World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1412
Killed the Ding Xingyao person a moment ago is Shen Xiang, moreover cultivation technique that used so was strange, really lived up to reputation, after the people saw, thought own not in vain this line. You displayed a moment ago are Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique.” Dai Yong receives seriously said. Right, the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique altogether five parts, Heaven Slaughtering Technique, Earth Slaughtering Technique, Spirit Slaughtering Technique, Beast Slaughtering Technique, Life Slaughtering Technique, I only obtain Earth Slaughtering Technique, do not think me to entire, reason that I enter Night Demon Underworld , because there actually is Saint Beast Ancient Domain, has Beast Slaughtering Technique in inside, but I have not obtained.” Shen Xiang is first time mentions the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique matter before people, he also said here slightly lay, so as to avoid others think that he obtained complete Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique. Shen Xiang obtained Beast Slaughtering Technique, Mu Qianxiang helps him obtain, but she has not exposed, she later will not tell others, she understands the Shen Xiang's intention. Shen Xiang can appear a moment ago protects her, touching her, thought that has not recognized this elder brother in vain. I heard that Flower Empress is grasping Life Slaughtering Technique, that she revealed a moment ago, but emits a formidable life baseless, that is the living food person great flower, moreover there is formidable fearful strength, makes the formidable life to murder, this should be one of the Life Slaughtering Technique inside deep meanings.” Shen Xiang looks at Flower Empress saying that he misses Life Slaughtering Technique now, before he had the suspicion, saw the Flower Empress move a moment ago, making him suspect. „It is not!” Flower Empress denied immediately: Your sworn sister, although is my disciple, but does not represent you to talk nonsense, do not harm me.” Flower Empress unexpectedly received Mu Qianxiang for disciple, let and makes Shen Xiang feel relieved much, he said with a smile: That is I am possibly sensitive, brat accompanies to you here is not.” Subduing Dragon Dean, although this displays the treasure sword congress, but if can increase some lively, can demonstrate other Divine Weapon, your was a moment ago good the dagger, can make us have a look at the vision, or is I helps you appraise, this can make the value of that dagger higher.” Dai Yong receives smilingly said. Right, Subduing Dragon Dean not only has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but also obtains Divine Cauldron of Divine Craftsman casting, a mysterious and formidable dagger, heard that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace in your pill furnace or Legend, this can take the demonstration.” Dai Yong receives a middle age also with a smile to say. In the Shen Xiang heart sneers: I have Divine Craftsman's Hammer, Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, God Slaughtering Hand, wants me to take, has a dream!” I looked not to need, was some fully occupies the bloody thing, with was too unlucky.”

Shen Xiang said that he does not want to remain now, only wants a bit faster to leave this place, then trades an appearance to mix again, finding the way to make a sword to give Mu Qianxiang, although Flower Empress will possibly help Mu Qianxiang seek the sword, but Shen Xiang has complied with Mu Qianxiang, therefore he must achieve. That was really too regrettable!” Dai Yong receives to sigh that thought was very a pity. Dai Yong receives to arrive in the conference sites, here is building a stage, he stands above said: Here is compared with the sword stage, but not necessarily must with the sword, other Divine Weapon sharp weapons also be able to come up here one high, I believe that today this's everybody, most people are bringing weapon.” If wants to become the famous article by own weapon, must after disciplining, but the quickest method is to defeat famous expert, Immortal Sword that here displays, every has fought many battles, has drunk the blood of many well-known expert!” Then said that wants own weapon to become famous, comes up and others competes with?” A person asked. Right, moreover person who loses, must give the opposite party own weapon, who dares to come up?” Dai Yong receives to take a fast look around the people. Person of competition, is both sides has certainly the close strength, if there is a person of this idea, can come up to reveal that own weapon, look can attract others.” Dai Yong received and said. Shen Xiang here, in his hand has Divine Weapon, Divine Weapon goes into action, our these tattered definitely plays, that also compares.” A person self-ridicules to say. Is, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade destroys the hardest defenses, can cut Fiendgod, we do not dare on.” The people are echoing. Then I stipulated that cannot use Divine Weapon, moreover competes with time, weapon of use also can only be similar, this was always OK!” Dai Yong receives to say with a smile, his manner is quite kind, although is expert, but has not made people think that he has the arrogance of that keeping aloof.

Wang Weiquan shouted: Mr. Dai, your Divine Sword Palace should have many Saint Sword, you called one to come up with the Saint Sword fellow, I on, I already wanted Saint Sword immediately.” „Do you want to put together Saint Sword with your tattered? That did Divine Sword Palace owe in a big way?” A person said with a smile. He used Saint Sword unable to win my tattered, then also spoiled in his hands, I used to defeat him tattered, showed that I was more suitable to use Saint Sword.” Wang Weiquan said while loudly laughing: „Does Mr. Dai, you dare, otherwise your this Divine Sword congresses were too bored, buys we cannot afford, but puts together the initial capital.” Yes!” On quick Saint Sword!” Many people follow to create a disturbance. Dai Yong receives to smile helplessly: Good, but on us the Saint Sword words, you cannot the noisy crowd beat our swordsmen!” You, if lets have on the Saint Sword swordsman, we first compete below, that finally wins again with your swordsman duels.” Wang Weiquan said that the sound is bringing an excitement, because this explained that he had the opportunity to win Saint Sword. These are Immortal King, otherwise Shen Xiang also wants to join in the fun, he can only feel powerless and frustrated, if he is Immortal King, can perhaps win. Good, Immortal King that wants to participate in registers first, then a bit faster decides the victory and defeat, finally in this compared with sword stages and our swordsmen one high under.” Dai Yong receives saying: You first go to our Divine Sword Palace inside ratio examination place to hit.” Wang Weiquan registers in high spirits, the Immortal King majority here participate, Liu Zongyu is not interested with Song Ying, they are refiner, they do not like weapon that uses others to refine, even if Saint Sword is also same, will use others' weapon to be ridiculed.

Shen Xiang has not left, he enters that ratio sword stage, after Dai Yong receives to see, said with a smile: Subduing Dragon Dean, you cannot bully the person with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade.” I do not use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, do I use the Fire Dragon sword?” Shen Xiang asked. Hears the Fire Dragon sword, the people thinks that Shen Xiang spoke incorrectly, Shen Xiang kills the child of Dragon Emperor, obtains the Holy Dragon sword, but also with puncturing Dragon Emperor, this is the well-known matter, but currently his unexpectedly also has a Fire Dragon sword! The Fire Dragon sword is also Saint Sword, moreover is not worse than the Holy Dragon sword. The Dai Yong letter suspected one misunderstood, asked: Is the Holy Dragon sword?” Is the Fire Dragon sword! The words of Holy Dragon sword, dare to use without many people.” Shen Xiang earnestly said. The Holy Dragon sword truly does not have many people to dare to use, that is one greatly troublesome, was known by Dragon Emperor, certainly every other day must come back. However the Fire Dragon sword is different, although is also Imperial Dragon Clan inside Saint Sword, but in Imperial Dragon Clan now not formidable Fire Dragon, therefore some strong influence dares to accept.