World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1413

Shen Xiang took the Fire Dragon sword, after he pours into True Qi, Fire Dragon sword fierce emits flame, the arrogance is billowing, the red fire like the dragon, circles on sword blade, a weak Saint fire Qi breath overflows, making the people inspire. Practices Saint Fire not to be easy, but after this has absorbed other flame the Fire Dragon sword, unexpectedly can turn into Saint Fire. This causes this value of Fire Dragon sword higher, even if today's that several Saint Sword here, must be overshadowed the Fire Dragon sword in front in this. This is a good sword, but this not suitable Mu Qianxiang, will bring to her troublesome. Was Shen Xiang hopes a moment ago one were Immortal King, can compete for Saint Sword, but many Immortal King and Immortal Monarch hope one can become weakly, this can come to power with Shen Xiang compared with the sword, won this Fire Dragon sword. I am only Human Immortal late stage cultivation base, the range that I can accept is under Immortal Monarch, therefore the person of Immortal Monarch above strength, do not bully me.” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile, making in people heart criticize, because the people witnessed a moment ago his fist bang killed that to say under Immortal Monarch Ding Xingyao of non- rival. Under Immortal Monarch, who is his match? This fellow good thing to be really many, itself had Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, was very also fierce the mysterious dagger, currently also the Fire Dragon sword, in the Seven Saint Dragons sword, has two in his hands.” Liu Meng'er whispered, she looked at Xue Xianxian one. Xue Xianxian said with a smile tenderly: If I have not become Immortal Monarch, perhaps I can come up to fight one with him.” Does not know that who can come up to hit with him, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique that he grasps is fierce, that fist made the person broaden the outlook a moment ago, no wonder in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens can by strength of the, forcing many expert.” Liu Zongyu said. Some people will always come up, because has won Shen Xiang, can obtain the Fire Dragon sword, the person who dares to come up has the excellent skill surely. Dai Yong receives to stare at that the Fire Dragon sword, although he has Divine Sword, but does not hinder him to this affection of Fire Dragon sword, looks at his look, will wish one could to snatch to be the same.

Good, you can come up, waited for that others challenge you, I explained here, came up the person of challenge, at least must have middle-grade Immortal Sword, otherwise do not come up to consume others' strength.” Dai Yong has made to order a hand signal, invites Shen Xiang jumps up this spaciously compared with sword stage, this above is arranging barrier, even if carries on the fierce combat in this conference site, will not cause the serious destruction. I come!” Under the stage some people of shouted, person flew to leap up, was worried that others will snatch in front of him are the same. Xiang Wencheng, please advise!” What coming up is a big square features man, grasps the member to hold the wide big sword, seems like thick and heavy, has the component very much, Jianfeng is very sharp, is passing the faint trace cold air, is High-Grade Immortal Sword. The Immortal Monarch strength, has High-Grade Immortal Sword, obviously this Xiang Wencheng is special. Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang politeness response, in his heart secret disappointed, because this sword not too suitable Mu Qianxiang, Mu Qianxiang to have said that she likes that type seeing quite elegantly long sword, best is simple. The Fire Dragon sword is not good, so long as pours into strength, the dragon fire four will shoot, the flame turnover, is very overbearing, moreover on sword blade and sword hilt are carving numerous and diverse spirit pattern, composes some Tenglong designs.

Paid attention, this fellow has crazy True Qi, therefore he will use this type of big sword, he should cultivates evidently lightning strength.” Long Xueyi said. Dai Yong receives, lets them far separated some, stands the position. You are more careful, sword does not have the eye, does not have the bitter hatred, to stops that's alright. If presents the casualty, that is also own matter.” Dai Yong receives seriously said. Shen Xiang and nodded to article entirely succeed. Starts!” Dai Yong received to shout, hastily was then far away. Dai Yong receives that start also to reverberate in this giant conference site, the sword shade was more intermittent than sword stage on. Fire Dragon sword hot brilliance in Shen Xiang hand, waves in the Shen Xiang hand fast, raises the intermittent hot wave, punctures the sword time, is similar to Fire Dragon dashes like that sends out dragon roar that is furious, but just started, the offensive is fierce, hits step by step lets Xiang Wencheng retreat. Although the big sword in Xiang Wencheng hand is inferior to the Fire Dragon sword, but in has wild strength that he pours into, the fence punctures the sword time, the thunder cry lightning flash, electricity Gang is intermittent, rumbled crack, shakes the conference site continuously, the sound wave is shaking the heart of people, making the ground shake, although is at a disadvantage, but the imposing manner is not weak. You do not have to try!” Xiang Wencheng suddenly said that brow micro wrinkle, this makes in his heart very not happy, he thought that Shen Xiang is letting him likely. No, how I only want to take a look at your this sword, I do not want to damage!” Shen Xiang said truthfully, does not fear to attack Xiang Wencheng, lightning strength of Xiang Wencheng use is truly crazy, contrasts Human Immortal under other Immortal Monarch, is quite formidable.

But has unparalleled divine art Shen Xiang, the way of practice with other person of entirely different, moreover when he cultivates uses energy, is equal to others' several times, therefore his True Qi is also more intrepid than other people. You do not put out the real skill to come, is unable to defeat my, you now this, at most can only fight to a draw with me!” In the Xiang Wencheng heart a anger, suddenly rave, muscle suddenly of upper body inflates, the bulge broken clothes, see only on his in the towering blue vein, can the clear visible electric current flee in all directions in inside, he ** lightning glow insane alienation dance that fierce upper part, glittering comes out, is very scary. The Shen Xiang congealing eyebrow looks at Xiang Wencheng, he can induce to Xiang Wencheng strength clearly is rising dramatically unceasingly! Originally silver-white lightning glow, after Xiang Wencheng sinks the roar, suddenly turns into the blood red, sees only Xiang Wencheng both eyes also becomes red incomparable, eyes inside blood thread turns into the red electricity silk, jump is flashing, making people think that he is fierce, is similar to a crazy demon. This should crazy thunder blood devil art, this person should be the disciple who Devil Heaven crazy Thunder Mountain comes out, has not thought that many years, unexpectedly can also see this crazy thunder blood devil art.” Bai Youyou emotionally said: Slightly earnestly, otherwise is a little thorny!” After Xiang Wencheng round of merit, the whole person was also high, body also grandiose, looks like by having strength, especially that like the iron terrifying muscle, looks makes the persons head skin tingle with numbness. Come!” The Xiang Wencheng sound is similar to roars like that hoarsely, both hands are grasping that the big sword, after pouring into massive True Qi, making that dodge the big sword blood glow crazily, red lightning glow lightens unceasingly, is away from that barrier, can feel that wild incomparable aura, making the person have the sensation of asphyxia.