World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1411
In Shen Xiang heart one happy, quickens pace, in the hand presented a short dagger. Do not want to touch her.” The Shen Xiang shuttle space, appears before the Ding Xingyao body suddenly. Is you.” Ding Xingyao said with a sneer: You came happen, has tidied up you together, relax, I do not kill you, I will cut off your hands and feet.” Appearance that Shen Xiang uses now, when is first time met with Ding Xingyao. Who is he?” Ding Wu asked finally. Accompanying of girl, is only a little ability, I can cope with him.” Ding Xingyao draws out the long sword that cold glow has sparkled, is passing bone-chilling cold cold air, all around let immediately become cold. Liu Meng'er has recognized that is Shen Xiang, in her heart secret anxious, Liu Zongyu and Song Ying also know that Mu Qianxiang beset with a crisis, they are contacting with the Divine Sword Palace person in secret, but Divine Sword Palace has not responded. Son-of-a-bitch, must bring death does not deliver like this, you think that this not awfully, can make your lord give you a bone to eat?” Ding Xingyao is rocking in the hand that Immortal Sword, said with a sneer: „This sword was on me most inferior Immortal Sword, but I thought that was used to kill you, has brought disgrace on this sword!” Shen Xiang is pinching the dagger in hand tightly, indifferently said: I am not her accompanying, I am her elder brother!” Ding Xingyao slightly one startled, in his absent-minded that instantaneous, Ding Wu finally shouted: Be careful!” Shen Xiang said that gets rid suddenly, looks like the ordinary dagger, among suddenly glittering has chilly colorful red light, making people think evil looking to be incomparable, that thick Devil Qi, making Devil Immortal some on the scene be afraid.

Shen Xiang and Ding Xingyao great distance is about three steps, but speed very rapidness that Shen Xiang attacks, was the shuttle space in the past, although the dagger was short, when has poured into Shen Xiang whole body strength, this probably was the prolonged drought meets beneficial rain such Devil Emperor dagger, filled infinite strength, passed sends flash goal blood red splendor light! Devil Emperor dagger above red light vanishes, but has actually fully occupied the red blood, the dagger has the half to insert the throat of Ding Xingyao, Ding Xingyao, although has not died, however his blood actually crazily wells up, fully enters in that dagger, the human eye can clear seeing. Experienced Ding Wu finally does not know that this dagger is any background, unexpectedly is so fierce, endures compared with some saint weapon, Immortal Sword that Ding Xingyao raised a moment ago, but moved that the dagger, turned into the fragment. A Shen Xiang stroke, cuts open the half throat of Ding Xingyao vigorously, left hand suddenly gushes out dreadful murderous aura, his God Slaughtering Heart is beating, angry strength was roaring, inspired in Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique three to kill strength, the day God of the Earth three kills deep meaning accommodating together! Death!” Brings Shen Xiang that endless is murdering, suddenly hoarsely roared, the fist braved the black smoke, was similar to several Black Dragon in the tuck dive, was roaring the sound of murdering, the bang to the Ding Xingyao dantian. Stop!” Ding Wu suddenly leaves from Flower Empress finally, but he was slow, Shen Xiang gets rid the rapidness, when he realizes the Shen Xiang's terror, has been too late, the Shen Xiang's fist fell on the body of Ding Xingyao. Fist above strength vanishes, the sound of roaring dies away, as if the life dissipates gradually like that the body of Ding Xingyao turns into black smoke, along with the Slaughter Qi dissipation in this conference site! Was known as that under Immortal Monarch invincible Ding Xingyao, unexpectedly was killed by a mysterious person fist bang, moreover there is a Ding Wu finally this sword demon here! You died.” Ding Wu gets angry finally exclaims, in hand that the Divine Sword thorn to Shen Xiang. Flower Empress sighed one lightly, because she is unable to rescue Shen Xiang, angry Ding Wu finally, regardless of the speed or strength, displayed peak, the entire conference site shivered under his angry strength, if not for here had the formidable formation protection, already turned into stretch of ruins.

Shen Xiang stands there, stares at that to puncture Divine Sword, although is quick, but in his eyes actually becomes very slow, he can feel Ding Wu finally that terrifying strength clearly, even if he uses fully, perhaps is unable to resist. He cannot die.” Has the happy expression sound to transmit together, suddenly presents a thin middle age, the chin has a handful beards, on his face is having the light smile. What is shocking, he in chatting, unexpectedly held Ding Wu finally that Divine Sword with the meat palm! You...... Who you are!” Ding Wu angry suddenly finally vanishes, instead is incomparable panic-stricken, his sword, unexpectedly was grasped fully gently melts. Snatches your Divine Sword person, your such fellow does not use for parts this Divine Sword!” The Duan Ming smiling face vanishes suddenly, an anger, he is gripping tightly that side Divine Sword sword tip, then trampled a Ding Wu finally foot like lightning, kicking. Ding Wu sent out a pitiful yell finally, the body has hit to put on several thick walls, does not know that died lives. Senior Duan...... thank you!” Mu Qianxiang sees is Duan Ming, in the heart secret happy, sweet shouted: Put to trouble to you!” „It is not troublesome, such as has not been you, but also cannot direct really this fellow, he hides in that place, I instead not good to look for him, otherwise I cannot obtain this Divine Sword!” Duan Ming said with a laugh that then receives Divine Sword, afterward the body gradually changes pale, finally vanished, does not know how he walks. After Duan Ming walks, Flower Empress looks at Sword God palace that group of people, waves gently, sees only a ground suddenly appearance number great flower, swallows these people completely, only hears these people to send out an intermittent pitiful yell in inside, afterward these great flowered also vanish from sight. Oh...... Left the slow in work, otherwise that Divine Sword was my.” Flower Empress Youyou sighed, then blamed looked at Shen Xiang one, if were not Shen Xiang, can perhaps illuminate her plan.

old man said with a smile: No problem, although you cannot obtain Divine Sword of Sword God palace, perhaps but can obtain Subduing Dragon Sect Dean Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade!” White clothing old man that presents suddenly, looks at Shen Xiang with a laugh, the Shen Xiang's status already exposed. It seems like in Nine Heavens, many expert are hiding, Dai you also careful point your Divine Sword.” Flower Empress said with a smile lightly. old man that this suddenly presents, is Divine Sword Palace Palace Master, named Dai Yong receives, the strength it is said and Ding Wu of Sword God palace is finally equally matched, should be Flower Empress equally is also fierce. Now the people understand that this Divine Sword Palace had not gotten rid a moment ago, to let Flower Empress has uses to win Ding Wu Divine Sword finally justifiablily, but Shen Xiang burning with impatience Shen Xiang actually suddenly jumps, kills descendant to get angry Ding Wu Ding Xingyao finally, when Ding Wu lashes out Shen Xiang finally, the Duan Ming halfway kills, has robbed Divine Sword! Subduing Dragon Dean, hopes that I do not have old eyes dim-sighted.” Dai Yong receives to look at Shen Xiang to say with a smile. Snort, unexpectedly makes the bait with my younger sister, gets what one deserves Divine Sword not to fall into your hands!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, was not feeling well very much looked at Flower Empress. Shen Xiang changes own appearance, big influence that Imperial Dragon Clan Fire God Palace these and Shen Xiang has a grudge, after going to Night Demon Underworld, Yuan Qi damages severely, now has not come, therefore Shen Xiang does not have anything to be good to fear. Wants my Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, has to plant snatches.” Shen Xiang knows that Duan Ming has not walked away, as the Duan Family person, concealment ability that is brought to the point of perfection.