World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1414

Becoming facing one so wild devil cultivator, Shen Xiang is very calm, instead is a little excited. Master, my brother can he win this fellow? Really fearful!” Mu Qianxiang in Flower Empress behind, looks at that fierce fearful Xiang Wencheng, somewhat is worried about Shen Xiang. That person from Devil Heaven, what use is crazy thunder blood devil art inside thunder demon takes possession, will therefore become this, but your brother will use Suppressing Devil Holy Power is became famous, therefore don't worry, such one, instead will become regarding him easier.” Flower Empress has caressed Mu Qianxiang beautiful hair gently, smiles, could see that she likes this new apprentice. This fellow does not know my master copes with Demon and Devil with ease?” Xue Xianxian shook the head, at this time did not have suspense. Snort!” Xiang Wencheng hears people's discussion, said that he is courting death, coldly snorted that disdains. Facial expression relaxed Shen Xiang, complexion suddenly becomes serious, he felt that is not right, this Xiang Wencheng is not simple. That is anything!” Shen Xiang suddenly one startled, he induced to Xiang Wencheng within the body a moment ago also has other fearful strength. When Shen Xiang is surprised, Xiang Wencheng body red light dodges, unexpectedly explodes a round number lightning, from strikes in all directions to Shen Xiang. A that big person, such baseless disappears, moreover turns into many lightnings, incredible. In this flash, these also think influence high level that before Shen Xiang can win steadily, the complexion becomes serious, because they have thought of anything. The instance that ten blood red lightnings shine, has stroked on body, shells his four limbs as well as several critical places, complete hit, moreover blasts out on Shen Xiang. After the crazy thunder attacks, was still covered by a red thunder compared with sword stage on, especially place above, is crowded!

On Shen Xiang braves the black smoke, the complexion is somewhat ugly, the body hovers some red tiny electricity silk, he stands there, the body is twitching slightly, looks like by the remaining lightning strength electric shock. Airborne that intermittent red lightning suddenly fuses together, Xiang Wencheng appears again, moreover on the Shen Xiang's top of the head, his both hands grasps the sword, is similar to the thunder generally from the airborne landing, is dividing to cut to Shen Xiang. This comes suddenly, many people have not thought that this Xiang Wencheng unexpectedly can the incarnation be the lightning, this is they first time sees, before listened not to hear continually. Shen Xiang within the body flees in all directions that terrifying electric current, the body is not being able to move, he cannot make that sword chop to chop on him, otherwise his Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor will appear. Only can use that!” Shen Xiang clenches teeth, the heart said: Space guard shield, appearance!” The blood TV University sword chops position that chops on the Shen Xiang's shoulder, it seems like Xiang Wencheng also shows mercy, only planned that grasps the arm of sword to cut Shen Xiang. Must defeat Shen Xiang shortly, in Xiang Wencheng heart excited incomparable, strength is wilder. Urgent Mu Qianxiang suddenly closes the eye, does not dare to look, in this flash, Xiang Wencheng facial expression suddenly coagulated, because his big sword bumps into the Shen Xiang shoulder time, has not divided to chop the entire arm, but is directly bewildered has passed through the Shen Xiang's arm, that arm probably is the air is the same, unexpectedly has not cut off. This was really too strange, Shen Xiang unexpectedly was all right! strength condense has sufficed, Form Displacement Shadow!” Shen Xiang vanish from sight, arrives compared with sword stage near suddenly, simultaneously revolution Engulfing Devil Art, devour these enter wild lightning strength of his within the body. Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er also worried for Shen Xiang a moment ago, now secretly relaxed, Liu Meng'er does not have anything to be worried but actually, because she knows that Shen Xiang has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to protect the body.

That is not Devil Path lightning strength!” Shen Xiang said that wound around vanished in the red electricity silk of his body. Right, that is only a pretence, cultivation technique and crazy thunder that blood devil art I practice a little looks like, but actually completely is not, I am not devil cultivator.” On Xiang Wencheng emits lightning once more, although was evaded by Shen Xiang that has struck, but he is still confident. He should be Thunder Zun the successor, Thunder Zun in Fifth of Nine Emperors.” Flower Empress indifferently said, her sound is very light, but has actually sifted near the Shen Xiang's ear, told him likely intentionally this Xiang Wencheng origin. Xiang Wencheng laughs: Right, I come Zitian Thunder Yu, in our Heavenly Thunder territory also has Divine Weapon saint weapon, but I also unqualified obtain, therefore has to try one's luck, although the Fire Dragon sword does not suit me, but I can actually take away to receive in exchange for the Thunder Dragon sword.” Shen Xiang, I must defeat you today!” Xiang Wencheng is confident, both arms above lightning glow dodges, shakes a stuffy thunder, the big sword in hand lets go to fly, shoots at Shen Xiang straightly, at the same time, Xiang Wencheng turns into several red to dodge the thunder once more, imagines previous time such attacks Shen Xiang. „It is not easy!” Shen Xiang stamps the feet, both feet following suddenly presents primal chaos formation diagram, this black-and-white Tai Chi Diagram rapid revolving, White Dragon Black Dragon circles in flight roaring hiss by formation diagram. A Tai Chi Dragon appearance, these must rumble to hit in his lightning, immediately infiltrates the ground, was absorbed by that Tai Chi Dragon completely. Really is Tai Chi Dragon, it seems like that this brat has run into very fierce match!” Wang Weiquan came back, looks at his facial expression, knows that he obtains the good success, he is the Huang Jintian's big apprentice, understands Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, this Tai Chi Dragon nature is a cinch. Afterward Shen Xiang also neighed, exuded a sharp grating cry, making these red lightning glow on stage weaken gradually. What merit is this? The sound was really coarse, is uncomfortable!”

Quite uncomfortable!” Is Sound Attack Devil Art, does not know how he obtains, if the average person is hit by this sound, the body can explode.” Dai Yong receives surprisedly said: Has not thought that he also understands devil art, is this very rare Devil World rare technique.” This where is compared with sword, is competing own rare technique.” Dai Yong receives helpless shaking the head. Shen Xiang displays Tai Chi Dragon, absorbs Xiang Wencheng lightning strength, simultaneously shakes lightning strength that disperses him to gather with Sound Attack Devil Art, such one, Xiang Wencheng condense strength surely will weaken. This cannot overthrow my.” suddenly chops a red lightning that hits to turn into a person, Xiang Wencheng appears, from one side attacks, this time muscle was not terrorist, it seems like his condense strength was weakened by Shen Xiang, but in his hand that the big sword still has wild lightning strength on. This strikes very quickly, but comes time, is actually similar to slow motion such in the Shen Xiang eye, slowed down, but his God Slaughtering Heart inexplicable beat, Slaughter Qi is similar to the ocean waves generally gushes out, is covering the entire conference site. Shen Xiang suddenly feels in God Slaughtering Heart to gush out strange strength.