World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1418

Felt that a vast pressure covers to come, Xie Kang knows Shen Xiang real thing, he is the first time and uses the person fight of Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, at this moment he already some regrets. Because of Shen Xiang now to the feeling of person, probably is the fearful life that in the world all Slaughter Qi breed, moreover can display formidable world nature strength. Shen Xiang uses Law of Space strength to move, is similar to the ghosts and demons is ordinary, suddenly on the shuttle space, arrives at that Xie Kang behind, the Xie Kang insight is keen, realized, immediately moves sideways, but Shen Xiang in had not attacked a moment ago, strength that but surmounts through the space, arrives at Xie Kang behind. Shakes!” Shen Xiang both hands are grasping divine hammer, quickly and pounds to fall ruthlessly, in that flash, making people think that is a day presses, the momentum is scary. divine hammer has not pounded to fall on Xie Kang, but actually erupts strong shake strength, making entire Divine Sword Palace shake. Shakes again!” Shen Xiang pounds down a hammer in the flash, on Xie Kang of vitality tuck dive, had not adjusted the blood that turning of oneself body wells up with enough time, was pounded by this divine hammer, that can strength that the earth breaks majority of centralized on him. Even if he has fierce protecting body divine armor, but is very difficult to resist this powerful shake strength! Is you must experience Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique!” Shen Xiang now is similar to hammering such, pounding one after another falls. The people look dumbfoundedly, they in that compared with sword stage outside, can feel that their heart was struck to be the same, let alone that Xie Kang. Shen Xiang Slaughter Qi does not reduce, Slaughtering Heart jumps more and more quickly, every time jumps, will make on Shen Xiang gush out wave of Slaughter Qi, enabling the entire conference site to obstruct the day murderous aura to cover by this. This degree is Slaughter Qi, is not he murders to accumulate absolutely, this what's the matter?” Flower Empress congealing eyebrow thinking. Fierce is not only Shen Xiang's Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, that divine hammer, is heavy divine hammer, even if Shen Xiang continuously fiercely pounds now, feels some arm numb and achings. „The stars crack shook, finished!” Behind Shen Xiang presents a vast sea tuck dive suddenly the virtual image, the imposing manner in that nature with Shen Xiang Slaughter Qi, making people think to dread immediately.

vast sea vanishes, on Shen Xiang that kills the potential more powerful. „...... Waits for......” Xie Kang deeply to realize the fearfulness of Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique. Late!” A Shen Xiang hammer pounds to fall, place above presents a piece of vast sea of stars image suddenly, falls with divine hammer on the body of Xie Kang, that said that strength hits on Xie Kang, simultaneously penetrates compared with the sword stage, enters deeply, such as , under surges Ali. The explosive of bang, mist and dust is billowing, crushed stones fly violently, the entire conference site shakes crazily, the ground presents fissures! This bastard!” Dai Yong receives to criticize saying that immediately gives all around elder sound transmission, stands firm the scene, he has not thought that strength of Shen Xiang that hammer, concentrates together to be so fearful, can pass through this barrier, enters deeply under. Presented several deep fissures compared with sword stage on, this conference site is also so, the people look down these one foot wide fissures, cannot help but the back sends coolly, because the following darkness, unexpectedly cannot see the bottom, obviously Shen Xiang that hammer penetrated a moment ago deeply. Xie Kang has not died! After the people are calm, looks at the direction ratio sword stage, they think that Xie Kang should turn into a pair of meat to be broken, but actually complete lying down there, but the complexion is very ugly, the corners of the mouth have the bloodstain, clothes damaged, his neat long hair was disorderly. Xie Kang both hands are also grasping that two Saint Sword, but actually shivers, the clothes cloth on arm when his standard keeps off shattered, at this time his on the both arms has the alarmed fissure, that comes on the both arms of split open, flesh and blood obvious. However the people admire to him, because he has not died! Shen Xiang picks his two swords, said: „Did this turn over to me?” Xie Kang has not spoken, strength that slight bow, he has not fought again!

Shen Xiang lightly smiled, implored the one breath, then steps down the stage, arrives at side Mu Qianxiang, hands over Punishing Demon Saint Sword that: With good, do not lose!” Punishing Demon Saint Sword is very thin . Moreover the silver-white color, is very attractive, after Shen Xiang is also thinks, decides to Mu Qianxiang, because this is so long in the Xie Family hand the sword, had not taken, obviously Punishing Demon Summit has not planned to want this again the sword, definitely will not have any idea as for other people. Thanks the brother!” Mu Qianxiang receives, very said delightedly. Mu Qianxiang is Shen Xiang's sworn sister, delivers Saint Sword is also natural, but makes many people covet incomparably, such little girl, anything has not done, obtains Saint Sword! Naturally, the people also know Mu Qianxiang to be uncommon, otherwise that Sword God palace not for she will wage a war. What they do not know, Mu Qianxiang helped Shen Xiang be many, Shen Xiang thought that Saint Sword also can only thank her to her reluctantly. Xie Kang was held, he is not comes. Had been ruined compared with the sword stage, Shen Xiang comes here goal to achieve, he also had Xue Xianxian to say a hello with Liu Meng'er in secret, then and Wang Weiquan farewell. „Did you such walk?” Dai Yong receives to think somewhat is unworthy, own conference site was ruined, moreover Shen Xiang has also gained two Saint Sword. Some stipulations, can't I walk?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Good, but you are careful, then Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, but the Evil Emperor thing, Demonic Sky above has many influences to stare.” Dai Yong receives the good intention urging to say. The Shen Xiang half step goes out of Divine Sword Palace, turns into a wisp of light smoke in the corner place, flutters with the wind, at that time he sees many people to clash, these are the people of these big influences.

He does not have to leave Divine Sword Immortal Palace immediately, but strolls in inside, to have a look to have the person to leave behind the secret marks to him. Shen Xiang squats under the Immortal Palace front door nearby tall wall, generally will keep the secret marks in this place, he will make Long Xueyi examine, because he already exposed here, if his friend must contact with him, definitely will catch up. Wears the middle-aged man of bamboo hat to walk, seeing of his chin to rub the beard, Shen Xiang knows that this is Duan Ming, his unexpectedly has not walked, moreover followed. You have resulted in Divine Sword, did not plan that asked me to eat and drink?” Shen Xiang sound transmission asked. You harvest also well, moreover I have also helped your, I looked.” Duan Ming smiles is sitting side Shen Xiang, closes right up against that surround Immortal Palace tall wall, asked: „Do you do here? and the others?” „It is not, a custom, I have a look at my some old friends to leave behind the secret marks to me, making me look for them.” Shen Xiang said. You take that not to think that Heavenly Evil Saint Sword pricks the hand?” Duan Ming sound transmission asked. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade I think to prick the hand, let alone is this Heavenly Evil Saint Sword.” Shen Xiang sees Duan Ming such to ask that said: „Do you want? Trades with Divine Sword!”