World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1415

What's all this about? In did God Slaughtering Heart that mysterious soul have the sound?” This is the Shen Xiang first feelings, but why does not know, his body unexpectedly was not controlled by oneself, but True Qi of his within the body actually speedily revolves, the rapidness of that operating speed history non- front row, True Qi turns into the liquid, rapid revolution in meridians, and slams into. After the hit, produces wilder strength, promoting other True Qi to hit, making True Qi carry on very complex revolution in his body, all these are quick, in instantaneous, has tens of thousands of rapid mobile True Qi to dash together, but has not actually caused the harm to the Shen Xiang's body. The Fire Dragon sword flame in Shen Xiang hand was steaming, but actually completely vanishes now, his unexpectedly has not poured into strength toward the Fire Dragon sword, this makes people unthinkable. Must puncture, why can't I move?” Shen Xiang looks that sword punctures slowly, although becomes very slowly is very in his eyes slow, but is actually a suffering, because Xiang Wencheng condense is formidable sword above strength in that the foot lets his severe wound, but he has no alternative. Moved!” Shen Xiang felt that own body suddenly moved, but is not the avoidance, but turns around facing the sword that Xiang Wencheng is puncturing. His body was controlled by strength probably is being same, is beyond control he to control radically, not being able to allow him to think. Sees him to turn around facing that the sword that punctures rapidly, but the Fire Dragon sword in hand does not have condense strength, the people think that he is courting death, who knows that he suddenly wields a sword, but the Fire Dragon sword the flame ejaculation like before, must say that point any light glow, probably is Shen Xiang has not poured into any True Qi. True Qi of Shen Xiang within the body flowed terroristly, as if some expert induced, therefore knit the brows to think, because of the Shen Xiang present degree, was unable to achieve carries in control True Qi instantaneously revolves extremely quickly, but also carried on the multiple collision, this stimulates True Qi strength one way, various cultivation technique had, but looks like the Shen Xiang present condition, was these expert can carry on.

Bang!” Shen Xiang felt that the internal suddenly avalanche of own body explodes, these rapid revolutions True Qi suddenly one on vanish from sight, came suddenly, goes to suddenly. However the next flash, he thought the Fire Dragon sword in own hand has strange strength, that is not True Qi, does not know is anything, but he actually knows that strange and fearful strength, was his body a moment ago transformed, at this time attached by a marvelous condition on the Fire Dragon sword. Xiang Wencheng wild thorn a sword, but the people only see Shen Xiang to wield a sword to select gently, do not have gloss Fire Dragon to bump into Xiang Wencheng that the big sword, does not have the slight sound, does not have the slight air wave to be used, because the Xiang Wencheng big sword bumps into the instance of Fire Dragon sword, inside condense all wild lightning strength, have become with sword blade of big sword the flying ash. Shen Xiang can move, in his heart startles greatly, because was manned controllable a moment ago his body, displays a that strange sword, but this sword is very fearful in many person expert eyes, especially Dai Yong receives this Sword Dao expert, he thinks cannot see the Sword Dao competion that anything loses face, but has not thought that Shen Xiang meets suddenly to cause such a sword, he could not completely understand how this sword occurred. It looks like very light, is very natural, but strength is infinite, strikes gently, turns into the flying ash High-Grade Immortal Sword Xiang Wencheng that. His mother!” In the Shen Xiang heart has criticized one, because the Xiang Wencheng big sword has ruined, that is High-Grade Immortal Sword, but can also open and aboveboard take away to sell out, now does not have. That sword, Shen Xiang thought a moment ago wrapped in a shroud of obscurity, although he personally experienced, but recalls now that did not have any clue, does not know how to make, but he knows that certainly was in that God Slaughtering Heart mysterious soul makes. God Slaughtering Heart was also Divine Weapon, White Tiger in the past obtained wonder stone together, took out Heaven Refining Technique and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique after inside, let people that wonder stone refined into God Slaughtering Heart, but inside was hiding a soul of Dao God secret, White Tiger does not know that whose soul that was.

Does not hit, I lost!” Xiang Wencheng long sighed, recovers the actually appearance, he puts out the clothes to put on, own Immortal Sword was ruined, but also hits . Moreover the opposite party also has that fierce Fire Dragon sword. Actually Xiang Wencheng by Shen Xiang a moment ago that sword frightening, him has not dared to imagine that sword to hit on him will be what kind. After Xiang Wencheng steps down the stage, Shen Xiang absorbed seven color Saint nucleus inside Holy Power to resume the consumption, seven color Saint nuclei placed in Hidden Jade Ring, he can be away from the Hidden Jade Ring absorption, because Hidden Jade Ring on his finger, but stealth. The people discussed Shen Xiang at this time in a low voice a moment ago that sword, many Immortal King gathered the together discussion, because that sword was really too formidable, but presented many people with the sword. Qianxiang, you know how that sword forms?” Flower Empress inquired Mu Qianxiang in a soft voice, because Mu Qianxiang had the inheritance of Sword Emperor. After Mu Qianxiang sees Shen Xiang that sword, has been pondering. That is Sword Force, invisible colorless, cannot see not to induce, has the extremely high attainments top swordsman to release on Sword Dao, transforms through True Qi of oneself within the body, moreover Slaughter Qi also sufficiently, can build this potential to come!” In the Mu Qianxiang mind gushes out something, after she digests, reaches this conclusion: My brother he because possibly cultivates the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique reason, therefore he had to kill the potential, therefore he can very relaxed transformation be Sword Force.” He actually appears very jerky, first using probably, it seems like he completely had not grasped!”

Flower Empress looks to sit cross-legged on Shen Xiang compared with sword stage, knits the brows: He like very jerky appearance, is not very skilled, in that flash, True Qi of his within the body has change speedily, wielding a sword the time, True Qi turns into Sword Force instantaneously, should be very familiar.” If is really this, he had already used, 2-3 can tidy up that big fellow.” Some Mu Qianxiang also many doubts: My brother's secret are really many.” His unexpectedly has not used Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique to dump tray, but has used very abstruse swordsmanship.” Wang Weiquan first time knows that Shen Xiang is so fierce in the Sword Dao aspect, because Shen Xiang has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, therefore he does not use the sword to the impression of person. Should be Sword Force, Mr. Dai can use, but is in Immortal King late stage can release generally, moreover requires time to prepare, but he is quick, put instantaneously.” Liu Zongyu said. Shen Xiang is not only restoring, in the recollection a moment ago that sword, that feeling made him taste, he is unable to achieve, but he has achieved that condition.