister Meng'er, I want to go to Hundred Flowers Immortal Country, hears Flower Empress here, can you help me recommend, you should know the Hundred Flowers Immortal Country person!” Mu Qianxiang said: I need a safe place to stimulate that Heaven Dan strength, I feel in that Heaven Dan also to hide many things to wait for that I explore.” Now Shen Xiang understands why Mu Qianxiang will say needs a good sword to display her strength, that Heaven Dan really and Sword Emperor has very close relation. Liu Meng'er smiles: This little rascal some people in Hundred Flowers Immortal Country, you go to there should better!” Who? How don't I know?” Shen Xiang thinks that determined does not have the acquaintance in Hundred Flowers Immortal Country. Xiangyue and Qianqian, their two both study alchemy technique there, is your Junior Sister recommends.” Liu Meng'er in vain his eyes. Is Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian? The brother and I have mentioned...... Hua Xiangyue was his Martial Nephew, Wu Qianqian was once with his same side, moreover obtained the Hua Xiangyue's inheritance.” Mu Qianxiang saw Liu Meng'er this time facial expression, suddenly to understand anything, then very much despised looks at Shen Xiang. „...... They are also......” Mu Qianxiang whispered.

Xiangyue is his female slave, Qianqian...... I was not quite clear, should be also difficult to run away this little rascal's evil clutches, my previous time has seen Qianqian, she also not by this little rascal broken body.” Liu Meng'er looks at Shen Xiang, lightly snorted. Liu Meng'er is holding the hand of Mu Qianxiang, said: Walks, I lead you to find the Hundred Flowers Immortal Country person, depending on your present aptitude, must join Hundred Flowers Immortal Country to be very easy, when the time comes the Sword God palace wants to catch you, they do not dare, although Flower Empress is a female, but Flower Empress is not Bai Jiao.” Mu Qianxiang likes immediately, her happily said with a smile: Said my brother's broken matter on the road while convenient.” I? I must go, I want to take a look at Flower Empress!” Shen Xiang hurriedly said. Best not to go, I listened to Xiangyue saying that Flower Empress did not have the good impression to you.” Liu Meng'er hastily said. „Is this possible? I have not offended her!” Shen Xiang is very puzzled. Because possibly you grasped the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique reason, Flower Empress does not like murdering . Moreover the respect life, you may be regarded as in Emperor Heaven kill Human Devil, possibly because of this, moreover your murderous aura is also very famous.” Liu Meng'er said: Gives me her, I will arrange, she is also my younger sister!” Liu Meng'er smiled to Mu Qianxiang, Mu Qianxiang also returns to smile one, their sentiments became very well. Um, I get so far as a good sword, makes you take away to her.” But Shen Xiang sighed. Mu Qianxiang after Shen Xiang said goodbye, then and Liu Meng'er left, just before leaving time Shen Xiang gave her together jade token, can allow her to attend that Divine Sword congress. Flower Empress that respects the life, did she grasp Life Slaughtering Technique to be inadequate?” Long Xueyi said.

I look up Life Slaughtering Technique now, but that is also only your guess.” Shen Xiang said that Beast Slaughtering Technique has succeeded in obtaining, but he did not have to study diligently. Only if I can see her, Divine Sword congress time she should appear!” Tomorrow was the Divine Sword congress, in the evening, has spread a very astonishing news, ten thousand years have not left Palace Master of Sword God palace, Ding Wu unexpectedly had arrived at Divine Sword Immortal Palace finally! Divine Sword Immortal Palace Palace Master was been surprised by this news, because this Divine Sword congress is also insufficient to explode such old antique, obviously he comes to here to have other goals! Is Heaven Dan of wild girl within the body brings in him? Sister Meng'er has taken away her luckily, has the Flower Empress protection, should not have the matter, if here, were difficult to say.” Shen Xiang relaxed secretly. Because of Ding Wu arrival finally, is the night time, does not have many people to go to sleep, they were worried the fellow who this rank attacks brutally here. Ding Wu finally is a very fierce character, moreover in the hand has Divine Sword, in Nine Heavens, the strength is also the top that batch, although has not established Immortal Country, but the overall strength is powerful, only then has same level strength Divine Sword Immortal Palace to dare with the Sword God palace opposition.