World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1416
Regardless of how Shen Xiang recalled that the process of that sword, is unable to comprehend anything a moment ago, this lets in his heart is very uncomfortable, own body has the condition to utilize that fierce sword technique obviously, is actually not able to use, this can only explain that he also utilizes insufficiently to his strength development. in other words, his present body also some latent strength, but he does not have to stimulate, everyone is so, often in some accidental situations, own potential will come out by the technique, but appears briefly. Shen Xiang he appear here Divine Sword congress, this matter passed on quickly, takes inquiring the news as the person of livelihood, fast passes to other Immortal Palace to go this matter. Shen Xiang expects this point, but he is not worried about this issue, because must enter the conference site of this Divine Sword congress, needs together jade token, has Dai Yong to receive here, even if Big Shot of some strong presences, does not dare to rush hardly. Palace Master, outside came many great people, they said that must see you, they want to come to have a look.” Middle-aged man suddenly gets on stage, side arrives at Dai Yong to receive, whispered. Snort, before the Divine Sword congress starts, they? Now comes, definitely has other goal.” Dai Yong receives coldly snorted, looked at Shen Xiang one, definitely is because Shen Xiang comes, especially knew that Shen Xiang displays very fearful Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, a fist writes off that Ding Xingyao. Although is impossible to obtain, but came to say again, whether regardless to be able to seize the treasure successfully, they will try. Makes them come, ten millions crystal stones together jade token, moreover they must promise me unable in this to get rid carelessly, must observe here custom, otherwise all executes summarily.” Dai Yong receives lightly smiled. After Shen Xiang hears, despises this old man secretly, because these person of majority come to him, but this Dai Yong receives actually taking the opportunity seeks profit. Now nobody dares to come up to challenge Shen Xiang, let alone under Immortal Monarch, even if just became the Immortal Monarch person, must think over oneself to withstand a moment ago the might of that sword. But only Shen Xiang understand, after oneself that sword perhaps, was very difficult to appear again, because that is not considered as that he displays. When are not many, one group of people have come, this is these that hears the news to catch up with, although is the new faces, but their respective influence Shen Xiang are not strange, Fire God Palace, Suppressing Devil Temple, Imperial Dragon Clan as well as Divine Blade Immortal Palace wait / etc., these influences insist to pull relationship with Shen Xiang, for example that Divine Blade Immortal Palace, asserted that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is their, therefore they can rob Shen Xiang's Divine Blade justifiablily.

These people who comes, Immortal King Immortal Monarch has, but they also can only worry dry, because they cannot move Shen Xiang! Shen Xiang sits in rests compared with sword stage on, Dai Yong receives also stands on the stage, although his face smilingly, but everyone knows he is unusual danger(ous) old fellow, Legend Dai Yong receives the murder the time, will show this human and animals harmless gentle smiling face frequently. The person who these just came, wickedly looks at Shen Xiang, they had understood to other people quickly the matter that here has, regarding that sword, they have not seen, therefore had not thought that fierce, at most is quite strong. Now what Shen Xiang use is the Fire Dragon sword, so long as has won him, can obtain the Fire Dragon sword! But is not good to win, the rule of challenge also releases harshly, must be the strength under Immortal Monarch, itself also needs good Immortal Sword, otherwise comes up is looks oppressively. Because of Shen Xiang above, therefore these Immortal King competed for the competition of Saint Sword also to be postponed, at this time in the conference site a peace, the people were looking around, who had a look then to be comes up. Peaceful a moment later, some suddenly people said: Is the attraction of Fire Dragon sword is not very big? Didn't here have expert? Big Nine Heavens, don't numerous ancient formidable influences, have talent under a Immortal Monarch?” The words are full of the taunt, making many people very much not be feeling well, in the heart is musing, has to plant you to come up! The people look to person of that speech, sees only this person to walk in the crowd slowly, moves toward that ratio sword stage. The skin of this man is somewhat black, on that quite handsome face has some scars, has a slick long hair, straight hanging after behind, him wears a black check long gown. Although his face some dark colored, but his hand very in vain is very slender, the nail repair results in the release to be neat, maintains extremely good.

This just entered this conference site shortly after man, on his face was hanging the light smiling face, that eye including the belt temperate happy expression, looks at Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang slightly frowned, because this man gives him a very uncomfortable feeling, making him feel that one probably stared by a poisonous snake. Dai Yong received to narrow the eye, said: „Do you want to come to power to challenge?” Shen Xiang has stood up, this mysterious man makes him feel very danger(ous), moreover strength also under Immortal Monarch. The man gets on the stage, has put out two swords, black silver, black that filling extremely threatening evil strength, silver that has one type to make people feel that warm pure and holy strength, these two swords, unexpectedly repels one another! unexpectedly is Punishing Demon Saint Sword!” Dai Yong received to open the eye, complexion became very serious. Good eye, moreover this does not know that wears Palace Master to recognize?” The man shook that all over the body jet black long sword. Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, Evil Emperor had used the sword, belongs to Sacred Level, compared with Punishing Demon Saint Sword since time immemorial.” Dai Yong receives took a deep breath. The man smiled: Right, I must challenge Shen Xiang with this sword now, if loses, these two swords are also his!” Uses the person of double sword to be few, uses two Saint Sword are less . Moreover the way of this type of ratio sword. Shen Xiang asked: What relationship Punishing Demon Saint Sword and do Punishing Demon Summit have? Are you Punishing Demon Summit person?”

„It is not, I come from Demonic Sky, named Xie Kang.” Xie Kang said with a smile: Hasn't heard? Relax, is quick I to be able like you, the name shakes Nine Heavens!” unexpectedly came from Demonic Sky, Evil Emperor in Fifth of Nine Emperors, is a ruthless role, moreover this Xie Kang also two such fierce swords, are evil two schools of inside top rank Saint Sword. Reason that Punishing Demon Saint Sword in my hands , because Punishing Demon Summit expert was defeated by my Xie Family, the person died, the sword is also actually retaining.” Xie Kang indifferently said, but his words make people extremely shocking. Person who in Punishing Demon Summit comes out, is very fierce fellows, let alone grasped Punishing Demon Saint Sword, unexpectedly was given to kill by this Demonic Sky Xie Family, obviously this Xie Kang was not good to cope, no wonder he self-confidently walked. Demonic Sky Xie Family, should be that Evil Sword Palace.” Dai Yong receives to say. Evil Sword Palace already did not exist, now has Xie Family.” Xie Kang said that rocked started two swords, then said: Now can start!”