World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1410

In the morning, Shen Xiang wakes up in the practice, he cultivates now absorbs that seven color Saint nucleus inside Holy Power, the practice plays him to feel the obvious promotion each time. According to looked like this that you build up this seven color Saint nuclei completely, should be able to enter Immortal Monarch Realm, simultaneously can make you hit to practice the Holy Power foundation.” Initially Shen Xiang obtained these seven color Saint nuclei time, Long Xueyi had expected that these seven color Saints checked the Shen Xiang's help to be very big, can make Shen Xiang step into the Immortal Monarch rank quickly. The Divine Sword congress starts, many people enter the conference site long time ago, for serveral days, passed on a message some treasure sword to appear, the people of many love swords, were already impatient to watch. The conference site in Divine Sword Palace, enters needs at the same time jade token, before Liu Zongyu gives the Shen Xiang same place, Shen Xiang enters that conference site with that jade token now. After going, he felt immediately many formidable aura, in this bright exhibition hall, some transparent cabinets, inside are placing one sharp long sword as well as the decoration magnificent and expensive scabbard. Many are the quite famous sword, High-Grade Immortal Sword has dozens, every different, the masters of actually use were some celebrities of dying, but Divine Sword Palace flower massive Immortal Crystal purchased, to collect. Here can also be said as the Divine Sword Palace storehouse Jiange! Shen Xiang suddenly saw Liu Meng'er their group, Liu Meng'er to bring Xue Xianxian, with whom Liu Zongyu and Song Ying, watched some swords, Song Ying was illustrating in the one side. Has not seen Mu Qianxiang with Liu Meng'er, Shen Xiang to think that Mu Qianxiang has joined Hundred Flowers Immortal Country successfully. Can enter here has certain status person, therefore they here see some celebrities, will not shout and wrangle, very has the self-control. The Shen Xiang shuttle in the crowd, heard that Flower Empress also came, he wants to confirm that Mu Qianxiang does have side Flower Empress, because has Flower Empress to assure her security. In that side!” Shen Xiang saw Mu Qianxiang, Mu Qianxiang wears one set of simple and elegant white long skirt, the surface is obstructing the fine gauze, is treading the lotus steps, with several simple and beautiful lofty white skirt female together, they follow in a purple skirt female.

A that purple skirt female appearance, many people guessed correctly that are Hundred Flowers Immortal Country Flower Empress, on the jade face are obstructing the purple tissue, a pair of beautiful pupil is having the dignity, but actually does not lose the character and style. Really is she, has not thought that became fiercer, in the past she was very fierce female expert.” Su Meiyao said after a sigh. Time passed was so long, does not know that she still did remember us.” Bai Youyou said: That wild girl side her, you should feel relieved.” Shen Xiang was truly loose being angry, but he quick and anxious, because he saw personal appearance thin old man to lead one group of people to come, threatened. That old man of taking the lead, has a very short white hair, on the face has some wrinkles, the look fills divine light, time that he walks, places in transparent show cabinet these swords, slightly shivers, the whole person is similar to making a great show of one's talents Divine Sword. Sees this old man behind that Ding Xingyao, Shen Xiang knows that this old man should be Sword God Palace Master, Ding Wu finally! Also only then such old fellow, body has so fierce Sword Qi, this person on Sword Dao, achieves Realm that the person sword unites. On him should have sword soul!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang had not the good premonition, hastily has depended, now many people look at Ding Wu finally, this was in Nine Heavens well-known expert, not only the body supported Divine Sword, but also had unparalleled sword technique. But now, Ding Wu is walking toward Flower Empress finally! Great grandfather, is that female.” Ding Xingyao is pointing at Mu Qianxiang shouted.

Although Flower Empress did not have ancient times that Emperor Level strength, but defers to the adolescence speed of her present, many people think that she in the future will become existence of that rank. She now is very calm, obviously knows that Ding Wu purpose in coming finally, Mu Qianxiang should tell her something. Star flash, goes to come that female, I ensure nobody dares to stop you!” Ding Wu suddenly said finally that making people surprised, simultaneously makes way in abundance. The person in this Sword God palace, unexpectedly must in Divine Sword Palace the congress of conducting, rob the Flower Empress person, this was really too crazy. Shen Xiang has not thought that Ding Wu will do finally! Ding Xingyao walked, Flower Empress frowned, light and lively aura gushes out, wants to stop Ding Xingyao, but actually in that flash, Ding Wu finally suddenly vanishes, when he appears, arrived around Flower Empress, in the hand grasps a singlestick, sword tip of singlestick is lowering on the jade neck of Flower Empress, that pair of sharp old eyes, releases intermittent intense killing intent, is covering Flower Empress! At this time, the entire conference site becomes very peaceful, Ding Wu killing intent finally everyone can feel, moreover in his hand that is not a singlestick, but is Divine Sword, but looks like looks like the singlestick very much. You must guarantee that female, you must die, this female is finally important to my Ding Wu, I am willing to spell with the life!” Ding Wu sinks finally said coldly. Ding Xingyao also some worried, but he sees his great grandfather to be so strong now, in the heart secretly rejoices, moves toward whole face terrified Mu Qianxiang quickly. You if today can take away her, my Hundred Flowers Immortal Country with your Sword God palace irreconcilable, you have Divine Sword in the hand, I truly am not your match, but will not represent me to fear you, Sword God Palace Master, you will consider the consequence!” Flower Empress that chilly sound is having an anger, but she is still very calm, obviously after she has, move. I am willing to sacrifice the entire Sword God palace, I will not consider that even if Divine Sword Palace stops, today I have been at cost of the life, died in battle must serve the purpose.” The Ding Wu sound has one to be firm and crazy finally, it seems like he has been ready for any sacrifice.

The inheritance of Sword Emperor, regarding him was really too important! It seems like this old fellow soon exactly to the end, only then obtains Sword Emperor to inherit him to break through, therefore he can such not awfully!” Long Xueyi said: „The Divine Sword Palace person has not gotten rid, it seems like did not plan and this old fellow goes all out.” Shen Xiang bites the mandibular joint tightly, Mu Qianxiang is he brings, moreover he also complies with Mu Qianxiang, must make a good sword to her, this just went out of forbidden land, loses most own female, to this outside world fills infinitely curious with expectation, such seized words, Shen Xiang guilty for a lifetime. Mu Qianxiang was restrained by force to cover by one, is unable to move, she has not thought that her Heaven Dan can make such a formidable character not hesitate to rob. Shen Xiang took the step, he has made the decision, certainly cannot make Mu Qianxiang fall into the hand of Sword God palace, although his strength is very small and weak, but he must do! little rascal do not fear that wild girl is I brings, has any matter, I help you support in the back!” Shen Xiang that gone forward, in the mind some suddenly person of sound transmission come, unexpectedly is that loose immortal Duan Ming!