World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1419

Trades Saint Sword with Divine Sword, the brain is sick will trade, Shen Xiang was also saying plays, who knows Duan Ming actually very earnestly said: Good, do not regret that's alright!” Shen Xiang realized immediately that is not simple Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, otherwise this Duan Ming cannot so. What value that Heavenly Evil does Saint Sword have? Can make you use Divine Sword to trade?” Shen Xiang asked earnestly. You, if thinks to look that this Heavenly Evil Saint Sword is who had used the thing!” Duan Ming smiled: Evil Emperor is a very fierce fellow, although his named Evil Emperor, but he is not evil, this is in nine emperors the second most mystical fellow.” First mysterious is Dan Emperor, then arrives at this Evil Emperor! Does not fear to tell you, Evil Emperor initially and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens relationship was very good, but on they actually frequently hit outwardly life and death, has the enmity of cannot live under the same sky repeatedly! Moreover some of our Duan Family initial methods, were Evil Emperor hand down.” Duan Ming to Shen Xiang sound transmission, said the secret that these unusual people knew. That this Heavenly Evil Saint Sword value where? Can endure ratio Divine Sword? That Divine Sword is Sword Emperor has also used!” Shen Xiang is puzzled. Sword Emperor falls you to know that he and Dan Emperor went to Saint Beast Ancient Domain, but also leaves behind grain of Heaven Dan to that wild girl, that Heaven Dan is the inheritance that he leaves behind! However the inheritance of Evil Emperor still nobody knows, but secret on conceal in this sword.” Duan Ming said. Shen Xiang some do not believe: How do you know?” Duan Ming said with a smile: This was the Xie Family person said that you with that Xie Kang competition time, I was listening secretly these Xie Family high-level dialogs at the same time.”

Heavenly Evil Saint Sword and Punishing Demon Saint Sword, although lost, but these Xie Family high levels do not have the least bit to love dearly, instead was very happy.” Hears this saying, Shen Xiang thought immediately where is not right, if that Duan Ming said real, he has fallen into the Xie Family snare? Now he understands, why when that Xie Kang loses, so willingly will give him these two swords, does not have an appearance of loving dearly. Walks, changes a place to speak.” Shen Xiang had not discovered that here has the secret marks. Duan Ming nodded: Comes with me, you were tracked now . Moreover the method of opposite party is wise, I had almost not discovered!” unexpectedly was tracked, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi some do not believe that because they have very rich experience in counter- track, they had not discovered. Your concealment ability contrasted your present cultivation base is actually very good, this because of that Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, your exposed, so long as the belt on you, very much with ease where they can know you.” Duan Ming said. In the Shen Xiang heart has criticized several, then goes out of this Immortal Palace with Duan Ming, arrives at the open country. „Do they give my goal Heavenly Evil Saint Sword are for what?” Shen Xiang is puzzled. Makes you discover the secret of Heavenly Evil Saint Sword hideaway, leading them to find the thing that Evil Emperor kept, should be Demonic Sky that several influences collaborates to plan.” The Duan Ming response said that they with the way exchange of sound transmission, can prevent others to listen secretly.

„After I found, they massacre me, this can result in returns to that Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, but can also obtain my thing, answers multiple purpose.” Shen Xiang sneers, but some do not understand: Why they think that I can find that place?” Because you have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, goes to that place, only then has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to go, in the past some Evil Emperor and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens friends, have established the secret place, is needs Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to open some doors as the key.” Duan Ming said: Therefore is I, does not have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is unable to enter these places.” Shen Xiang nodded, in the past under that Netherworld Abyss, is needs Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to enter that earth core. What do you also listen secretly? Where did they have saying that?” Shen Xiang asked. They are the plan wait for dozens years, when your solve Heavenly Evil Saint Sword above secret, goes with you again, they when the time comes can also lead one group of people to catch you, when the time comes Punishing Demon Saint Sword and Heavenly Evil Saint Sword can come back, but they have not thought that you so will be natural, has given the wild girl Punishing Demon Saint Sword.” Duan Ming said with a smile: Our beat somebody at their own game, now on the solve Heavenly Evil Saint Sword secret, looks the thing that Evil Emperor keeps.” Punishing Demon Saint Sword in Xiao Xiang, this will not harm her!” Some Shen Xiang worries. Did not fear that her woman is fierce. Said, if I did not get rid to cope with that any Sword God Palace Master at that time, she can also handle with ease, but this woman has not calculated that I will appear, therefore that Divine Sword on convenient I.” Duan Ming smiles haughty. Shen Xiang lightly snorted, this Duan Ming truly gained in a big way, even if in the past years his time, Divine Sword were also very rare, as soon as he came out to obtain! This is the merit of that wild girl, I later will repay her.” Duan Ming looks at whole face envy Shen Xiang, said ill-humoredly: You obtained that many fierce thing, doesn't allow me to obtain Divine Sword?”

You obtained Divine Sword too to be also easy, I obtained these things, was I very much laboriously strives.” Shen Xiang truly is envying Duan Ming. Hehe, who makes my luck good? Puts out that Heavenly Evil Saint Sword to come to see quickly, a bit faster found the thing that Evil Emperor leaves behind, I want to take a look at him to leave behind any thing to you.” Duan Ming said with a smile: Does not need to be worried that you have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, obtains the inheritance of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, I will not snatch your thing.” Shen Xiang has put out Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, after he obtains, has not looked carefully, now his Divine Power seeps, quick had discovered in has the thing, some pictures appear in his mind fragmentarily...... ...... Still in Divine Sword Immortal Palace Xie Family one line, puts on old man of black robe examines the Xie Kang injury, while said: Punishing Demon Saint Sword in that girl hand, had determined now that girl obtained the inheritance of Dan Emperor, on the same day Shen Xiang appears when Night Demon Underworld inside, the side with this girl, should bring from forbidden land.” Stands said in the valiant middle age of bedside: In their side also very strong fellows, Dragon Emperor that group of fellows is not his match, that Ding Wu was hit finally also the severe wound by him, if he troubled side Shen Xiang.” This did not fear but actually that Shen Xiang obtains Heavenly Evil Saint Sword, if discovered that inside secret, knew that is the map that Evil Emperor keeps, definitely meets to go, no one wants to slice with others.” That old man coldly smiled: So long as can catch him exactly, we can search his memory with Grasping Soul Devil Curse, although is only incomplete Grasping Soul Devil Curse, but coped with him to be enough.” Shen Xiang's remembers that is the giant buried treasure!